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The Time-Twister

“Hey, wait for me! You know I am a slow runner,” screamed Diya as her friends bounded across the street.

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Travelling To The Island

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Roy who lived with his parents in Thailand. The boy was soft-natured and respectful. 

Roy was fair-skinned with brown hair. He looked very handsome. He had a friend named Jessie who lived in the USA. Both of them were 16 years old. Jessie was a beautiful girl. Her skin had a tinge of pink. She had long black hair and deep brown eyes. 

Roy’s parents were very sweet to him. Once day, Roy asked his father to help him visit Jessie in the USA. His father arranged tickets for him, and soon, Roy and Jessie were able to meet each other.

They spent a lot of time talking about their school days. They also remembered reading about Farallon Island in their school books. They were both eager to go and see that Island. Roy said that there was real treasure on the island. 

“Let’s find the treasure and give it to our parents!” Jessie said. Soon, without their parents’ knowledge, they started their journey. They asked a fisherman for a boat ride to the island. Two days passed, and they were still traveling.

Unexpectedly, a storm came through. It pulled them into the sea, but Roy and Jessie knew to swim, so they were able to save themselves. However, they lost the route map. 

As they floated along, they saw a board and on it, they saw a message. It read “Magic Sea-land”. 

By that time, they saw a giant creature appear in front of them. It turned out to be a baby shark. It started speaking to them.

“Hi, how are you?” it asked. 

“We are fine!” they replied. 

“What do you want?” the shark asked.  

“We want to go to that Island,” they said, pointing towards the island. 

The shark agreed to help them and prepared a yacht for them. They travelled and reached the island. They found the treasure and saw fire-makers around it. 

Soon, they said goodbye to the shark and went home. They called Roy’s parents and gave them the treasure, telling them what had happened on their adventure. 

They lived happily ever after.

K Kanishka


K Kanishka was born in Thanjavur. She is 9 years old and is a fifth grade student at Lady Andal Venkata SubbaRao School. She loves to sing and dance. She is a classical dancer and has performed at many dance events, and has even won a medal for swimming. She did her Salangai Pooja at the age of 6. She is also interested in Tennis. She likes to read many stories and watch animated movies. Her family and friends are very special to her.


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Monsters and Ghosts

Have you ever felt left out of everything? Tasha was a 13 year old teenage girl

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A Villain Or A Gem?

“Oh c’mon. You took my turn, you cheater!” Lily said with an angry look on her face. Her sister and her were gunning for the win.

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The Giver Stones

It was a moody and stormy night. The sky was crowded with dark clouds. One could not see

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Quest For Realms

The divine continent was a beautiful land where peace and prosperity were everywhere to be seen

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O R G A N I C – An Appetite for Change

On a bright summer evening in the land of Fruitella, a few fruity friends planned a get-together. As usual, Ori the Orange was the first one to reach their favourite meeting spot, ‘The Garden Restaurant’ at  6pm sharp. Gappy the bunch of Grapes & Wally the Watermelon arrived 10 minutes later. 

The friends were so excited to meet each other after a long time, and were catching up with each other about what had happened in their lives since their last visit. While they were waiting for their dear friend, Mangs the Mango to join them, the lights turned off and they heard some melodious music from the stereo. Everyone in the restaurant was curious to know what was going on. Mangs made an entry with a Birthday Cake and immediately Gappy and Wally started singing the birthday song to Ori. Yes! Ori was turning 15 and her dear friends had surprised her with a small celebration. 

The fruity friends gifted Ori a mini-keyboard to bring out her juicy music. Ori didn’t expect a surprise on her birthday. She was excited and felt very special. 

“Thank you, buddies. I love you loads! It’s my treat today,” said Ori. 

The friends had a gala time together, enjoying their dinner. 

“Mangs, Ori told me you are taking up summer classes and projects in Environmental Science. How are the classes going?” asked Gappy.

