6th September 2020


14th August 2020

The Unexpected Celebrities

It was finally summer! Three girls called Mia, Stella and Lexie were very excited about the season.

14th August 2020

An Interesting Vacation

Once there was a boy called Timmy who wanted a vacation. He was a teenager. He chose his friend, Maxy’s resort

14th August 2020

The Candy Land

Once upon a time, there lived two sisters named Hannah and Aubrey. Hannah was a dancer

14th August 2020

The Infinite Ball of Magic

Hi, my name is Alita- Alita Cornelius, but it’s a shame to add Cornelius to my name. You see, Cornelius is my father.

14th August 2020

The Mystery of the Fantasy Land

It was a nice sunny morning. Tom, the eldest of his siblings, sat in a corner and read a book as usual.

3rd August 2020

The Palace of Freedom

Antonio Salieri was a rich pianist who lived in the kingdom of Wellford, in the high mountains

30th July 2020

The Light Of Nosiness

Lexi was walking home on a stormy day, and it was pouring hard! Needless to say,

29th July 2020

Museum Mystery

A short stout man, feeling very confident, entered the museum. He tied up the guards

29th July 2020

Secrets Behind The Pointe Shoes

Doing a demi curtsy in front of thousands of people, I realize that the universe has a plan