Gloria’s Glory

A girl named Gloria lived in New York. Her name was Gloria because she was born at the exact time her father received a Nobel prize for poetry, and it was a glorious day for the family.

Gloria was about 17 years old, and she had long black hair and blue eyes. In middle school, she had been a tomboy! She had preferred shorts more than skirts, her hair had always been tied in a tight ponytail and she liked to be untidy. Her favorite movie was ‘End Game’ (from the Avengers series) and she had hated Beauty and the Beast. 

But as she grew up, she changed. She loved to keep her hair loose. She preferred skirts and she was extremely tidy. Her favorite thing to watch was Alexa and Katie (a series on Netflix), and she began to hate the Avenger movies.

Now, Gloria had dark shadows underneath her eyes because she was addicted to her iPhone. She had gotten her iPhone when she stepped into her teens, and ever since, she would only stay in her room and use her phone all day long. She scored lower in her exams, and her parents gave her a warning- if she did not bring her marks up next time, they would take her phone away.

After a few months, her friend Brooke, who was a topper in their class, made a bet with Gloria for $2000. 

“Let’s see who can go longer without using any electronic device!” Brooke said to Gloria, holding her hand out. 

Gloria shook her hand and agreed right away because their exams were around the corner, and she needed to study without any distractions. However, she was nervous- what if she lost the bet and had to pay up? What would she do then? Her parents were sure to ground her for life!

Brooke’s life wasn’t easy either. Her parents wanted her to top every subject. Brooke did top her subject, but she did it by cheating in her exams. How did she cheat? We’ll soon find out!

After a few days, Gloria remembered that she would have to give money to Brooke, in case she lost. She thought and thought about what she could do. On the other hand, Brooke was doing a great job. You see, she didn’t tell Gloria that her phone was taken away, so she stood a bigger chance at winning the challenge. 

After hearing her friends’ suggestions, Gloria decided to get a job. She applied to many places, but only one of them accepted her because she was young and inexperienced. 

It was a waitressing job and she didn’t want to do it because she loved tidiness. She to clean everything, and also give people what they asked for. She had never experienced this. Therefore, she was very clumsy at her job. 

For instance, she walked very slowly when she was holding a glass filled with any liquid. Sometimes, she broke plates and other crockery. After a month of working and all the other clumsiness, the owner paid her $500. Half her salary had been deducted after she had broken the plates and crockery. They came up to a total cost of $1500. If she hadn’t broken the plates, she would have earned the $2000 she needed to pay Brooke, in case she lost the bet. But now, she had to continue to work and earn the rest of the money. However, after a few weeks, she got the hang of her job and also topped all her exams. 

As for Brooke, she had a hard time doing well in her exams. She couldn’t use her phone to cheat this time around. In fact, Brooke’s grades were at the bottom, even in subjects she loved, like art!

Gloria now hung out with a girl named Heather. Brooke had said opponents could not hang out till the bet was won. Heather helped Gloria not get distracted by the phone, and helped her in her job by teaching her how to do things she didn’t know how to do. Heather was used to doing the things Gloria had to do in her job as a waitress. 

Heather had had a stepmother who used to make her do all the household chores. Her story was just like Cinderella’s. Heather’s father had installed a CCTV camera, just for the sake of safety, and saw all the things the cruel stepmother made Heather do. Soon, Heather’s stepmother left her father and Heather, and moved out of their home.

In the end, Gloria won. And how did she win, you ask? 

Well, Brooke got her phone back because her parents thought that Brooke would do better if they gave it back to her since she was doing well while she had it. Brooke said yes right away because she had forgotten all about the bet. 

Brooke didn’t have the money she had to pay for losing the bet, and she couldn’t ask her parents either. Slowly, Brooke started stealing small amounts of money, like $10, so no one would notice. On the whole, she collected $2000. After doing this, she gave Gloria the money which she had stolen, so there would be no evidence that Brooke had stolen any money.

People started to notice that their money was gone and reported it to the police. In the beginning, the police didn’t take any notice, but then the complaints started to increase, so the police started investigating the matter. There was a lot of talk about who could have stolen the money.

The news had reached the whole country, and people started to worry. Brooke was very worried too. What if they get to know who did it? And if they do, I’m going to be on the news, she thought. Then she realised that the police wouldn’t find any proof, but they might find Gloria guilty because she had the money! 

The next day, the police visited their school. They checked the bags of all the students and when it was Gloria’s turn, they found $2000 in her bag. 

When they questioned her about the money from, she spoke the truth.

“I forgot to remove the money from my bag. This is actually the money I got from a bet between my friend Brooke and me,” she said. 

The police asked her what the bet was, and why the amount was so high. Gloria told them that the bet was about who could stay away from their phone the most (adding that she had won), and mentioned that her friend Brooke was the one who made the bet for $2000. 

“Why did you agree to the bet?” the police investigator asked Gloria. 

She replied, “Before the bet, I used to be addicted to my phone. I used to get poor marks in my exams as well. So my parents gave me a warning, and I wanted to get rid of my phone addiction and improve my grades. That’s why I said yes to Brooke’s bet.”

The police asked, “How would you have paid for it if you lost?” 

Gloria proudly said, “I took up a job, so even if I had lost, I could pay Brooke!”

“Ok,” replied the police inspector, “That makes sense.” Then, he told her to get Brooke. 

Brooke was very scared when Gloria told her that the police were calling for her. When Brooke went back with Gloria, the police asked Gloria to leave as he wanted to talk to Brooke alone. When Gloria left, the police started to interrogate Brooke.

“How did you give Gloria the money?” asked the inspector.

Brooke didn’t want to lie anymore, so she told the police the whole story. The police investigator said, “You should have made your confession earlier, but it is still nice of you to tell me what happened, and truthfully. However, you will have to go to detention for one day.” 

Brooke was happy, but also sad. She was happy because she would get punished for the wrong she had done, but she was sad because of what her family and friends would think of her. 

Gloria got to know what happened before anyone else. That day, Gloria also realised that if you lie, the truth will come out eventually. So one should always be truthful. 

Now, Gloria had finally understood the true meaning and value of hard work. By the way, she still works as a waitress, earning her money as she works on her grades. 

Ayaana Gaggar


11 year old Ayaana Gaggar loves slime, has a dog, plays Roblox (literally, everyday), loves to swim, and wants to be an artist when she grows up. The story “Gloria’s Glory” is her first one and is about the daily life of most people. She lives with her parents, sister, and grandparents. She and her family love to do charity, and spend time together. Her most favourite book of all time is Harry Potter. She goes to the Modern School Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, India. Her BFFs (best friends forever) are Ishani, Adiva, Anaya, Pakhi and Di.