29th July 2020

Museum Mystery

A short stout man, feeling very confident, entered the museum. He tied up the guards

29th July 2020

Secrets Behind The Pointe Shoes

Doing a demi curtsy in front of thousands of people, I realize that the universe has a plan

29th July 2020

The Three Amigos

It was half-past nine on a sunny day that all the excitement began. It was the 15th of May, and like every year

29th July 2020

The Time-Twister

“Hey, wait for me! You know I am a slow runner,” screamed Diya as her friends bounded across the street.

29th July 2020

Travelling To The Island

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Roy who lived with his parents in Thailand. The boy was soft natured and respectful. 

Roy was fair-skinned with brown hair. He looked very handsome. He had a friend named Jessie. Both of them were the same age. Roy and Jessie were 16 years old. Jessie was a beautiful girl. Her skin had a tinge of pink. She had long black hair and deep brown eyes. 

Roy’s parents were very sweet to him. One day, Roy came home with an F in his report. He did not pass in his exam because he was careless. His mother shouted at him and slapped him. Roy’s father got angry with his mother when he saw what had happened. Soon, both of them stopped talking to each other. 

Roy decided to meet his friend Jessie who was studying in the USA. Roy asked his father to help him go. His father arranged tickets for him, and soon, Roy and Jessie were able to meet each other. benches 

They spent a lot of time talking about their school days. They also remembered reading about Farallon Island in their school books. They were both eager to go and see that Island. Roy said that there was real treasure in the Island. 

” Let’s find the treasure and give it to our parents!” Jessie said. Soon, without their parents’ knowledge, they started their journey. They asked a fisherman for a boat ride to the island. Two days had passed, and they were still traveling.

Unexpectedly, a storm came through. It pulled them into the sea, but Roy and Jessie knew swimming, so they were able to balance themselves. However, they lost the route map. 

As they floated along, they saw a board and on it, they saw a writing. It read “Magic Sea-land”. 

By that time, they saw a giant creature appear in front of them. It turned out to be a baby shark. It started speaking to them.

 “Hi, how are you?” it asked. 

“We are fine!” they replied. 

“What do you want?” the shark asked.  

 “We want to go to that Island,” they said, pointing towards the island. 

The shark agreed to help them and prepared a yacht for them. They travelled and reached the island. They found the treasure and saw fire makers around it. 

Soon, they said goodbye to the shark and went home. They called Roy’s parents and gave them the treasure, telling them what had happened on their adventure. 

They lived happily ever after.


Author’s Bio

K.Kanishka was born in Thanjavur. She is 9 years old and is studying in the 5th standard at Lady Andal Venkata SubbaRao School. She loves to sing and dance. She is a classical dancer and has performed at many dance events, and has even won a medal for swimming. She did her Salangai Pooja at the age of 6. She is also interested in Tennis. She likes to read many stories and watch animated movies. Her family and friends are very special to her.


29th July 2020

Monsters and Ghosts

Have you ever felt left out of everything? Tasha was a 13 year old teenage girl

29th July 2020

A Villain Or A Gem?

“Oh c’mon. You took my turn, you cheater!” Lily said with an angry look on her face. Her sister and her were gunning for the win.

24th July 2020

Quest For Realms


The divine continent was a beautiful land where peace and prosperity were everywhere to be seen, but there was evil lurking in the corners of the land. This evil was developing a method to extract life energy forcefully between heaven and earth, and she nearly succeeded. When she reached the end of her experiments something horrible happened. She incurred the wrath of the heavens, that took the form of a lightning bolt, and struck the center of the divine continent, shattering it into 10 main islands and many isles. At the center, the lightning warped itself into a big black ball and out of it came otherworldly creatures called fiends.

A friend was a large monster and it came in many different variants with each variant having a different element. With this growing threat, humans had devised a strategy to become stronger by using life energy that is classified into realms. A realm is a level of power that indicates how far one is into the act of cultivating. 

There are three known realms: The ‘Energy Focusing Realm’ where one could use the life energy in their body, the ‘Energy Gathering Realm’ where one could take energy from the heavens and the ‘Nature Realm’, where one could learn the various laws of the land. Each realm focused on one constitution of the body. Once one reaches the ‘Nature Realm’, he would not be considered a human, as he was now one with nature and would be called an Ascended Being.

 Scott Tsurugi 

 Scott Tsurugi had been working on a farm since he was nine years old. He was an orphan; his mother died when giving birth to him and his father was lost long ago. Just before his mother had died, she told the nurses to name her son Scott Tsurugi. His foster parents had raised him until he was six, but couldn’t afford to keep him after, so they abandoned him on the side of a road in a remote village. 

