Museum Mystery

It all starts here. 

A short stout man, feeling very confident, entered the museum. He tied up the guards, reached the control panel, and disabled the alarm system. He then dragged the guards and put them in a special truck. He waited for half an hour to see if there was a trip in the alarm system that was programmed to alert the officials. 

He crept over a few boxes of fossils, and he heard crackles. He thought about stealing the fossils too. However, after he thought about it for a while, he realised it would be too prominent, and he would definitely get caught. So, he stuck to his original plan of stealing only the jewels. 

He loosened a tile in a dark area and made a place to hide the jewels, so they could be recovered later. He took the guards along with him, back to his car. He planned to convince them to be on his side so they could keep working and giving him information about the next consignment. 

A week later. 9:00 am. 

On the London Bridge stands a mysterious man. Despite the chillness in the air, he seems calm and collected. Just then, a cab comes to a halt. The mysterious man gets in. The man’s name is Hercule Potter. He asks the cab driver to drop him off at the World Treasure Museum. The head of the staff comes to greet him. 

“Thank goodness you have arrived. I’m relieved,” said the Head of Staff. “Please catch the thief!” he exclaimed out of desperation, and a touch of fear.

“Remain calm”, said Hercule. 

The museum had recently been robbed. All the famous crime fighters had come to investigate the theft, but none could find any trace of the thief.  Hercule looked around. It was a bright, cheerful place in the southern part of London, near the sea. Robberies were very unlikely in this part of town. They had a very basic security system, and a few guards. 

“Just give me a hiding place for the night,” said Hercule, pondering over the details of the case in his mind.

That night, Hercule hid behind a tower of boxes. It was eerie and stuffy, and it was dark. He was wearing night vision goggles. Just then, a shadow appeared out of nowhere! Hercule watched closely as the shadow, which appeared to be the thief, opened a trapdoor. The thief jumped in and so did Hercule. 

It was dark. Only a bright-gold light shimmered. The goods! Hercule lunged for them, only to be caught by the thief. He gave him a good kick and the thief went flying back. The thief pressed the button on the wall, before passing out. The room started to fill with poisonous gas. The thief was wearing a mask, but Hercule was in danger. Hercule realised what was happening and quickly covered his nose and mouth with his cap. 

He struggled towards the wall and fumbled towards the button. He took his pistol and shot the button to disable the gas from escaping. Suddenly, there was nowhere for the thief to go.

Hercule returned the goods to the staff, who were exhausted and relieved. He returned home, happy to have solved the mystery.



Advaith R is a cheerful, adventurous, and creative boy. He likes to build Lego objects from scratch, without using a manual. His favourite game is monopoly. He is 9 years old, and loves reading books. He loves comics, with Tintin being his most favourite. He lives in Chennai and enjoys going to school.