The Infinite Ball of Magic

Alita Cornelius:
Chapter 1: Birth of Alita and Athena                     

Hi, my name is Alita- Alita Cornelius, but it’s a shame to add Cornelius to my name. You see, Cornelius is my father. He was the- oh what am I saying! Let me tell you the whole story. 

Once upon a time, there was a happy couple- Tia and Cornelius, who gave birth to Alita (that’s me) and Athena (my evil twin sister). Everything went smoothly in my family until my sister and I were four years old. My mother found out that my father was evil. So, they separated. My mother took me, and my father took Athena. My mother and I went to another dimension called Earth, and my sister and father went to his dimension. 

My mother and I moved to Toronto, to live in a small apartment. First, it was difficult for us to cope with the people there. We were the “weird” people in the neighbourhood, but eventually, we started to behave like the people on Earth. We got used to the place. It took us one year to mingle with the people there. 

Chapter 2: Life on Earth

I started going to school and found two best friends- Ellie and Anna. Those are two sweet, understanding and friendly human beings. Just for your information, I am from a place called “COVENTRY”’- a magical place where my sister and I lived, and where my mother grew up. Don’t forget this piece of information, because it is important.

Ok, let me continue the story! 

One peaceful day, (and that was a Monday. Although you can’t exactly say Monday is peaceful, can you?) my mother woke me up.

“Alita wake up, don’t be late for school,” she yelled. 

 I said, “Five more minutes mom, please?” 

“I don’t want this behaviour in my house,” she replied. 

“Ok! I’ll wake up,” I replied. “I want pancakes today,” I shouted.

“Ok!” replied my mother. 

So, I brushed my teeth, bathed, got ready, ate my breakfast and went out the door. I left as soon as I heard the sound of my school bus. This day was the busiest day of the week. I had a big headache. As soon as I got there, I saw our school mascot running around, and football players, cheerleaders, teachers and school buses bustling about. The first thing I did was meet my friends and the second thing I did was go to class. 

“Uhh, I forgot that we have a pop quiz today! I forgot to study. I am literally going to fail this test,” said Ellie. 

“Lucky me! I never forget to study. But don’t worry Ellie! I don’t think you are going to fail this pop quiz because, today, for the pop quiz, we have Brainless Buck- he’ll probably not correct you, or even look at the paper,” said Anna. 

“Yeah I agree with Anna! Don’t worry too much. Nothing is going to happen. You will pass this pop quiz,” I said.  

(A little after the pop quiz) 

“Guys, I don’t think Brainless Buck is really brainless! I got an F in the quiz,” said Ellie. 

“I am really sorry for your loss,” Anna and I said, sympathetically.  

See? This is how close we are! We share all of our darkest or happiest secrets with each other. Although sometimes I feel guilty because I cannot share all my secrets with my friends. I can’t tell them I am not from this world, or that I am magical, or that I am from another dimension, or that I have an evil twin sister.

So, after school, I went straight to Ellie’s house. I forgot that I had magic practice! You know, I read a lot of magic and mythical books. My favourite ones are ‘HARRY POTTER,’ ‘PERCY JACKSON’ and ‘FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM’. I am really into these books, you know? 

Chapter 3: Sorry Mom! 

After I finished my work at Ellie’s, I went home and got a whole lot of scolding from my mother. Let me show you how she scolds.

(Look, I am a teenager, so this is how a conversation with my mother goes when I miss magic practice) 

“Alita Cornelius, where have you been? I have been looking for you for so many hours!  Also, how dare you miss magic practice!” my Mum shouted.  

I gave her a long explanation, “Mom, I am a teenager! You don’t need to look for me. Even if I am under threat of being kidnapped, I can use my magic. I went to Ellie’s. She needed some help with her geography, and you do know that I am the only one in the grade who is good at geography.” 

“Even if you are going to someone’s place and helping them, you have to keep me informed! Go where you want, but if you are going to miss magic practice, I don’t want to hear your excuses! Ok?” my Mom said, angrily.

“Ok, I will not miss magic practice and I will inform you about wherever I go! I promise I will not miss magic practice; now, can I please go and finish my homework?” I asked hastily. 

I went upstairs to work on physics, geography, math, chemistry and English. This is what my room looks like: 

First, I have a glittery wall with my name inscribed on it, and then a pink wall for all of my photos and beautiful memories. I have a modern wall hanging beside my bed. It reads ’Not every princess needs a castle.’ above a painting of a princess who doesn’t need a castle, but needs an adventure.

You know what? I’ll tell you a secret! I took my mother’s secret magic book and tried a spell called “Secretuim Densoi Aspperuem.” Cool right? I needed a secret den and I did it. I love my life.

We did not need any money to decorate our house. This is my life- I have always wanted everything to be in order, but I have always made a mess of it all. Even while I do some craftwork or paint something, I always end up making a mess.

I have a big temper. I am always planning to defeat my dear sister; this stresses me out a lot but if I tell my mother, she would say that I shouldn’t worry about it. 

Chapter 4: Protectium Guardius!

Do you know what punishment I got? 

“No sleep tonight! You have magic practice.” 

Umm, I hate my life. So, I did practice magic the whole night. I needed to say “Protectium Guardius” the whole night. As for my second punishment, I needed to do the spell 100 times. I was in Coventry, doing magic the whole time. 

The next morning, I forgot to study for my math test, and so I got detention. My mom came to school to meet the Principal. She was known as “Terror Lady” through-out the school. I got a month’s detention. Even my mother was shocked. I know right? As my life on Earth is like this, who knows how my sister’s life is? So that’s why, my sister is here to explain her life in the underworld. 

