Chaos Control

A long time ago there was a clash of the mighty Collasaurus.  In this war, a Chaos Emerald was lost. If you don’t know what  a Chaos Emerald is, I will enlighten you. Let’s begin. 

A Chaos Emerald is a powerful source of energy that gives  Collasaurus its immeasurable power – the power to right  the wrong of the wrath thrown by the Roguers and other  grotesque creatures. Collasaurus, an enormous being –  spikes that glow when loved; a colossal tail that wags when  pet; wide as a mountain with two gigantic horns; huge arms,  robust shoulders and strong; yet – affectionate and silly.

The  mighty Collasaurus was a peace lover (Collasaurus helped  keep the peace between humanity and the monsters). In the  abdominal battle of the Roguers, his Chaos Emerald was lost,  and he turned into stone, only for somebody to set him free.  Centuries went past, but no kind soul was able to free the  Collasaurus. This means that the Planet Eating Monsters were  in our galaxy and were on their way to Planet Chetharras.

Chetharras is a planet thriving with life. Idlis as big as clouds, and timely rasam rain kept all the beings happy here. Acturus,  loved being at Chetharras as it reminded him of home.

He  was launched off by his family pod during the last summon of  Ghindora, the King of the Planet Eaters, that engulfed all the  planets of the Milky Way.

When Acturus’s pod reached Chetharras it was greeted with  a chest. The chest in which Collasaurus’s emerald was kept.  Acturus found a map inside the chest and the Chaos Emerald.  He wondered to himself, “What should I do with this? Hmmm…  I can sell it but it looks really special! I think I shall just follow  the map and see where it leads.” 

Acturus set out on his little expedition. As soon as he opened  the map, out came a stream of gushing light, transporting  Acturus to another realm. In a millisecond Acturus was in  another world, rather, on another planet. Here, he could not  hear anything, instead the light and colours were mesmerizing  and breathtaking. The beauty was far beyond imaginable. But  there was complete silence. 

Acturus looked for the map and chest, and remembered it was  in the small satchel. Once again he opened the map but this  time he couldn’t go back. There was something undone. Yes,  he looked around, to see if he had missed something. Acturus  had to defeat the nemesis of Collasaurus, Shadowdong.

Shadowdong was a monster, master of all monsters who had  to be defeated by Acturus. Shadowdong was bloodthirsty  and wanted to unleash the monsters unto the humans.

Acturus prayed for victory and was blessed with the golden  sword for the match by the Demigod Vickarian. With all his  might Acturus struck Shadowdong, and lo behold, he was  victorious. He once again opened the map that zapped him  to his world. With the Chaos Emerald and the golden sword,  Acturus revived Collasaurus and saved the War of the Monsters. 

Collasaurus, one final time, was powered up, and forced the  monsters into another dimension, from where there was no  return. And finally, peace was restored between humanity  and the monsters. There was happiness and Acturus was not  alone anymore. He had Collasarus – his loving, caring colossal  friend!

Murtaza S. Jamal


Murtaza S. Jamal is born and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His sketches and art take you to a world of imagination. He was eight years old when he wrote his  first book, Chaos Emerald, and is always looking for fictional  stories and characters. His other passions include robotics.  He enjoys spending time with his family.