Mangs replied, “It has been three weeks now, and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I have a mini-project to complete over the next month, and I’ve just picked my topic today – it’s called ‘ORGANIC –AN APPETITE FOR CHANGE’.” 

“Wow, that sounds interesting, but like a lot of work too!” said Wally.

Ori & Gappy were a little curious to understand more about what “organic” meant, and requested Mangs to explain it to them. 

Mangs immediately started to share her learnings from her summer classes. “Well, my dear fruity friends, have you realized how unhealthy and tasteless we have become compared to our parents and grandparents? We all look bright and colourful, but we have become less nutritious. Sadly, it’s the same case with our Veggie friends too.” 

Mangs added, “Organic means produce that is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides. It also means no chemical additives are added to stay fresh for an unnatural amount of time.”

“Why would someone do all this, and how did all of this begin?” enquired Gappy, with more curiosity.

Wally jumped in, “It is all because of a few greedy humans and their desire to produce faster, and yield more. Little did they know that this would also create a lot of environmental & health hazards!” 

“You are absolutely right, Wally! My mini-project is to collect facts and create awareness about this,” said Mangs. 

“This is brilliant, Mangs! Can we also join in on your mission to make Fruitella healthy again? We could be your mini-fruity-assistants, helping you with your project work! What do you say friends?” Gappy said, excitedly. Ori & Wally immediately agreed with Gappy. 

Mangs was so excited to start working on the mini-project, along with her fruity friends. “Let me work out a plan and connect with you all in a couple of days,” she said. The friends were so happy about their discussion. Soon, they waved goodbye to each other, hoping to meet soon. It had been a very productive meeting!

After a couple of days, Mangs connected with her fruity friends over the phone and shared her plan to create a series of short and funny awareness videos, involving all her fruity friends, and spread the message of organic produce through social media. Without a doubt, the fruity friends were all in.

In the next few days, Mangs and Wally worked on the content for the videos, and Ori and Gappy worked on creating funny videos to spread awareness. They also involved their other fruity friends from Fruitella in their videos as actors. It seemed like a lot of fun, with a lot of purpose. 

After a week’s effort, Mangs created a YouTube channel and started posting their videos. The fruity friends broadcasted their awareness messages through each of their social media handles. Through the videos, they highlighted the environmental & health hazards caused by few greedy humans making the farming world toxic. Their awareness campaign went viral, and at the end of Week 4, they had many followers. Their fun-filled messages were spreading far and wide. 

Mangs submitted her mini-project, with a mention of her fruity friends in the credits. She was very happy with the impact they had created in promoting the appetite for change and wellbeing. She decided to continue the project and spread awareness, even after her summer classes. Of course, her fruity friends extended their support and pledged for the cause. They continued working for the good of Fruitella and its fruits during their free time. 

A year later, the fruity friends invited Mangs to ‘The Garden Restaurant’ for a dinner. As usual, Mangs was late and when she arrived at the restaurant, the lights had been turned off and a similar melodious music started to play on the stereo. She guessed it must be someone’s birthday, since she was never good at remembering dates. She always needed a gentle reminder from her other friends.

As soon she realized that her friends had planned a surprise party to celebrate the change and impact they had brought to Fruitella through Mangs’ mini-project, her eyes lit up with joy.

Fruitella had never been so fresh and healthy! After a gala time, the fruity friends asked Mangs, “What are we doing this summer?” 

Ashritha Sekar


Ashritha Sekar is a seven-year-old, studying third grade in Primrose school. She holds a purple belt in karate and enjoys dancing, playing the keyboard, drawing, doing arts and crafts, and coding. She is one of the youngest certified game developers in the world. She loves to travel and also owns a YouTube channel exhibiting her keyboard performances and other fun activities.

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Rebel! Welcome to India!

I looked at the walls in my room and imagined blue and purple fairy lights on the white wall to my right,

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Alexa and the trip to Cloud Island

Alexa, Katie and Emma were three best friends. They grew up together in a suburb in Los Angeles and went to the same school. The 10 year old girls spent a lot of time together. Each of them had different interests, but they always encouraged and supported one another. 

