O R G A N I C – An Appetite for Change

On a bright summer evening in the land of Fruitella, a few fruity friends planned a get-together. As usual, Ori the Orange was the first one to reach their favourite meeting spot, ‘The Garden Restaurant’ at  6pm sharp. Gappy the bunch of Grapes & Wally the Watermelon arrived 10 minutes later. 

The friends were so excited to meet each other after a long time, and were catching up with each other about what had happened in their lives since their last visit. While they were waiting for their dear friend, Mangs the Mango to join them, the lights turned off and they heard some melodious music from the stereo. Everyone in the restaurant was curious to know what was going on. Mangs made an entry with a Birthday Cake and immediately Gappy and Wally started singing the birthday song to Ori. Yes! Ori was turning 15 and her dear friends had surprised her with a small celebration. 

The fruity friends gifted Ori a mini-keyboard to bring out her juicy music. Ori didn’t expect a surprise on her birthday. She was excited and felt very special. 

“Thank you, buddies. I love you loads! It’s my treat today,” said Ori. 

The friends had a gala time together, enjoying their dinner. 

“Mangs, Ori told me you are taking up summer classes and projects in Environmental Science. How are the classes going?” asked Gappy.

Mangs replied, “It has been three weeks now, and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I have a mini-project to complete over the next month, and I’ve just picked my topic today – it’s called ‘ORGANIC –AN APPETITE FOR CHANGE’.” 

“Wow, that sounds interesting, but like a lot of work too!” said Wally.

Ori & Gappy were a little curious to understand more about what “organic” meant, and requested Mangs to explain it to them. 

Mangs immediately started to share her learnings from her summer classes. “Well, my dear fruity friends, have you realized how unhealthy and tasteless we have become compared to our parents and grandparents? We all look bright and colourful, but we have become less nutritious. Sadly, it’s the same case with our Veggie friends too.” 

Mangs added, “Organic means produce that is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides. It also means no chemical additives are added to stay fresh for an unnatural amount of time.”

“Why would someone do all this, and how did all of this begin?” enquired Gappy, with more curiosity.

Wally jumped in, “It is all because of a few greedy humans and their desire to produce faster, and yield more. Little did they know that this would also create a lot of environmental & health hazards!” 

“You are absolutely right, Wally! My mini-project is to collect facts and create awareness about this,” said Mangs. 

“This is brilliant, Mangs! Can we also join in on your mission to make Fruitella healthy again? We could be your mini-fruity-assistants, helping you with your project work! What do you say friends?” Gappy said, excitedly. Ori & Wally immediately agreed with Gappy. 

Mangs was so excited to start working on the mini-project, along with her fruity friends. “Let me work out a plan and connect with you all in a couple of days,” she said. The friends were so happy about their discussion. Soon, they waved goodbye to each other, hoping to meet soon. It had been a very productive meeting!

After a couple of days, Mangs connected with her fruity friends over the phone and shared her plan to create a series of short and funny awareness videos, involving all her fruity friends, and spread the message of organic produce through social media. Without a doubt, the fruity friends were all in.

In the next few days, Mangs and Wally worked on the content for the videos, and Ori and Gappy worked on creating funny videos to spread awareness. They also involved their other fruity friends from Fruitella in their videos as actors. It seemed like a lot of fun, with a lot of purpose. 

After a week’s effort, Mangs created a YouTube channel and started posting their videos. The fruity friends broadcasted their awareness messages through each of their social media handles. Through the videos, they highlighted the environmental & health hazards caused by few greedy humans making the farming world toxic. Their awareness campaign went viral, and at the end of Week 4, they had many followers. Their fun-filled messages were spreading far and wide. 

Mangs submitted her mini-project, with a mention of her fruity friends in the credits. She was very happy with the impact they had created in promoting the appetite for change and wellbeing. She decided to continue the project and spread awareness, even after her summer classes. Of course, her fruity friends extended their support and pledged for the cause. They continued working for the good of Fruitella and its fruits during their free time. 

A year later, the fruity friends invited Mangs to ‘The Garden Restaurant’ for a dinner. As usual, Mangs was late and when she arrived at the restaurant, the lights had been turned off and a similar melodious music started to play on the stereo. She guessed it must be someone’s birthday, since she was never good at remembering dates. She always needed a gentle reminder from her other friends.

As soon she realized that her friends had planned a surprise party to celebrate the change and impact they had brought to Fruitella through Mangs’ mini-project, her eyes lit up with joy.

Fruitella had never been so fresh and healthy! After a gala time, the fruity friends asked Mangs, “What are we doing this summer?” 

Ashritha Sekar


Ashritha Sekar is a seven-year-old, studying third grade in Primrose school. She holds a purple belt in karate and enjoys dancing, playing the keyboard, drawing, doing arts and crafts, and coding. She is one of the youngest certified game developers in the world. She loves to travel and also owns a YouTube channel exhibiting her keyboard performances and other fun activities.