Anne’s Adventure

It was dark. Anne was in a murky closet holding Mrs.Terry, her teddy bear. No one could see her hiding there. At least she thought so.

She did not know that there was a piece of her frock that was sticking out of a hole. She hated it there. You may want to know why a very pretty and tall girl with sleek, black hair, chestnut brown eyes and cute, little pimples was doing in a place like this; the answer and (the terrible truth) is that the neighbours of Anne’s family’s guest house (for they had gone to Russia for a holiday) had got Jaundice. This, unfortunately, had spread to Anne’s parents.

While Anne sat there, barely making a sound, thinking about how much fun they had had on her twelfth birthday a month ago, her brother Regulus (who, just like Anne, was tall, brown-eyed and black-haired) coiled up in a corner, thinking about how he had spent the whole of the previous Friday reading books about Russia: ‘Places in Russia – A Must Visit’, ‘Tours and Travels: Russia,’ and ‘Russian Ruble – Read about Russian history.’

They were going to be taken away to an orphanage on 18 Oktyabskaya street, Moscow, Russia called the ‘Otysky Orphanage.’ Regulus knew that he would certainly not feel at home, but did hope it would at the least be a decent place to live. Anne vaguely wondered whether it would be better to sneak some food every day and live in the closet for the rest of her life. However, the people moving their belongings, and sanitising Anne’s parents’ house found them!

It was a dull journey overall, though they did pass a couple of interesting places (an adventure theme park and a paper factory). They were not quite as interested as they would have been a week ago. After all, the events of the previous night had been tiring. They had been awake for around 12 hours, and mind you, they were not at all used to it. They were also not used to sitting in cars with strangers who speak with odd English accents either.

They soon fell asleep, only to be woken up in what seemed like two seconds, by a very rough and rude man.

“Wake up midgets!” he said, in a hoarse voice. “That is rude!” Regulus whispered to Anne. “True,” Anne whispered back, miserably, “Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that the orphanage caretaker is not as bad or rude. Unfortunately (for them) the orphanage caretaker was in fact, if it was even possible, a hundred times worse.

He was an old man named Mr.Smirnov, who owned a dog named Evgeny who everyone hoped would one day lose his excellent sense of smell- he always used it to catch anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time, chasing them into trouble.

Thankfully, their tutor was excellent! She was short, squat and had lovely, deep blue eyes with long blonde hair. She was kind and caring to them and was always willing to listen to whatever they had to say, including their perspectives on what she had to say. She was just like their best friend Pavel Ivanov. They did like playing with each other, but they still missed their parents.

One night, while Anne and Regulus were drawing their curtains and Pavel was making his bed, Anne saw a rabbit stuck under the hedge. They decided to rescue it. On the way, they heard the caretaker and his dog, Evgeny coming to catch them. They ran till they reached a suit of armour. Strange sight, but when they looked through it, they saw a hole.

They climbed into it and boom- it was pitch black! They could not see a thing. Before they knew it, they had gone into a new planet! It had a rocky blue surface and a lot of fog. It had the foul smell of soiled socks and overcooked cabbage.

“What do we do?” Anne asked. “We do not even know the way back,” Regulus said, shivering. So they walked and walked and walked and suddenly, out of nowhere, Anne collided with something as tall as her. Something that had five eyes, no head, one leg, nine hands (two fingers each) and a long stick coming out of its body.

“RUN!” Anne screamed.

So they ran and ran and ran until they fell into a hole. After a patch of darkness, they stumbled into a whole new world- another planet!

This time, they saw hundreds of thousands of ghosts. Once again, they ran and ran and ran, until again they had gone into yet another planet. This time, it was the prettiest sight Anne had ever seen.

It was a beautiful castle made of (what looked like) gold. They gaped at it until a girl with the strangest hair (or was it hair? No! It was a unicorn mane!) came by. She also had the horn of a unicorn!

“I am Eliza,” she said “Eliza Beth.”

“Hello!” said Anne uncertaintly. “Are you a unicorn or a girl?” Regulus burst out before he could stop himself.

Eliza turned to him smiling, “I am half of this and half of that” she said with a knowing smile. “My dad is a human from pearth or wherever you come from.”

“Earth!” corrected Anne automatically.

“Yeah!” said Eliza. “Please do come in,” she said and she led them into the castle.

There, on the most magnificent throne, sat a man and next to him, a unicorn!

“Errr…” said Anne uncertainly, and the man said, “Hello! I take it you are from earth! Take that hole,” he said pointing to a large, black hole, “It will take you back!”

“Thanks!” Anne and her brother replied in unison.

He simply smiled. Again they had the same, familiar sensation- it was pitch black. They could not see a thing and then Anne started to feel herself in motion.

In the blink of an eye, she was back in the guest house. Once she had inspected her surroundings, she realised she had been dreaming! Little did she know that this time tomorrow she would be in an orphanage!

Aarna Aravind


Aarna Aravind is a ten year old who was inspired by J.K.Rowling, author of her favourite book series, ‘Harry Potter’ to write. Aarna started writing small stories at the age of four. She keeps her favourite books labelled, so if anyone borrows them, she knows where to find them. She likes anything related to Harry Potter. In fact, Aarna likes J.K.Rowling so much,  her main character (Anne)  in the story, Anne’s Adventure, is based on her.

Aarna’s favourite hobby: Playing the harmonica