Alexa was beautiful, tall, and thin. She was brave, honest, positive, and caring too. Alexa was smart at school and played sports. Katie was funny and cool. She liked to read books, dance, and sing. Emma was a cheerful and kind person. She liked to draw and paint. 

The three girls loved exploring new places. It was a dream come true when they found out about ‘Cloud Island Amusement Park’, a new park that had opened at Universal Studios, LA. They were very excited about visiting the park. The three girls, along with their families, planned a visit to Cloud Island after Alexa’s volleyball tournament.

One day, the three girls planned a mid-week sleepover. After school, they discussed their plans for the night and met at Emma’s house. They experimented with makeup and tried on some costumes. They put on some music and danced through most of the night. They looked at each other and burst into laughter because the makeup made them look like clowns. They couldn’t stop laughing for hours. They had a lot of fun that night. 

It was getting late and they got ready for bed. They went under their blankets and started reading their favourite books with torchlights. The girls stayed up most of the night. The fun they had was non-stop! 

After a few days, Alexa had her volleyball tournament. It was important for her to win this tournament to get her middle school sports scholarship. However, while playing, Alexa was distracted by the fact that her rival, Sara, was playing on the opposite team. She was very angry at the sight of Sara. Sara was not a friendly person; she was rude and mean to Alexa and her friends.

Alexa had scored below average in the game, and this made her very upset. During recess, Alexa’s friends came to see her. They reminded her of how important this game was, and encouraged her to concentrate more in the second half of the tournament.

The second half of the game began after recess. Katie and Emma were cheering for Alexa. Alexa was still distracted by Sara’s presence. She lost focus and tripped during the game. “Ouch!” she cried out in pain. 

Everybody rushed to help her. Katie and Emma pushed through the crowd and went closer to Alexa. She was in a lot of pain. The teacher took her to the hospital and Alexa’s parents were informed about her fall. 

In the hospital, the doctors scanned her leg and found that she had a hairline fracture. Her leg was put in a heavy cast and she had to rest in the hospital for a few more days. They gave her medicines to ease the pain and she went to sleep. 

The next day, Alexa’s friends had come to visit her in the hospital. To her surprise, the room was decorated with balloons and streamers. She saw the happy and cheering faces of her friends and family. They waved a “Get Well Soon” banner at her! 

Alexa was confused about all the excitement. Her friends then shared the good news with her- Alexa’s team had won the semi-finals, and the finals had been postponed on account of bad weather. 

Alexa was both happy and sad. She was happy that she stood a chance to play again and win the tournament. She was sad because she was still in a lot of pain. Yet, despite the pain in her leg, she felt like getting up and jumping up and down! 

Alexa was discharged from the hospital after a few days. She had to walk around with crutches. Due to the storm, all the schools in the city were shut. Alexa rested well and the doctors told her that her leg was healing at a faster pace. In a few weeks, she was back to normal and was able to start practicing for her volleyball tournament.

The day everyone was waiting for finally arrived. It was the final game. Everybody was excited about Alexa’s serve on court. She had trained well and made sure she wasn’t distracted during the game. It was a tough game between the two schools, but Alexa’s team played very well. 

All the hard work paid off when Alexa and her team won the game. The whole school was excited and cheered them on with excitement. It was a very proud moment. At last, Alexa’s dream had come true. 

The girls planned to go to Cloud Island Amusement Park to celebrate the victory. Alexa’s mom contacted Cloud Island to make a booking for the three families. They informed her that the park was closed for an event. The girls were very disappointed to hear about it.

Alexa, Katie and Emma went to school. Alexa’s teacher told her that they had a celebration planned for the team at Universal Studios. The teacher told her that she could invite her friends and family. This cheered the girls up!

The next day, the three families drove to Universal Studios. As they entered they saw a banner which said “Welcome Volleyball Champions”. The big banner was outside The Cloud Island Amusement Park. It was a big surprise! 