He lived his life on the road up until the age of nine when an old farmer named Alfred let him live on his farm, as long as he worked hard. Alfred was usually not as caring, but as Scott had such a cute and chubby face, he couldn’t stop himself from keeping him. With no other option for survival, Scott agreed and had been working on the farm for nearly a year.

During this time, he had always wished to be a swordsman and kill the fiends that Alfred told him about. After nearly one year of working on the farm, he saw some posters that talked about the Trials for Slayers. The poster said that the top three places would be able to join one of the mainstream schools. 

This trial has been happening once a decade and this time it was going to be hosted in a city, just a few miles away from the farm Scott worked at. Scott thought he was capable of winning the trials and leaving behind this tiresome lifestyle. He wanted to enter the world of the cultivators. However, to win he needed to cultivate, Soon, he had to buy a cultivation slip. 

Scott went back to the farm and begged Alfred to let him go to the trials. After five days and nights of begging, Alfred gave in and let him go on his own. He had already had gone shopping by himself once, alone. 

The Festival

Once he arrived at the city, he was greeted by a festival with stalls in every corner and street. He could see children queuing up to meet some famous cultivators, but of course, Scott didn’t do any of that. His goal was to become one of those cultivators. He went up to a shopkeeper, a tall and spindly man who had pointy ears and bags under his eyes and asked him for direction.

 “Excuse me, sir. Could you please tell me what the festival is about?” Scott inquired.

 I didn’t expect a kid to be here, the shopkeeper thought. “Oh, this is a festival to celebrate the grand martial arts tournament,” he said, “That is why you came here am I right?”

 “I want to participate and join the school,” Scott said

“Kid, give up on that. You need to be at least 16 to qualify, and even if you could qualify, you shouldn’t go. You will have to fight other people and maybe even hunt some ferocious beasts,” replied the shopkeeper.

“But here’s an idea!” the shopkeeper came closer to him and said, “How about I give you a cultivation slip, so that way you can participate next decade?” 

“Okay sir, but how much will I have to pay for the cultivation slip?” Scott asked. 

“How about 30 Earthen Crystals.” said the shopkeeper. 

An Earthen Crystal was the lowest value currency, followed by the Sky Crystal. The highest (known to the villager at least) was a Heavenly Crystal. Event he city folk weren’t lucky enough to see one. 

“Sir I only have 25 crystals,” Scott said, pulling out his pockets with the last crystal he had.

”That is fine. I’ll take 25,” said the kind shopkeeper, with a smile. 

The Three Suns

And with that, little Scott had received his first cultivation slip. A cultivation slip was a small stone, the size of a playing card. This type of stone was very special because one could put information into it, making it a kind of book. 

 10 years may seem like a long time for people like us, but for the slayers, that amount of time can pass in the blink of an eye. Because their lifespan was so long, some slayers even spent hundreds of years in closed-door cultivation for long periods of time- 10, 11, 15, or 50 years even!

Once Scott got back, Alfred was already fast asleep. He went into his room to look at his cultivation slip. He felt stupid for not asking Fred, the shopkeeper, how it worked. He tried everything to get it to work and when he accidentally put it on his forehead, he could feel information pouring in.

It turned out that the name of the cultivation method he got was called ‘The Three Suns’. Usually, with each realm, you would have to change cultivation methods. But with The Three Suns, you didn’t have to. He had practiced for weeks, whenever he got free time to get the circulation of energy flowing through his body, but he never could. However, even though he was six years old, Scott was full of determination. He could get stronger and protect the people around him.

One night when Scott was going through the cultivation slip again, after nearly a month of trying, he had found he’d missed something- all living beings had basic life energy in their cinnabar field (which was a very important and special position in one’s body), and that was where a cultivator would store his life energy. It acted as an extension of one’s body. It is also called the life gate. The cinnabar field is located between the eyes. This field is made of pure energy and thus it doesn’t affect the anatomy of a human. It would only be used if one could concentrate on it and activate it. To activate the cinnabar field, one must be able to first locate it by looking for energy fluctuations in the gap between the eyes, then draw out energy.

Life Energy

One full year had passed since Scott got the cultivation slip, and he was ready to open his cinnabar field. 

He excused himself from work and finally got ready to open it. Two hours had passed but it felt like a few minutes for Scott when he felt some energy fluctuations. He had finally found his cinnabar field! He took four more hours to open it, and after a full year of hard work, he could now start cultivating. 

