A Villain Or A Gem?


Beethon, an evil villain, is taking over Waves. This is a MAJOR problem. This MAJOR problem is handed over to two mere girls, trying to have some fun with their summer holidays. The twist in this story is learning that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Will the two girls solve the problem? 


“Oh c’mon. You took my turn, you cheater!” Lily said with an angry look on her face. She and her sister were gunning for the win.

“Oh well, didn’t you take my turn last time?” Mary said vengefully. 

“This game is not about revenge. It’s about winning and losing, and I take dibs on winning, by the way!” Lily said. 

“Do you want me to take your turn again or are you going to play?” Mary said, moving her hand towards the dice. 

Lily rolled her eyes, picked up the dice and rolled it before Mary could grab it from her. 

“Ha! Six. This time I’m definitely going to beat you,” Lily said happily. They played like this for a while. 

Lily and Mary were sisters and had opposite personalities. They both had pure black hair and bright blue eyes. However, while Mary had straight hair, Lily liked it curled. 

“This is one of the most boring summer holidays I’ve ever had,” Lily said, lying on the floor, bored. “I just wish that an adventure would pop out of nowhere!” she said wishfully. 

These holidays were going to be spent at home since the hotel they were going to stay in Ireland was over-booked. The sisters hated it. It was not like Lily and Mary hated their home country, New Zealand, but holidays were no fun if you couldn’t go out. Actually, they loved their home country. They loved that when they went out, they could see nature everywhere.

“Get up! You still have a lot of homework to do,” Mary said. If you’d ask Mary’s class to do a whole workbook for homework, she would do it with a big smile on her face. 

“Urgh. Mary, unlike you, I hate homework!” Lily said. Several days had passed, and not one day ended without the sisters thinking about adventure. Luckily for them, the Shaky Knees festival was approaching on Friday, the 16th. 

The festival was the only ‘fun’ the sisters thought they would have that summer. When the festival came, Mary decorated her secret garden beautifully and the sisters spent most of their time there. 

It was 3:30 PM and they were bored. They were chilling in the garden when Diana, Lily and Mary’s mother, called out to them, “Lily, Mary! Someone named Mr. Ben has come to our house. He says you know him?”  

“Huh! Mr. Ben has come? Something tells me that our holidays are not going to be the same!” Lily told Mary with a mysterious and excited look on her face. The sisters ran to their front door. 

“Hi Mr. Ben!” Lilly greeted him at the door, “Mother, this is Mr. Ben, the messenger of Waves, the underwater country. Mr. Ben, this is our mother Diana.” Mr. Ben was a short man with a long moustache. He had straight hair and always wore a blue and white striped shirt.

Mary said, “Mr. Ben, our holidays have been unusually boring.”

“Yes! I really do hope that you are here to take us on another adventure?” Lily asked, eagerly. 

“Well my dear Lily, yes I am. Beethon, that savage villain, is trying to take over Waves again. You have saved Waves countless times in the past, and only YOU can save us once again!” Mr. Ben said, smiling at the sisters. 

“Wait a minute,” Diana said, stepping into the conversation, “How can I let you take my children on some unknown adventure to defeat some supposed villain? Besides, how do I know that you are not the villain? And what is this new country, Waves, that you speak of?” 

“Mother, you can trust Mr. Ben,” Mary said. “He has been taking us on adventures for a long time now. If I can remember correctly, it’s from when Lily was six. Waves is a country under the Ocean of Milk, and it is invisible to most humans, except us!”

“Okay, you can go,” Diana, who finally began to trust Mr. Ben, said. 

“Yay! Thank you, mother!” Lily said happily. With that, Mr. Ben took the sisters to Waves. However, in Waves, everything looked pretty fine! 

“Ben, it seems as if people know that Beethon has taken over, but they aren’t hyperventilating like they should. Why?” Lily said, looking around the city, surprised. 

“Lily, it looks like Beethon has finally become smarter. He has cleverly hypnotized the people of Waves,” Mr. Ben said and left. 

“So, what do we do now?” Mary said, clueless. 

“We should hope that July is not hypnotized and visit her,” declared Lily. 

July was a girl who Lily and Mary had befriended on their last adventure to Waves. The sisters ran to July’s house and fortunately, she had not been hypnotized. July gave her friends a suggestion.

“I think we can un-hypnotize the citizens by hypnotizing Beethon,” she said.

The sisters tried what July told them, but that didn’t work. Beethon overpowered both the sisters at once. The sisters continued to stay in July’s house. July, Mary and Lily spent their whole afternoon looking into books, magazines, and newspapers to find Beethon’s weaknesses. 

“Guys, I’ve found it!” exclaimed Lily. 

