Monsters and Ghosts

Have you ever felt left out of everything? 

Tasha was a 13-year-old teenage girl who always dreamt of going to school. She had been home-schooled by a private tutor since first grade. Tasha’s parents were always busy and gave her no time. She had no friends and got really lonely sometimes. Her closest friend was her Nana. She was a short lady with black hair and blue eyes. Tasha’s Nana was active with a great sense of humour that no one else in the family possessed. Her Nana came home every Sunday to spend time with Tasha. 

Tasha tried to convince her parents to enrol her at Oakridge High School (the best school in town). Their only response to her was, “We will think about it, dear”.

Tasha was depressed. She went to the stables to ride her favourite horse, Lucy, into the green forest. Lucy had a dark black coat with a long black tail. Tasha sat on Lucy and rode into the forest. 

The green forest had tall big trees and the ground was covered with lots of moss. There were all kinds of plants that grew there, giving it a distinct smell. Today, the forest smelt different and nobody was to be seen. Usually, there would be people walking their dogs in the forest, but not today. Today, it seemed to be awfully quiet. Tasha was going to return home. when she felt her head suddenly throb and she fell off her horse. Images flashed rapidly in her head.

Lucy galloped and ran in the direction of their house. She tugged at the short, plump stableman. He knew something was wrong, so he took another horse and followed Lucy into the forest. Tasha was still on the floor, panting and bruised. The stableman helped Tasha get up and escorted her back home. 

Tasha’s parents were on a business trip. Tasha was put on a beautifully fluffed-up bed and they talked to her on the phone. Her Nana was the only one around, and Tasha told her about the strange event. 

She had seen monsters of all kinds in the forest- bugs, zombies, wolves, witches and deadly plants. Her Nana knew exactly what was happening. She had the same supernatural power of seeing the future and the past. She explained it to Tasha, who was very surprised by what she heard. She felt special for the first time. They discussed everything and discarded the thought after a while.

After a week, her parents returned and surprised Tasha by getting her admitted at Oakridge High School. Tasha was bewildered. The next day, she woke up early and took her time to get ready. She wore a pink lace top with a white-flowered skirt and matching pink sneakers. She left her hair loose and wore a pink hairband that stood out against her long black hair. She quickly went downstairs to eat breakfast. Like always, her mom and dad weren’t around. She was dropped to school by a driver in a big black limo. When she reached, she saw the big school and all the children pouring in. All of a sudden, her knees felt wobbly and she felt like throwing up. She was nervous!

She went to her homeroom. It was huge! It had neatly arranged benches, large charts over the walls, and posters of cheerleading try-outs plastered over the notice board. She walked to the back of the room and sat down. The chair was low and squeaky. The bench was not levelled up and was sticky underneath. When she bent down, she saw plenty of gum stuck underneath the bench. She saw kids talking to each other like they had known each other for years.

Back home, Tasha sat on her bed and closed her eyes. She concentrated on what she saw. Then, her head started throbbing again, and images again started flashing inside her head once more. This time, she saw the monsters destroying everything and three of them looking for a lamp. She also saw them coming out of a porthole on Halloween, at midnight. She woke up.

“Monsters–taking over—destruction, and a stupid lamp!” she said, and then started gasping for air.

The next day, Tasha told her friends at school what happened. After a couple of hours of thinking, Amy (the smart one) suggested looking for the lamp. 

Jack got up and said “Good idea!”. However, none of them knew where to look for it. Tasha knew the answer had to be in her Nana’s old closet, so they all scurried up to the attic. 

The attic was big and had nicely finished white walls. Everything was arranged in an orderly fashion, in big white boxes. Tasha took a big box labelled “Nana’s Stuff.” She opened the lid, but the lamp wasn’t to be seen. She looked under some badges but still didn’t find what she was looking for. She was about to put the box away and lose hope when she saw something shiny, like gold, but very small. She took it and showed it to Jack and Amy. 

“It looks normal and nothing out of the ordinary,” said Amy. However, in bold letters, on the object were the words You are the Chosen Ones. Amy then took a cloth and dusted it. While doing this, smoke puffed out of the lamp and it took the shape of a few letters. The letters read Find the locket, for it will open a porthole, and with that, the smoke disappeared. 

The kids went to school the next day. School was good, as usual. At midnight, the alarm rang like a siren. The ground shook all of a sudden. They looked out of the window and saw monsters of all kinds walking down the street. 

Tasha and her friends knew it was time they started looking for the locket. They took a torch and some snacks in a bag, and started on their journey. While walking down the street, Tasha’s head started throbbing once again, and she fainted. This time, the images in her head showed her that the locket hung from a Mummy’s neck. She woke up and told her friends about what she had seen.

They came across the Mummy. It was tall and big. The mummy wasn’t looking at them. It didn’t even know they were around until Tasha stepped on a branch. 

“Seriously Tasha!” whispered Jack. The mummy immediately looked down and saw the three of them run. They were quick, but the Mummy wasn’t far behind! Amy had a plan. 

“Quick Jack, go behind the Mummy!” Amy said. Jack did so immediately, and Tasha kept the Mummy distracted. While that happened, Amy ran to the back with Jack.  

“I am going to give you a headstart to grab the linen cloth around the Mummy!” Amy instructed Jack. 

Jack did so, and passed the cloth to Amy. The Mummy did not know what was happening. It was focused on getting to Tasha. Amy quietly wrapped the linen cloth around the Mummy’s legs. The Mummy tripped and fell flat on its face. They grabbed the locket and ran! 

They inserted the key into the porthole and the monsters were pulled inside. All of them saw Tasha, but they didn’t see her friends. 

The next day, while going to school, everybody praised her and wanted to be her friend. Her parents now had time for her, but Tasha never forgot her friends and Lucy. 

In the alternate world, there was another conversation brewing. 

“Hey guys,” said the Mummy, “Amy, our friend, has left the key inside the pothole. It’s time for revenge!”



Ria Sameer Mehta


Ria Sameer is a 12 year old girl who loves to read. She lives in Chennai with her two pet cats, Shona and Snickers, and her family. She studies in Vaels International School. Ria loves gardening, cooking, and going outdoors (she is a fan of any physical activity!). She is very adventurous and loves taking on challenges. Her favourite subjects in school are biology, chemistry and math. Ria is an animal lover, a team player, and a stickler for cleanliness.