Once brought out the energy, he felt a wave of vitality flow through him and he felt as if he was reborn. He could feel the power, but he knew he was still too weak to win the competition. He decided to Cultivate for the rest of his free time until he reached the 5th stage- the Energy Focusing Realm, and then he could learn some methods of an attack called Slayer Arts. Even though he could learn them now, he still wanted to reinforce his level before learning anything new.


Scott had turned 16 a few days ago. He was now a tall, strong, and handsome boy with red hair and striking blue eyes. He always had a smile on his face, as if he didn’t have a bother in the world, and had broken into the 5th stage, which was the Energy Focusing Realm. 

For the past few years, while he wasn’t cultivating or working on the farm, he was going around doing a few odd jobs to earn a small amount of money. He wanted to buy some methods that use life energy as a form of attack. 

Luckily, he got 15 Earthen Crystals as a birthday present from Alfred. Now, with a total of his earnings and his birthday gift, he had 366 Earthen Crystals. He decided to leave the farm and live elsewhere, as was the slayer’s norm. 

Even at the age of 16, he was nearly as mature as a 25-year-old person from our world. He packed up all of his belongings, got a horse for 16 Earthen Crystals and decided to leave to a city where he could get some weapons and learn some new slayer art. A slayer art is a move developed by other slayers that can be used in a fight against fiends or even fight other slayers.

Luminescence City 

Scott got his horse and asked Alfred where the nearest city was. He pointed to the west, towards a city called Luminescence City. So armed with the location of the city, Scott mounted his horse and headed off into the desert. It took him one night and one day to reach Luminescence City. 

He reached the at night and was greeted by a beautiful city; there were lanterns lit with purple and green colored flames and children running in circles and playing games. It was as if the city was having a festival, but in reality, this is how it was all the time. He went to an inn and decided to stay the night there.

The next morning he got up and decided to take a walk around the city. Normally, he didn’t get to appreciate the beauty of a bustling city. It wasn’t that rare to see a relatively small kid wandering around the streets here, but he did get some strange looks from people passing by him. His clothes weren’t as high-end as them, so in comparison, he looked like a poor beggar. 

Scott pretended not to notice them and continued to look for a place to buy some slayer art. He couldn’t find one before nightfall, so he decided to go back to the inn where he was staying. The next day, he asked around. He asked the receptionist at the inn and learned that if he went to the city square on a Sunday, a lot of cultivation shops would pop up where he could find what he was looking for.


Scott didn’t have anything to do until Sunday, so he decided to take a tour around the city. While he was going around, he noticed a few people using their life energy to beat up kids for their money. These guys were only at the first stage of the energy gathering realm, but they were employing life energy to increase their strength, so the kids couldn’t fight back.

He went up to them.

”Hey. Why are you beating her up? Isn’t she telling you that she doesn’t have any money?” exclaimed Scott.

”Get lost, brat! Do you think you can stop us? You don’t even have a cultivation level yet!” retorted the gang leader. Little did they know that Scott actually had suppressed his cultivation so that they underestimate him.

“Step away from the girl, or else you will regret it!” Scott warned. 

“Try us. I would like to see you stop me,” replied the leader.

 “I am giving you one last chance”

 “Come on guys let’s get him,” said the leader, boldly and Scott sighed inwardly.

He got his energy flowing through his body again and launched at them. “Boss, he is at the 5th stage! I don’t think we can beat him,” whimpered one of the goons.

 “We have more numbers. It will be fine!” the leader said as if he was consoling himself.

 Scott threw out a punch filled with such force that it threw one of them straight into the wall. He fell down and didn’t get back up. 

“He is too strong, retreat.” shouted the leader, finally, and all of them ran away. Scott went up to the little girl.”Hey, what’s your name, and are you ok?” Scott asked.

 “ My name is Betsy, I am fine,” the little girl softly replied. 

 “How did you get here? Where are your parents?” he asked.

“I got lost. Sir, thank you for helping me. May I please know your name?” she asked with a smile on her face. 

“My name is Scott. Do you know where your parents are?” Scott asked her, concerned.

 “Yes, I know where to go if I get lost.” 

“ Ok, can you go on your own?”

 “Yes, Thank you for helping me,” she said, and with that Bettsy left, hopefully back to her parents.

Slayer’s Surplus

It was now Sunday, so Scott headed to the city square. He noticed that there were some shops selling some strange things such as Hellish Toad Eyes or a Rampaging Dreyfus’s hide. He also noticed some other shops that sold cultivation slips and a few shabby places that sold some slayer arts, but they were too low quality to be of use to Scott. 

At a discreet corner of the city square, he saw a shop called Slayer’s Surplus. They sold all the things that a slayer would need from cultivation slips, to weapons, and even Slayer Arts. 