“You found Beethon’s weakness?” Mary asked, eagerly. 

“Well, not exactly… I didn’t find my nail polish remover either!” Lily shrugged. “This book here says the way to get the hypnotism spell to wear off immediately is if you find a sacred gem and persuade the villain to touch it!” 

The three girls planned their next move well and decided that they would set off to find the gem the next day. With that, they tried to get some sleep. The next day, they took a map that they found in the book and set off to find the gem. 

Lily, Mary and July left the city. They saw three kids who they later found were explorers. They were two girls and a boy. The boy had spiky hair, brown eyes and wore a dark blue shirt with a flicker written on it. One of the girls, whose name was Ruby, had straight, blonde hair, blue eyes and wore overalls. The second girl, whose name was Chrystal, looked the same as Ruby, but wore a small frock. 

“Hi! My name is Sandy, and these are my sisters, Chrystal and Ruby,” the boy stepped forward and said. “I can read your mind, and I have to tell you, we are in the same situation as you. We are trying to find the sacred gem too. Would you help us?” 

“Hi! My name is Lily, and this my sister, Mary and my friend, July. Yes, we would love to help you!” Lily said, realising they needed help as well. The six kids set off on their journey together. They passed different plants. Fortunately, the plants weren’t poisonous. They came to a clearing just when it started to become dark.

“I think we should camp here for the night,” July said. 

“Yes, I agree,” Mary said, nodding her head sleepily. 

They set up their sleeping bags and went to sleep. The next morning, they woke up to the sound of birds chirping. They quickly revived their memories, rolled up their sleeping bags, and got back to their adventure. 

They saw a long waterfall and opened their mouths in shock. 

“Now, how do we pass this?” Lily asked, still in shock. “I know! We can use twigs to climb up the mountain next to the waterfall!” July replied. 

They all found strong twigs, stuck them into the mountain soil and started their long and hard climb. In about 15 minutes, they reached their destination.

“I think we should take some rest now,” Lily said, panting like everyone else. 

They took a five-minute pause and set off again. They passed a lot of obstacles, but it would take me hours to tell you about that. So, I’ll fast forward the adventure to five days later.

The six explorers reached a cave. 

“The map says that we have to go inside this cave,” Ruby said. 

“So, what are waiting for? Let’s go inside!” Chrystal said, walking towards the cave. 

They all walked behind her. Inside the cave, it was dark and slippery with stalactites and stalagmites hanging everywhere. They kept walking through a patch until they reached the end. There, they saw it.

“At last! We found the gem,” Mary said relieved. 

The group decided that July would keep the gem until they got back. They started their return and passed through the same challenges they had to, on their way to the gem. One their way back, they discussed how to possess Beethon to touch the gem. Soon, they got their answer. 

They went to the royal palace immediately after they reached, and went directly into the throne room. 

“Oh my king, we found out that there is no way we can overpower you. Please accept this as an apology gift,” Mary said, handing over the gem to Beethon. 

The moment Beethon touched the gem, a common man came inside. “Excuse me, but we would like you off the throne, Mr. Beethon,” he said. 

“What! Don’t you like me?” Beethon said, shocked. 

“Not anymore! Once you touched that gem, the ‘hypnotism’ spell wore off all the citizens of Waves!” Lily said cheekily. 

Beethon was forced off the throne. Two days later, Mary was called to Mr. Ben’s office. Mr. Ben smiled as Mary walked in.

“Well Mary, quite a good job you did with your adventure! Now Waves needs a worthy ruler, and we want to give you that chance,” Mr. Ben said. 

From then on, Mary ruled the magical world of Waves.


“Sis! How does it feel being Queen of Waves?” Lily asked, jumping by her sister’s side. 

“Same old, same old! But it’s really hard, I‘ll tell you that,” Mary said. 

Lily was so happy to meet her sister after two years. 

“Hasn’t mom come?” Mary asked, a little disappointed that she didn’t see her mother come in with Lily. 

“No Mary, I’m here!” Diana said, walking into the room. “Thank you so much for coming to Waves for the yearly ocean ritual. I’ll lead you to your rooms after lunch,” Mary said. 

They ate lunch and chatted for a while in a wide dining room, which had fancy chairs and tables. They had a scrumptious feast.   

Nirvrithi Sreekanth


Nine year old Nirvrithi Sreekanth was born to Deepa Umamaheshwaran and Sreekanth Narasimhan, in Karnataka, India. She a grade four student at KC High International School. Her house is very peaceful, and guarded by dogs instead of watchmen. Besides writing, Nirvrithi’s hobbies include reading, playing the piano, singing and spending time with her family. She is scared of ants and doesn’t like vegetables. She also practices karate in her sleep! 

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