My First Friend

It wasn’t a normal day! Cindy, Eliot and Ollie had just come back from school. But Eliot was sad.

“What happened, Eliot?” Cindy asked politely, but Eliot didn’t answer. Eliot sighed as he leaned back on the bed. “Uh hello? That’s my bed!” Ollie said as he was trying to push Eliot off. Cindy was confused and so was Ollie. 

“Eliot, are you ok?” Ollie asked. 

“We are talking to you Eliot!” Cindy said, annoyed. 

Eliot simply walked out of the room and picked up a book to read. He was quiet and chose not to say a word. “ELIOT!” Cindy and Ollie said at the same time. Eliot sighed.

“I’m fine. I just don’t have any friends,” Eliot said as he looked very upset. “I don’t get it! Why don’t people want to be my friend?” 

Though this was a question that often upset Eliot, he got different answers for it from people in the house. Cindy said it was because he was too nerdy. Their mother said it was because he didn’t interact much with others. Ollie said it was because he didn’t have a sense of humour, and their dad said it was because all he did was study. Eliot was upset, but there was nothing he could do about it. 

That night, Cindy thought hard and brainstormed with her brothers, and she finally came up with an idea to solve Eliot’s problems. 

“Guys, wake up! I have an idea to get Eliot more friends”. Eliot was pumped to hear the idea – on the other hand, Ollie wasn’t. 

“Guys, it’s the middle of the night, can’t we do this tomorrow?” he asked, half-asleep already. 

“Nope!” Eliot said, eagerly waiting to hear what Cindy had in mind. 

“Having siblings is a painful affair,” Ollie said, as he went back to sleep. 

Cindy continued to explain her master-plan to Eliot in excitement.

“Ollie and I are pretty popular in school, isn’t it? If we transform you to act like us, you can get tons of friends too!”. Eliot had his concerns but trusted his siblings, and the three were ready to put the plan into action the following day. The following morning, Eliot and Ollie searched Eliot’s wardrobe for something suitable to wear. 

“Okay Eliot, do you not have any cool clothes in your closet?” Ollie asked. 

“What do you mean? Aren’t white shirts trendy?” Eliot asked, looking surprised. Ollie simply shook his head in disapproval. However, in a few minutes, Cindy came to the rescue.

“Guys, I already knew that Eliot wouldn’t have any cool clothes in his wardrobe, so guess what did? I went to the mall!”. Cindy quickly took all the clothes out. 

“Wait, you want me to wear that?” Eliot asked, as he moved away from the clothes. 

“Well, duh!” Ollie said as he shoved the clothes in Eliot’s hand. 

After a lot of struggle, Eliot eventually agreed to put the clothes. 

“I look like a complete weirdo!” Eliot said as he looked in the mirror. 

Ollie and Cindy disagreed. “What are you trying to say? WE look like weirdos every day?” Cindy said, laughing.  

“I mean, sort of…” mumbled Ollie under his breath, while Cindy rolled her eyes at him. “It’s great!” she said, hoping Eliot hadn’t heard him yet. 

“Yeah, holes in your pants are trendy,” Ollie said as he was wearing those himself.

“Okay we got the look covered, now it’s time to work on your attitude!” said Cindy, who was extremely excited. A few hours later they “fixed” Elliot.

It was finally the next day and they had to go to school.

“Remember every detail we told you ok?” Cindy said as she brushed the dust off Eliot’s shoulder while biting her lip – a sign she was not confident about Eliot. Neither was Ollie. When Eliot walked into school, he didn’t seem to find any friends. Instead, he got laughed at. 

This was mostly because Eliot had walked in greeting the rest of his schoolmates with an awkward “Hey dudes! You coming to football practice today?” making everyone snicker at him, almost immediately. 

He hid his face and didn’t eat lunch. It was a rough day and Eliot wished he had never listened to his siblings. He didn’t talk to them. He even slept in a different room. Cindy and Ollie didn’t understand what was happening. 

Eliot ignored them. He hated them. Unfortunately, he had to go to school the next day. This time, he chose to be his normal self and spent yet another day eating lunch alone. He was miserable and people still continued laughing at him for what had happened the previous day. 

Soon, he looked across the lunchroom and saw another boy sitting alone and reading a book. Soon enough, he watched as the school bully came by and tore the page the boy was reading, and Eliot decided to stand up for him. 

Eliot walked up to the bully and told him what he had done was wrong, and that he had to get the other boy a new book.

“Ooh, so you are going to tell me what to do now, huh?” the bully said, giving Eliot his scariest look. 

 “Yes, yes I am,” said Eliot bravely. 

In the corner of the room, Cindy stood quietly, watching everything. 

“Let’s think of the facts,” said the bully, “I have a group and you don’t!”

Soon, Cindy and Ollie came out and told the bully sternly not to mess with their brother, and that he had better pay for the book. The bully slowly started to lose confidence. “Uhh, okay!” the bully muttered, as he moved away. Later that day, at home, Cindy and Ollie apologized. Not only that, but Eliot finally found a friend.


You shouldn’t change yourself for anyone. No matter your personality, or how you look. Eliot found out that if he changed himself, no one would know the real Eliot. Eliot and his new friend got along very well. 

That’s two happy endings! 



Twelve-year old Sahana is in the 7th grade. Born in Singapore on the 18th of March, 2008, she moved to Chennai, India, where she now lives. She is a gymnast and also plays the ukulele. She has a great sense of humour, is very energetic, and is mostly a night owl. She hates waffles and pancakes, which is a very unusual trait for a child of her age!