“Excuse me,” Scott said as he entered the shop, “Is it possible to get any Slayer Arts here?”

 The shopkeeper looked at Scott with disdain in his eyes. He got up. He was short and stout with a ruptured nose and a dirty mustache. He sighed and said, “Yes, but it is a little bit expensive and it doesn’t look like you can afford to buy here”.

“Its okay sir,” Scott said with a smirk, “I have been saving up for some time. I think I can afford at least one book, but just in case, what is the minimum price of an Art?” 

“Huh, whatever you say brat!” the shopkeeper replied smugly, “The minimum price is 175 Earthen Crystals”.

“Really!” Scott exclaimed, excitement shown on his face, “Then I can get one!” 

“You’re not joking, right? Because if you are joking, then get out of my shop! If you aren’t, then I might even give you a discount for a weapon,” said the shopkeeper seriously. 

“Ok, I always wanted a sword, so could I get a sword and a Sword based Slayer Art?” asked Scott.

“I don’t believe you! Show me your money, then we can make a deal”

 “Ok!” Scott said and then proceeded to take 200 Earthen Crystals out of his bag. The shopkeeper was visibly confused, but he instantly got over his emotions. 

”Ok, what type of sword would you like? Do you want one where you can get the hard hits or the one with a long reach?” he asked. His demeanor towards Scott had completely changed. 

“I would like to be quick and agile,” answered Scott after some consideration. His reasoning was that if the enemy can’t hit you then you win by default.

The Lightning Bolt 

The shopkeeper was confused. Usually, people asked for pure strength but this kid was asking for speed. However, despite his doubts, he had the perfect product with him, and it was quite unique. It was an Art that required a specific sword (which he had in his store)  

“Well kid, I have the perfect sword and Slayer Art for you. It is called Lightning Bolt”

 Image 2

The shopkeeper led Scott to his showroom and showed him the sword and book.

”This comes in a set, making them unique!” the shopkeeper said. “A set?” asked Scoot. “Yes, you can not use this method without the sword and vice versa. It is all about speed and precision. I think this definitely the best method that I have to focus on speed”.

“Ok, how much do I buy for?” 

“It will be 300 earthen crystals, because it is unique!” 

“300!” Scott said, surprised, “Ok sir here you go”.

He took 300 earthen crystals from his bag. “Thank you for buying here. I have a feeling you are special, so I will give you a space ring to store your sword and other materials that you might need”. 

“Thank you very much, sir!” Scott quickly said before rushing off to practice with his new sword


He went back to the inn and removed the sword from the sheath. It was beautiful with intricate carvings and it was extremely light. He got up and started practicing basic sword techniques that he picked up from watching the guards training in the village. He did the thrust and parry. 

The sword was so light, it was like it wasn’t even there. It swiftly cut through the air like a fish in the water. When he used the Slayer Art’s book, he learned that the Lightning Bolt had three different forms. The first form was speeding, the second was accuracy, and the last was lightning. They were called: Lightning Swiftness, Thunders Precision and Arc of Power, respectively. 

He started to try Lightning Swiftness. To do this, he had to first learn the right breathing technique. He started to get in form and as soon as he took a breath, he instantly felt a bit lighter, as if he was carrying a weight with him his whole life and it had been removed. He knew he was far from perfect, but it was a start.

After four years of intense training in the wild, he had finally mastered the first step of the Lightning Bolt. He was now as fast as a cheetah and as light and unpredictable as a leaf in the wind. This technique was one of a kind, so he knew that not many people would learn about it. 

During this time he had also practiced the first sword technique- Lightning Swiftness, that nearly increased his speed tenfold and covered his sword in a layer of lightning. The lightning was too weak to do damage, but it helped the sword move without any resistance and made it even lighter than it was. He also refined his level, so he was now at the ninth stage of the Energy Focusing Realm. 

He couldn’t learn the next step because it required him to be at the Energy Gathering Realm. This was so he could condense an artificial layer over his eye that could help him comprehend flaws in his opponent faster by increasing the capacity of what the eye sees. He still couldn’t go to the next realm because he lacked any real or hard combat experience. Scott had grown up into a fine young man at 16. He was tall, lean with red hair and blue eyes. He was now ready to go to the Trials. 

The Test of Strength 

He headed to the venue of the Trials, which was coincidentally in Luminescence City. Once he got there, he was greeted by the same sight that he saw four years ago. A beautifully lit city, but today it seemed a bit more extravagant as all the shops were closed and streamers were everywhere. 

