Let your child’s love for reading take off!

At My Chapter One, we believe that every child can find themselves in books. All it takes is creating the right atmosphere and, voila, your child is a reader!

My Chapter One’s Reading Gym is a year-long programme that spans three thematic trimesters*, where children will enjoy a diverse spread of books, absorb a variety of reading strategies, work on fun and challenging skill-based projects (board game design, screenwriting etc.) – and eventually become life-long readers!

The young readers will take on a different book every week, with the goal of finishing 12 books every trimester. That’s 36 books a year! Along the way, they will hone their 21st century learning skills (creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking), be exposed to new ideas and knowledge, and become increasingly motivated to read for pleasure. What you have at the end of the year is a child, whose eyes will surely light up at the sight of a new book!

*You have the option to sign up for as many trimesters as you like, at a time.

Reader today. Leader tomorrow.

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    Welcome to My Chapter One’s Reading Gym. We believe consistent exposure is all it takes for your child to be a great reader!  In our Reading Gym, your child will get –

    • 3 thematic trimesters*
    • 12 books every trimester – 36 books in a year!
    • Assessment of reading level
    • Progress to higher Reading Bands
    • A variety of reading strategies
    • Challenging, skill-based activities

    *Sign up for as many trimesters as you’d like!

    Reading has been shown to offer academic and social benefits. Size and range of vocabulary are factors that
    directly influence student success. Books let children learn to handle emotions, interactions and social cues.


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