Shasha and The Magical Land

Once upon a time, there was a magical land. 

A girl named Shasha lived in the magical land. She was a very good artist and she had the power to bring her drawings to life. Shasha always used her power for good. She drew food and clothes for the poor and hungry.

One such day, Shasha met a boy on the way. He seemed to be very hungry.

“I am hungry. Can you please help me?” asked the boy.

“Yes, little boy! Come with me,” Shasha replied.

Shasha took the boy to her home. With her magic, she drew him a basket full of fruits. In a few seconds, the basket of fruits came to life and appeared in the boy’s hands. He was surprised and thanked Shasha. He took the basket of fruits with him and went happily on his way. 

A greedy rich girl who was passing by saw all that had happened. She was never satisfied with what she had. She immediately said to herself, “I will make friends with this girl and get her to draw me a golden palace on an island!”

The greedy girl managed to make friends with Shasha, and one day, just as she planned, she took Shasha to an island and forced her to draw her a golden palace.

Now Shasha was very intelligent and soon thought of an idea. She agreed to draw the golden palace, but when the greedy girl went to see the golden palace, Shasha cast a liar’s spell over her. This meant that every time the girl tried to tell a lie, her nose would grow longer.

Shasha wanted to teach the greedy girl a lesson. She said, “If you ever think of doing anything bad, your nose will grow in size. If you do something good, your nose will come back to normal.”

The greedy girl realized her mistake and she said sorry. Because of Shasha’s spell, the girl was never greedy again!

Kavyaa S


Kavyaa Senthilrajan, author of the story “Shasha and the Magical Land,” was born in Chennai and is currently ten years old. She likes to read books, make games from scratch, listen to music, try science experiments, watch science fiction movies and more. She also likes coding and Python programming. She likes to help and donate to the needy. Every birthday, Kavyaa donates money to Team Everest NGO.