The streets were bustling with people of all ages. He knew he arrived in time and went to sign up.

“Excuse me, is this the place to sign up for the Trials?” asked Scott. 

The girl behind the desk lazily looked up and said “Yes, do you want to register?” 

“Yes,” he said, “That would be great, thank you.” 

“Please state your name and age,” she asked with a yawn.

 “Scott Tsurugi, 20,” he said, proudly.

“Thank you. Please follow me. I will take you to the test and see if you are qualified to enter”


“Yes, but don’t be scared. All you have to do is strike this stone. If it changes color, then you can participate, and if you break it or cut it, you move directly to the top 5. No one yet has broken through it yet,” she said. 

“Not many people knew but this stone was from the adamantine mountain, and it’s so hard, even people who are at the Energy Gathering Realm can’t break it easily,” she whispered. 

“Can I use my weapon” 

“Ok,” she said, least concerned.  

Scott looked up at the stone and examined it to see where the weakest point of the stone would be. The place where he struck the sword would be the weakest, and where he could deal the most damage. He unsheathed his sword and got ready to strike. No one yet had broken the stone and he planned to be the first one to do so. 

He got ready and changed his breathing, infusing some of his life energy through the sword. What he didn’t know was that he had actually comprehended sword intent that made him give off an intimidating aura. Sword Intent is a special realm for swordsmanship. It is extremely hard to cultivate and usually takes 50 -100 years to develop. 

He took the sword back and gave it a swipe full of speed, directly at where he examined the weak point. As soon as his sword stuck, there was no sound. He had actually cleaved the stone in half, as if it was a knife through butter. 

The examiner looked at him in shock and said, “Please come this way, sir. I will register you into the finals directly, and your first fight will be against the strongest fiend we have. If you win, you have a chance of being selected by a first-grade school!” 

Scott quickly followed him saying, “Are you sure I will get a chance to go to a first-grade school?” 

“Yes. This year a school of swordsmanship is going to be watching the trials.” 

“ Ok, thank you for the information. Will I be allowed to fight first? I want to get this over with.” 

“Yes, I will arrange it for you.”

 The Kylver 

Scott went into the arena and was ready to fight a fiend for the first time. 

“For the first time ever the finals are starting first! This young man managed to slice the testing stone into half, like thin air. Give it up for Scott Tsurugi!” exclaimed the commentator. “And on the other side of the arena, we have the ferocious Earthborne Kylver! This deadly fiend can control the element of earth to the second degree. It has been known to end the lives of even an Energy Gathering Realm Warrior. How will our young contestant do against this behemoth of a monster? Let the “Fiend” out!” 

Scott got into his stance and adjusted his breathing. The monster came stomping out and gave a low growl. The Kylver walked out of the cell slowly and menacingly. It looked like a dog, except that it was covered in rocks, down to the area where the bones were meant to be.

 The whole crowd tensed up; this was not a fight a normal person can usually see, even in the trials. Scott decided to take the first move. He shot to the fiend with no weapon in hand, as if to fool it. Just before he hit the Fiend, he took out this sword and swiped at its head to end it before it could do anything to him. Before he could hit him, the Fiend caused the ground to shoot up around him, so Scott had no choice but to dodge. To the normal crowd, this was too fast to see. It looked like he had disappeared. But to the people who trained in a school, they could see everything clearly. The principal was watching the fight with great interest. He was a man with a simple mind, that had only the thought of a sword, thus he gave such a domineering aura that even the Nature Realm warriors would flee at the sight of him. 

“He is fast, but speed isn’t everything in this fight” commented the principal on the School Of Sword Arts.

Scott didn’t know what to do, so he decided to try and go faster, but before he could, the Fiend charged at him. He dodged around it and swiped at its tail and cut it off. The Fiend wailed in pain. It entered an enraged state and kept on charging with no plan, and as Scott kept on dodging and attacking, he felt something change. This time while the behemoth was running to him, he ran towards it and ran to the side of it. He cut off one of its legs, causing it to topple over, but as he did that the Fiend caused the ground to shoot up.

 It hit him in the head and he blacked out. “I can’t give up. I must persevere only then will I have a chance to become stronger and meet my father on the battlefield,” Scott exclaimed. 


Suddenly, he felt a power surge into his body. It lifted him off the ground. He had just moved up into the Energy Gathering Realm. He had studied the theory behind the second part involving the Lightning Bolt and the Thunders Precision. His eyes started to glow blue, and he saw the world in a new light, as if he was looking through a keyhole his entire life and now the door had opened. 

