Chocolate kingdoms, luscious jewels, and miraculous trips to Atlantis; Conscientious fruits, unexpected moves to foreign countries, dance-shoe secrets, and museum mysteries; Quests for magical stones, encounters with the supernatural, and travels through space and time; One-of-a-kind amusement parks, haunted cafes, unusual islands and magical carnivals; Lost princesses, evil twin sisters, jealous pangolins, and overnight teenage celebrities; All this and more – in one place, the Young and Happy Storybook Season 1! 
Brimming with unexpected adventures, poignant decisions, and life-altering events, the stories of these young children are brilliantly entertaining and equally thought-provoking. Journey with these clever, youthful minds, and find yourself discovering the joys of childhood and the power of imagination.

Conquering fears and growing independent. Fighting away evil magic, and standing up against bullying. Navigating schoolwork. Taking back your rightful identity and getting to the bottom of mysterious disappearances. Dive into these captivating narratives in the Young and Happy Storybook – USA Edition!

Filled with feel-good events, unexpected twists, and courageous choices, this collection of stories by six young writers will draw you into entertaining, fascinating, and inspirational experiences. Follow along as these creative young minds remind you of the joy of self-expression and imagination.

Teamwork and the power of friendship. Fantasy adventures,talking dolls, friendly ghosts and halloween tricks. Crime and punishment, clever detectives and strong women characters.Children overcoming adversity with the power of positivity.Chasing dreams & the trials and tribulations of school – all this and much much more in the Young and Happy Storybook-Season 2.

Filled with sparking writing, wit, wisdom and humour – this collection of stories by seventeen budding young writers of the Young Writers Workshop will draw you into entertaining,fascinating, and unique motivating experiences. Dip in to get an insight into these creative young minds, who remind you of the joy of self-expression and imagination.