Athena Cornelius: 

Hi, my name is Athena Cornelius and I am proud to say that I am Cornelius’s daughter. Unlike my sister, I am not ashamed of my father. 

So, the first time I entered the underworld, I was totally disgusted by it. Later on, I got used to the place. I made some friends, and begged my father to change this world’s name to my name – so now it is called Athenilitis. I am totally getting used to the place as my father is the king. 

Alita Cornelius:
Chapter 5: Turning 18

As the years passed on, I decided to tell Anna and Ellie the truth about me- about magic. So, the first thing I decided to do was tell my mom that I was going to reveal my secret. 

“Mom, I am going to tell Ellie and Anna about magic,” I said. 

My mother freaked out. “No! You can’t tell them. It will be dangerous for them,” she said. 

“No mom, I’ve got to tell them. I always feel guilty when we share our secrets. So I am going to tell them about it today,” I said. 

“I see you have made your decision. Go ahead,” she said.  

(At school)

“Hi guys, I need to tell you something,” I said, trying to begin the conversation. “You guys always wonder why I don’t come to school sometimes and I always have some ridiculous excuses? So now, you are going to find out why. You see, I am not from this world. I’m from another called world called COVENTRY, and I have an evil twin sister, Athena, and I have magical powers.”

They laughed and said whatever I had just told them was ridiculous.

“You guys don’t believe me? Come with me,” I said and took them to Coventry. At first, Ellie fainted. She did not believe in magic. Then we started exploring Coventry, but Ellie and Anna had still not believed me. They said all this was some projection I had made with the use of graphics. 

“If these were ‘some graphics and projections’, would I be able to do this?” I asked, creating a popcorn smell (I did not want to scare them with some complicated spell). 

“Here we are now in Coventry 

So, give us popcorn in Coventry!” I chanted.

Now, they believed me! While we were returning to my house, we ate “popcorn”. Ellie and Anna started scolding me for not telling them about my magic all the years we were together. 

“Guys, I could not tell you two because I feared Athena would come and hurt you,” I finally told them. 

They replied, “Who is this Athena?” 

“Athena is my sister- my evil twin sister, who is coming to Coventry tomorrow to fight me and take the Infinite Ball of Magic. As tomorrow is our 18th birthday, we swore that we would come and fight for the ball that belongs to both of us.” 

I had just finished telling them my whole life story, when we reached my house.

“Ok guys, I will meet you tomorrow after I defeat Athena,” I told them. 

(The next day)

It is my birthday today. First, I was nervous about how I was going to defeat Athena; but then I thought, it is my birthday after all, so I am going to enjoy this day. 

My mother came into my room and burst out with a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY DEAR,” and soon, she started her routine. 

“Now wake up! We have a long day today, and you need to defeat your sister. I need to dance and mock Cornelius!” my mother said, excitedly.

I ate my breakfast- it was cereal; I didn’t like it, so I changed it into a cupcake. I went to school and I saw my friends standing beside my locker. I went there and surprised them with a “TODAY, I AM GONNA DEFEAT MY SISTER” card.

They were like, “Gosh Alita! You scared us. You better not say that you did magic!” 

“Sorry guys. You two know that today is my birthday right? If you two forgot, I will never forgive you two ever!” I said.

“Gosh Alita, how could you think we forgot your birthday?” Anna said, as she pulled out a present for me.  

“Sorry guys, I just really did joke about that ‘I will never forgive you’ thing!’” I said. “As I was saying, I have to fight my sister tonight, but I really don’t want to fight her! After all, she is my sister. So, I thought of a plan. I am going to make her realize that winning the Infinite Ball of Magic and destroying Coventry and Earth is pointless,” I explained to my friends. 

After school, I went home thinking about ways to defeat Athena. Oops! I forgot to tell you what Anna and Ellie got me for my birthday- they got me a gown! They got me a gown that princesses wear, and they bought that gown for me because they knew that I was going to fight my sister. 

At last, the time had come! Athena and my so-called father came to Coventry. As we wizards say, “Let the magic begin!”

We started the fight. It went on and on, and at last, I put the spell that muted my sister and tied her hands behind her back. 

Mom and dad were shocked and kept asking me questions about why I would do that. I got so angry, I unleashed my full power! They were shocked once again. I tried talking to my sister. 

“Athena, winning the Infinite Ball of Magic and destroying Coventry and Earth is useless! You know living on Earth has really created a change in me. This world is a good place. So we should really try to help this world. As much as there are really rich people here, so are the poor. We need to help them and make Earth a better place,” I said. 

As Athena was trying to make up her mind whether she should come over to the good side, my father came in, interrupting me and trying to sabotage my plan. 

Suddenly, I had an idea. I used the same mouth-locking spell on him. It turned out that he wasn’t really smart and that he didn’t even try using his hands. He sat there looking at me with the puppy-dog face I used to make when I was small. I did not fall for that! Finally, Athena did really change her mind and became good. Then we went back to Earth and gave her ‘Earth’ clothes, and I introduced her to Ellie and Anna.

They were not really shocked, as they saw my sister’s face every day- through me! We went all around the world, helping people. Our first trip was to India. 

Vethika Sanjaykumar



Vethika Sanjaykumar is an eleven year old girl, studying in BVM Global. She loves to read, do arts and crafts, cook and bake. She likes to travel and go to different countries around the world. In her spare time, she likes to daydream and write. She has also won a Guinness World Record!