The lightning around the sword was stronger, and now left an arc that moved one meter forward. Now, the behemoth also got back up and Scott could see and predict every single one of his moves. When the beast charged at him for the last time, he found flaws and moved forward. He attacked the flaws with such speed and precision that the Feind died on the spot. 

For the first half of the fight, the odds were stacked against Scott, but after he made it to the Energy Gathering Realm, he was dominating. 

It was time for selections. He looked up at the panel of judges with the sword in his hand.

“What an amazing fight! He completely ruined the Fiend, and it looks like he even moved into the Energy Gathering Realm. Which school would like to choose him?” announced the commentator. 

“The School Of Swords would like to add him as one of our disciples!” stated the principal of the School.

“Thank you, sir. I will not disappoint and will prove my worth to you!” Scott answered, beaming with pride. 

He had finally fulfilled the dream that he had made a decade ago.

24th July 2020

O R G A N I C – An Appetite for Change

On a bright summer evening in the land of Fruitella, a few fruity friends planned a get-together. As usual, Ori, the Orange was the first one to reach their favourite meeting spot, ‘The Garden Restaurant’ at  6pm, sharp. Gappy, the Grapes & Wally, the Watermelon arrived 10 mins late. 


The friends were so excited to meet each other after a long time, and were catching up with each other about what had happened in their lives since their last visit. While they were waiting for their dear friend, Mangs, the Mango to join them, the lights turned off and some melodious music was heard from the stereo. Everyone in the restaurant was curious to know what was going on. Mangs made an entry with a Birthday Cake and immediately Gappy and Wally started singing the birthday song to Ori. Yes! Ori turned 15, and her dear friends surprised her with a small celebration. 


The fruity friends gifted Ori a mini keyboard to bring out her juicy music. Ori didn’t expect a surprise on her birthday. She was excited and felt very special. 


“Thank you, buddies.S I love you loads! It’s my treat today, ” said Ori. 


The friends had a gala time together, enjoying their dinner. 


“Mangs, Ori told me you are taking up summer classes & projects in Environmental Science. How are the classes going?” asked Gappy.


 Mangs replied, “It has been 3 weeks now, and I am thoroughly enjoying learning so far. I have a mini-project to complete in the next month, and I’ve just picked my topic today – it’s called “ORGANIC –AN APPETITE FOR CHANGE’.” 


“Wow, that sounds interesting, and sounds like a lot of work too!” said Wally.


 Ori & Gappy were a little curious to understand more about what “Organic” meant, and requested Mangs to explain it for them. 


Mangs immediately started to share her learnings from her summer classes. “Well, my dear fruity friends, have you realized how unhealthy and tasteless we have become compared to our parents and grandparents? We all look bright & colourful, but we have become less nutritious. Sadly, it’s the same case with our Veggie friends too.” 


Mangs added, “Organic means produce that is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides. It also means no chemical additives are added to stay fresh for an unnatural amount of time.”


“Why would someone do all this, and how did all of this begin?” enquired Gappy, with more curiosity.


 Wally jumped in, “It is all because of a few greedy humans and their desire to produce faster, and yield more. Little did they know that this would also create a lot of environmental & health hazards!” 


“You are absolutely right, Wally! My mini-project is to collect all facts and create awareness about this,” said Mangs. 


“This is brilliant, Mangs! Can we also join in on your mission to make Fruitella healthy again? We could be your mini-fruity-assistants, helping you with your project work! What do you say friends?” Gappy said, excitedly. Ori & Wally immediately agreed with Gappy. 


Mangs was so excited to start working on the mini-project, along with her fruity friends. “Let me work out a plan and connect with you all in a couple of days,” she said. The friends were so happy about their discussion. Soon, they waved goodbye to each other, hoping to meet soon. It had been a very productive meeting!

After 2 days, Mangs connected with her fruity friends over the phone and shared her plan to create a series of short & funny awareness videos, involving all her fruity friends, and spread the message of organic produce through social media. Without a doubt, the fruity friends were all all in. 


 In the next few days, Mangs and Wally worked on the content for the videos, and Ori and Gappy worked on creating funny videos to spread awareness. They also involved their other fruity friends from Fruitella in their videos as actors. It seemed like a lot of fun, with a lot of purpose. 


After a week’s effort, Mangs created a YouTube channel and started posting their videos. The fruity friends broadcasted their awareness messages through each of their social media handles. Through the videos, they highlighted the environmental & health hazards caused by few greedy humans making the farming world toxic. Their awareness campaign went viral, and at the end of Week 4, they had many followers.  Their fun-filled messages were wide-spreading. 


