A Case In Pango Land

Hello, I am Scaleroll. Well, that’s what people call me.

I live in Pango land. Who lives in Pango land, you ask? Pangolins live in Pango land.

I run a bakery called the Cake Café. I’ve run the bakery for years. In the bakery, I try out new recipes – unusual recipes, some might call them. 

Some of them include insect cupcakes, because the Pangolins love insects, termites and ants. I bake different types of cakes. Mmm! I can smell that amazing aroma.  

I have a few regulars at the bakery – Philip Roger, Granne Roger, James Bark, and many more. I feel happy running the bakery. I make a lot of money and at the same time, I am very honest. I always speak the truth. I’m a bit absent-minded though, so I often slip into thoughts about new recipes. This usually happens when my customers ask for the bills. It’s hard to get my attention! 

I have a spiky, gel-styled hairstyle. I have very sharp eyes. I like cakes and therefore my tongue is mostly curled outside. When the customer comes, I pull my tongue in. Since I’m in the baking profession, I wear a beautiful apron and a chef’s hat. I wear gloves so no germs get into the food I make. But insects? That’s a different story!  

One day, I was in my bakery selling creamy termite cookies, vanilla & chocolate flavoured ant ice-cream, and a delicious double decker ant cake. Just then my phone rang. Ring ring!

It was Philip Roger’s brother Granne Roger. “Turn on the TV immediately,” he said. I was about to ask why, but it was too late. He hung up. I didn’t hurry to the television, but when I was about to close the shop, the phone rang a second time. This time, it was my other friend, James Bark. He also said the same thing “Turn on the TV immediately”. I hung up and hurried back home, jumped onto my bed and switched on the TV.

The news stated that some Pangolins went to the Pangopital Clinic and complained of stomach-ache. The doctor enquired about their diet. All of them reported eating desserts at the Cake Café. The doctor passed the information to the Police Department and the police planned to send an investigation team to the bakery. 

I knew what was going to happen next, and so I quickly made my escape from Pango land. Meanwhile, I heard from my good friend Philip that the investigative team was looking for clues inside the bakery. They took the desserts to the food lab for testing.

Professor Angosign found out that the desserts were filled with a chemical named Hagro (which causes severe stomach-ache). The police started looking for me. First, they searched for me in my house. To their disappointment, they couldn’t find a clue! 

The police and investigative team divided themselves into four teams, pairing one inspector and one investigator in a single team. The first team went to the south, second to the west, third to the east, and the last to the north. 

I must say, they did a thorough job. They searched for me in every corner of Pango land. After lots of searching, the North team spotted me at the border of Pango land. I was about to enter the Land of Sweets. Everything in the Land of Sweets was made of – you guessed it – sweets! The buildings were laid with chocolate, the trees were scented with sugar syrup, and the pavements smelled like my favourite double decker ant cake. 

My tongue curled out. The road was made of chocolates too! Suddenly, I felt a hand on my neck. Someone from behind hollered right in my ears.

“You rascal!”

It was one of the inspectors, and he was as angry as a starving lion. Everything he said sounded like a loud growl.

“You were pretending to be Scaleroll, you cheater!” he yelled. He pulled me by the sleeve and pushed me into the police car. The investigator drove the car to the jail. My heart was pounding. 

This brings me back to my cell, where I’m writing this story. Before you get confused, let me clear the air.

You see, my real name is Pangobart. I am almost Scaleroll’s height. My original hairstyle is a mohawk, and I work in a hair salon. Scaleroll and I have been friends since school. That reminds me – Scaleroll and I were bench mates!  Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

What made me pretend to be Scaleroll, you ask?

Simple – jealousy! 

I became jealous of Scaleroll because he earned millions by running the bakery. I made a plan to spoil his business. I tied him up and took him to an old castle called Scarlet Castle.


Nobody had lived in the castle for about a 100 years, and it was full of stinky bats. There were spiders and cobwebs decorating the walls. The thrones of the King and Queen were there. It was dark inside the castle. I put Scaleroll in a dungeon and dressed up like him. Then, I went to his bakery and bought the Hagro chemical, the one used in the process of making soap. I injected it into the desserts and sold them. When I saw the news about the infected Pangolins, I knew I would soon get caught. So I tried to escape from Pango land and enter the Land of Sweets.

Everything would’ve been fine if Scaleroll hadn’t escaped from the castle, after ripping the rope with his scales. He went to the Police and reported the happenings immediately! It was then that the police searched and caught me at the border of Pango land.

It has been 10 years since I’ve been in jail, and I can say that I’ve learnt my lesson.

Bad qualities like jealousy will destroy us. Nobody can escape from punishment after doing wrong.

Madhav T


Madhav Thenappan is a 7 year old budding artist from Chennai. He is a third-grader and an only child. He has been training in fine arts for 3 years under the guidance of his mother, who is also an artist. He has participated in several art exhibitions. He is inspired by Geronimo Stilton books. He loves playing football, writing stories and poems, cooking, and doing creative art & craft activities. He runs a Youtube channel named ‘Mythology, Art & Healthy Cooking’ where he shares excerpts from mythology, art projects and healthy recipes.

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