I Opened My Eyes

I opened my eyes and nobody was there…

So I started looking around, I could not see anyone. I got up  from my bed and the entire room was blank. All the walls were  blank. I turned around, there was a weird picture hanging on  the wall.

It was a blank canvas with one dot and on the same wall  there was a black door. I went out and started yelling and  screaming – ‘Anyone there! Anyone! Can someone please  answer!’ 

But nobody did. I kept on yelling until someone said something.  Suddenly I heard a crashing sound. 

I went where the sound took me. It kept on taking me  downwards. I reached the parking of the hotel, still there was  nobody. I yelled again.

I thought of an idea – to call the police. The police did not  pick up the call. Then I kept on calling the police. They did not  answer. I got irritated that the police had declined the call of  a girl. 

After that I found a little tunnel where I could see a road  where many cars were passing by. I tried to crawl through it  but I could not fit in the tunnel. I saw a stick, so I tried to break  the wall. It worked! 

So I went through the tunnel and went home. After that I lived  happily ever after.



Aadhya Khemka is ten years old and her birthday is on 28th  September. She wants to be a writer to be creative and to  express her feelings. She lives in Pune with her family.