Season1 Chocolate kingdoms, luscious jewels, and miraculous trips to Atlantis; Conscientious fruits, unexpected moves to foreign countries, dance-shoe secrets, and museum mysteries; Quests for magical stones, encounters with the supernatural, and travels through space and time; One-of-a-kind amusement parks, haunted cafes, unusual
Season1 Conquering fears and growing independent. Fighting away evil magic, and standing up against bullying. Navigating schoolwork. Taking back your rightful identity and getting to the bottom of mysterious disappearances. Dive into these captivating narratives in the Young and Happy Storybook – USA Edition!
Season1 A collective brainchild of 43 young, creative minds, thisStorybook takes you through the lives of one-of-a-kind lovablecharacters, funny and relatable childhood moments, andmiraculous hair-raising adventures that are sure to result in arollercoaster ride of emotions – you shall hoot with laughter, tingle with excitement, and cheer for your new