Spread throughout this city are unsung heroes replete with qualification, skill, and talent – moms. Central to My Chapter One’s agenda of creating a world of young readers is our roster of Reading Hosts.

What do Reading Hosts do?

In their role as Reading Hosts, these women provide a conducive environment for children to not only fully immerse themselves in our book selection, but also maximize the gains from their books, socialize effectively with their peers during the group activities, and develop emotional skills that will serve them for years to come. Our hosts are energetic and extraordinary women who create the right kind of learning atmosphere for children and serve as dependable role models.

What does My Chapter One look for in a Reading Host?

Our team handpicks women who are filled with the urge to motivate children to be the best versions of themselves. Our hosts are avid readers themselves, and highly qualified individuals hungry to pursue meaningful careers while following their passion and channelling their core skills.

    A My Chapter One Reading Host must be:
    • A woman with a healthy network of parents
    • An enterprising and independent individual
    • Passionate about her career 
    • A well-spoken and confident communicator
    • Creative, energetic, and eager to educate
    • A lover of the English language, books and children
    • Motivated to be an entrepreneur
    Why become a Reading Host?

    Our Reading Hosts earn a corporate salary comfortably from home. They work minimal hours and flexible timings, and take great pleasure from their work. Spending time with children and books is highly rewarding for them.

    For many of our Reading Hosts, this was the second act in their career. All of them being mothers, had taken time off from work to spend with their family. This opportunity enabled their return to work and better yet, contributed to their dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

    If you would like to kickstart your career again without compromising on family time, becoming a Reading Host would be just the thing for you. If you are a woman who is keen on entrepreneurship but doesn’t know where to begin, My Chapter One would be the right start. And if you would like part-time job that fosters your creativity, independence, and skills, get in touch with us immediately!

    Benefits of being a Reading Host 
    • Minimal hours equivalent to that of a part-time job
    • Flexible timings – you remain the complete owner of your time
    • Work from home – set up the reading gym at home for children from your neighbourhood and network
    • Above-average income reflective of your qualifications and skills
    • An opportunity to expand your network and become an entrepreneur
    • A chance to be an inspiring role model to the next generation
    • An enjoyable and productive use of time
    • An accommodating and welcoming work environment

    The LittleDino’s mission is to provide affordable, high-quality early education and childcare services to ensure every working family.