Mangs submitted her mini-project, adding credits to her fruity friends. She was very happy with the impact they had created in promoting the appetite for change and wellbeing. She decided to continue the project and spread awareness, even after her summer classes. Of course, her fruity friends extended their support and pledged for the cause. They continued working for the good of Fruitella and its fruits during their free time. 


A year later, the fruity friends invited Mangs to ‘The Garden Restaurant’ for a dinner. As usual, Mangs was getting late and when she arrived at the restaurant, the lights turned off and a similar melodious music started to play on the stereo. She guessed it must be someone’s birthday, since she was never good at remembering dates. She always needed a gentle reminder from her other friends.


As soon she realized that her friends had planned a surprise party to celebrate the change and impact they have brought into Fruitella through Mangs mini-project, her eyes lit up with joy.

Fruitella had never been so fresh and healthy! After a gala time, the fruity friends asked Mangs, “What’s are we doing this summer?” 

The End

Author’s Bio



24th July 2020

Rebel! Welcome to India!



I was looked at the walls in my room and imagined blue and purple fairy lights on the white wall to my right, right above my favourite decoration – my name, “Rebel” in a cheetah print.  While I was thinking about the decor in my room, my parents barged through the door and told me that they had some exciting news. 


“What news?” I asked. 


“Rebel,” they said, with a frown, “Stop being unenthusiastic! In a month from now, we will be going to Chennai”. I had so many questions, but all that came out was a plain “Okay”. 


(OMG! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Rebel. I was born on the 1st of January, 2008,  in New York City. Okay, enough introduction. Let’s get back to our story!)


I knew Chennai was in India, but I didn’t know where exactly in India it was. I looked it up on my iPad. It showed me Chennai was in the bottom half of India, in a place called Tamil Nadu. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. 


I don’t want to go there now! The All-State Dance competition is coming up and the audition is ( any guesses?) next month! That is when my parents said we would be leaving for Chennai. I am so frustrated right now. 




Sorry I haven’t written here in a long time! Me and my parents have been cleaning and packing. I didn’t have much time to write. 


So, we’re going to be here in Chennai for a year and a half. My parents have already got me admitted at the “Valiant.HR. Secondary School” here in Chennai. I’m so excited! 


Also, I am super pumped about a dance competition between five of the most successful dance studios in Chennai. It’s called “The Elitist Dance Competition”. Even though the auditions are over, I want to go and see if they accept me into one of the studios. I am sure I can cope up with the choreography. Not to brag or anything, but I am a fast learner!




I am so excited about today! Two more days from now, and Valiant Higher Secondary School, here I come! You must be wondering why I am so excited for school. It’s because I get to make a lot of new friends, and of course, I get to study (almost forgot about that part!) 


 I was a straight-A student at school in New York. How hard can it be here? Another thing I am pumped up for tomorrow is shopping for school supplies! I am going to customize everything I buy, like crazy! Well, it’s time to go to sleep. 





Okay. I bought my stationery products at the mall in a store called ‘True Hearts’. After buying all my stuff, we ate lunch at Parpario’s Pizzas. We headed home. I went straight to my room and customized everything we bought, and packed them into my new school bag. I even customized my new school bag! Until now, my school bag looked really boring- it was dark purple, so I wrote my name in tiger print across the front. It turned out to look pretty cool. I loved it! 


Oh, mom’s calling me down for dinner. Have to go. Byeeeeeee! 




I went to school today and it was not what I had pictured it like in my head; No one spoke to me, so I tried to introduce myself to a few of the kids in my class. They either walked away quickly or shot daggers at me with their eyes. I did not know why they were super mean, but I knew how to take a hint. They did not want to hang around withe me. 


I was extremely sad. I felt so lonely; it felt like my heart fell out of my body and splat! Dropped all over the floor.


I have never felt this sad before. Holding back my tears, which were starting to roll down my face, I cycled home as fast as I could and ran to my brother’s room. I wanted to talk to him because he is my best friend and nobody knows me like he does. You must be wondering why I did not choose to talk to my parents. 


I feel like one’s siblings are closer to them than anyone else. You need to cherish the moments you have with them. You might create some beautiful memories with them; memories that will enlighten you in the future. 


I have beautiful memories with my brother; he passed away a year ago. You might ask me why we still had a room for him in Chennai, when he wasn’t with us? Well, I set up the room with all his things, so I feel closer to him. 

His room emits a positive aura, just like him. I miss my brother. Curse leukemia! Leukemia is a type of cancer that runs in your blood. My parents donate money to the Cancer Foundation, although it could not save my brother’s life. Why? Because they say that nobody should feel the sorrow we felt when he passed away. 


