A Ghost in a Game

“Tring! Tring! Tring!” the school bell rang. Everyone came running out of their classroom. Summer holidays had begun. James, Andrew, Eric, and Mary were discussing their summer plans.

Immediately, Andrew said, “Guys, let’s have a cricket match at 5 pm today!” They all went home happily, thinking of their summer holidays. At 5:00 pm, all the children gathered on the ground and started playing.

Eric batted first. When he hit the ball, it flew out of the ground and went inside a small house. Everyone went in search of the ball. Mary spotted the ball inside the house. She was scared to enter the house alone. Eric called her “Come on Mary, hurry up! We are waiting for the ball”. So, she went inside the house to bring the ball. Near the ball, there was a strange video game. Mary called out to the rest of them, ‘Guys, can you come here and check this out?”. All three came running after Mary’s voice. Mary showed them the video game on the floor.

James slowly moved forward and touched the game with his fingers. Suddenly, everyone got pulled inside the game. The four of them started to scream “HELP!”. Andrew cried and said, “I am scared! I want to go home.” 

They all landed on the floor. All four were scared and looked at each other. They were clueless about where they were. They found a letter on the floor. James took it. 

The letter read, “Who touched this game first?” 

James was shivering and slowly said, “It was me!”

Suddenly, the text disappeared from the letter. Another text appeared. “In this game, you will find a ghost. The ghost will try to kill James! You can get out of the game using four options- you can use a helicopter, boat, car, or the main door to escape. To escape using the helicopter you need fuel, a screwdriver, a spanner, a manual book, some super glue, and tape. To escape using the boat, car, or the main door you need all the items in the house.” The children began looking for the items.

Eric found a strange book on the floor and asked his friends, “Is this the helicopter manual book?” and James replied, “Yes! We got one of the items.” 

Since they found the manual for the helicopter, they decided to escape using the helicopter and they started looking for the rest of the items. 

However, soon they saw that the ghost was standing in front of them. The ghost came towards them and they all ran into the kitchen to hide.

Inside the kitchen, there was a big jar containing the fuel for the helicopter. James yelled, “Hurray! We got the fuel for the helicopter.” 

Soon, the ghost entered the kitchen, but Eric quickly found a secret door on the floor to escape it. They opened the door and jumped inside. All four of them landed in the basement, screaming. They saw the car and the boat which was mentioned in the letter and spotted a doorway in the basement they could use. 

They opened the door and came out of the basement. They saw four routes, but they weren’t sure which one to take. 

Andrew said, “Let’s go straight!” and they followed him. On their way, they saw a trap. Mary noticed something written near the trap. It read, “THIS IS A SNOW TRAP WHICH FREEZES WHOEVER STEPS ON IT.”

They took the trap, thinking it might help them in some way and started proceeding ahead. After a few minutes of walking, they heard a strange sound.

They saw a big vacuum-like machine, floating above their heads and before they realized it, they were sucked inside it. The four screamed in fear!

Everything was dark around them and Mary started to cry. They all fainted out of fear.

A few hours later, Andrew opened his eyes. He was clueless about where he was. Andrew woke his friends up and they started to walk again. On their way, they saw a security room with a glass door. Eric jumped and tried to find what was behind the door, but nothing could be seen.

James slowly opened the door and asked his friends to follow him silently. They saw nearly ten computers showing the CCTV camera footage from the whole house. 

Mary screamed, “Look!” pointing at one of the monitors. In horror, they watched the ghost searching for them near the giant vacuum machine they were sucked into a while ago. 

Andrew swiftly spotted the ladder behind the monitors. They all climbed the ladder and it led them to a closed room. The room had only two things – a door and a whiteboard. 

“The whiteboard has something written on it!” said Eric. “The ghost can’t enter this room!” he exclaimed.

Andrew pointed to the door and read “Way to Helicopter” mentioned on a frame next to it. They tried to open the door, but they couldn’t as they had not found the other items to escape. 

Andrew saw a small hole in a corner. It had a message “Drop 10 rupees to get access to the screwdriver, tape, and super glue.”

They all searched their pockets for the money. Andrew had a one rupee coin, Eric had the glue, and Mary found a pair of scissors in her pocket. James had an idea!

He got the scissors from Mary. He took the message paper that they had found near the hole. James cut the number 10 from the message and he pasted it upside down. It now appeared as the number “01” on the paper. Now he dropped the one rupee coin inside the hole and waited eagerly. 

Fortunately for them, the hole accepted the 1 rupee coin. After a while, the hole spitted out the screwdriver, tape, and super glue. Once again, they came by the computer monitor. They saw the ghost outside the security door, but the ghost couldn’t open the door and instead, started to move away from the security door. 

Mary noticed something around the ghost’s neck. On its neck-chain, she saw a key! 

Mary screamed, “Look, I found the key for the helicopter. It’s on the ghost’s neck chain!”

However, the ghost heard Mary’s voice and turned towards the security door. He saw them across the glass door and came inside the room. James swiftly took the snow trap and placed it on the floor, in the ghost’s path. The ghost stepped on the trap, froze immediately and broke into a million pieces. 

Suddenly, a strange voice muttered, “The ghost will come alive after 3 minutes.” 

Andrew took the helicopter key from the neck-chain and rushed back to the room with his friends, where the door to the helicopter was. James, having all the items collected in his hand, ran behind Andrew. Suddenly he slipped and fell, and all the items were thrown away near the door. Andrew placed the key near the door and this time, the door opened. They all ran and sat inside the helicopter. James took out the key and the manual. He read the manual and quickly understood how to control the helicopter.

They finally stepped out of the game. Andrew sighed and said, “This was a nice adventure.”

Suddenly, James heard a voice and his friends seemed to disappear. James woke up and realized it was all just a dream. His mother was standing near his bed.

“Today is the last day of school,” she said, “Enjoy yourself!” 

After school, Andrew told his friends about the dream he had had the previous night. All his friends laughed and made fun of him. 

That evening they all met at their usual spot to play cricket. Eric was chosen to bat first. When Eric hit the ball, it flew out of the ground and went inside a small house. When they all went in search of the ball, Mary found the ball near a strange video game. All four looked at each other puzzled and scared! 

The End

N Jishnu Keshav


10 year old Jishnu is a student and badminton player at Chennai Public School. A lover of astronomy, Jishnu is a keen learner of space-related facts. He loves to read and write stories, and play board games with his parents. He dreams of becoming an astronaut, visiting Mt. Everest, and meeting athletes PV Sindhu and MS Dhoni. He values friendship and family greatly. He thanks aunt Goushi for enrolling him in the Young Writers Workshop and his parents for helping him complete the story successfully. 

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