I can understand why my parents do what they do. Imagine a family member was suffering from cancer. One fine day, you’re in the hospital, waiting for him to recover from surgery, and the doctors come out and say “He is no more!”. Think about it. How would you feel? 

I also miss my friends from New York! Even though I never cared much about the time we spent together, I miss them now. I have to go to school tomorrow… AGAIN! I don’t want to.



The same thing happened to me at school today. Everybody ignored me once again! When I went to the restroom, I heard two of my classmates talking about an upcoming speech, on Friday. I did not know what it was about. After school, I asked my class teacher about the speech. She told me that the speech was about how you feel when you go through tragic experiences in life or when you’re in a crisis. 


I got the perfect idea. I could tell everyone at school how it felt to be ignored and avoided. 




I waited patiently for Friday to come, and it FINALLY came! We went to the assembly hall first thing in the morning. Everybody who wanted to make a speech had finished, and now, it was my turn. 


I let my feelings loose. I spoke what my heart told me to, and I did not even feel like I was being watched. I felt like I was talking to my brother. I  felt more open than ever. It felt like the hole in my heart was being filled as the words came out of my mouth. 


During lunch, I felt normal again. I realised talking to someone about the way you feel makes you feel normal, no matter the situation. When I was calmly eating my lunch, all my classmates came and apologized to me. 


 I accepted their apology whole-heartedly. I felt extremely happy. Two of the girls offered to sit with me during lunch. Their names were Yashmika and Rita. We hit it off immediately! Turns out the three of us have a lot in common. At the end of the school day, I invited them over to my house. We had a lot of fun. I was finally happy to have some new friends!




Today, I’m going to join a dance studio that will be participating in The Elitist Dance Competition. The class I was headed to was called “Calypso Dance Studio”. The trainer said I could join, but when I asked him about participating in the competition, he said, “We have already finished the choreography and are just rehearsing now. I am not sure if can cope up with the routine!”. 


I got so mad. I didn’t like Chennai anymore. Then, the trainer asked me to dance in a room near the practice room. There was a glass wall separating both the rooms. I could see the backs of the children dancing in the other room. The rooms were soundproof, so the music that was playing in the practice room did not reach the room I was dancing in. 


I blasted some music and started to free-style. Though I saw the trainer teaching steps to the children behind me, I did not care. I just kept dancing. Then I suddenly noticed that all the kids in the other room were gawking at me. 


One of the boys told the trainer something. The trainer nodded and signaled me in. I asked him if something was wrong. 

 “Nothing’s wrong. My assistant here insists on letting you join the competition. He tells me he will train you personally because he thinks you have lots of potential” the trainer said, smiling at me. 


 I was super happy. I trained with the assistant for hours. His name was Deva. He was really sweet to me. We trained for four hours. I learnt all the steps he taught me. I told the trainer that we were done with all the steps. He was impressed. He said I can start practicing for the competition with the team from tomorrow.


I’m super excited again! 



Everything was normal. It all flew by so fast. Then the day of the competition had arrived. I could feel the tension in the air when the commentators finally announced, “Next up, Calypso Dance Studio!”. 


We walked up to the stage and danced energetically. After we were done, there was a moment of silence. Then, out of nowhere, all three thousand people in the audience went up on their feet and began applauding, loudly. Since we were the last performers, the next round was elimination. They eliminated three teams. I could not believe it when they announced that our studio had made it to the finals and would be facing a riff-off against “Electronica Dance Studio”. 


They explained what a riff-off was. Each member from either of the teams would do a solo freestyle routine. The best dancers would win the title “Elitist Dancer”. 


Soon, we were done dancing and it was time to announce the winner. 


“And the winner is…” said the host, pausing for effect. It was so quiet in that moment, I could even hear a pin drop. “…Calypso Dance Studio!” he finally blurted. I had to pinch myself to see if all this was real. Everyone was cheering and applauding for us. The whole room was filled with joy. We got our awards and certificates soon.


 I was so sad that this day had to end. We headed home and the first thing I did was to go to my brother’s room, and put my medal and certificate near his photo. Later on, after dinner, I called up my new school friends and my old ones from New York. 


Now that I see it, Chennai isn’t so bad after all. 



Author’s Bio



Kimaya Srinivasan is 12 years old. She is interested in western-dance, KPOP music (especially the KPOP band called BTS). She also enjoys biology and history. She has a unique type of love for snakes. She dislikes many things such as spicy food, the colour pink and people who offend her fashion sense. 

“It doesn’t matter if people hate you, You go live your way”


 – Kimaya