As Alexa entered the park, she saw her team and their families cheering for them. She was amazed at the sight of the enormous rides on giant clouds. People were dressed like clouds and performing funny and silly tricks. 

They stood in the queue to board one of their favourite rides- the roller coaster. They were strapped onto their seats before the ride started. They went through the clouds, and even touch them. The ride was mind-blowing. The roller coaster went up to the highest point, and dropped them with a sudden jerk! It was a thrilling experience. 

They also tried other rides and played with the clouds. There were shooting games as well, and Katie won a teddy bear. They ate cotton candy and other delicious food being sold in the park. 

It had been a memorable day for the three best friends. 


Meghan Reddy


Eight year old Meghan Reddy is a third grade student at Sri Mutha School. She was born in Auckland, New Zealand but currently lived in Chennai, India. She likes to read books and journal. She enjoys crafting, drawing, and colouring. She is a collector of small things. Meghan loves to cycle and play hide and seek with her friends. She and her sister play together and read a lot of books. Meghan and her family like to watch movies together and go on vacations. When she grows up, Meghan wants to be an artist and write a lot of books. 

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Alfred and the Storm

One tiring day, after Alfred finished his shift, he walked out of the office to head back home. 

It was a hot sunny day until lots of clouds began to gather and it got gloomy. Soon, it began to thunder. It rained cats and dogs. Alfred zipped his bag open, pulled out his umbrella and started walking joyfully towards his house. His car had broken down on the way, and he had to walk in the rain to get home. 

Suddenly, he heard a loud noise. Right then, he saw the telephone tower burst into flames! All the bright light from the nearby houses went off at once. He braved the painful storm for almost three hours. 

Due to the heavy rainfall, the roads were blocked with water and a few streets were washed out on the way. Considering all of this, he had to find an alternative route to his lovely home. This route included lots of hurdles too. He had to walk through muddy farms, jump over dirty water puddles, and swim through a stinky swamp. And to top it off, his umbrella wore out as he made it through all of this. 

After Alfred crossed all the hurdles, he was pleased to see he was nearing home. 

Alfred realised he had to find an alternative to cover himself from the rain, as his umbrella was ruined. He began to feel cold from being drenched in the rain and he felt really confused about the situation he was in.

He sat down on the nearby pavement because he was tired after the long swim through the swamp. Alfred began to feel thirsty, so he picked up his backpack to take out his water bottle. He was so thirsty, he drank all the water at once. He also realised there was a garbage bag in his backpack. He pulled it out, covered his head with it, and began walking towards his house again. On his way back home, he saw a few houses that were completely destroyed by the storm.

He had a beautiful house. It was painted bright yellow and the flooring was made of Italian marble. The Italian marble was kept so tidy, it would hurt his eyes every time he looked at it.  The house was also filled with very expensive and valuable items, like showpieces made of glass and precious collections of antique pieces from a variety of countries like China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. Alfred liked to collect these items as a hobby. 

These antique pieces were Alfred’s most prized possessions. He called his house his ‘three towers’. However, this day was one that he had never anticipated. 

After the long walk in the rain, he reached his house only to see it had become dilapidated. Alfred screamed!

“Oh no! What do I do now? I don’t have any shelter, or any supplies! Where do I go?” he cried. 

Alfred was bankrupt. The savings he had was gone, and now, so was his house. The only money he had was what he had left in his bank account, and with that, his monthly income. 

Alfred was heartbroken. More than the money, Alfred was sad to hear his family had left him alone during the storm. What hurt the most was realising his family had not bothered to give him a single call during this time. 

Alfred decided to collect all the money he had and put it to some use. Right then, his friend called him and told him two very important things. The first thing he told Alfred was that he could spend the night in his house, and the second thing he told him was about a call he had received from Alfred’s wife. 

His wife had told Alfred’s friend what happened on the day of the storm, before they left home without Alfred. 

Alfred’s wife, Ava, had gone to the school to pick up the children, but when she came home, she saw their house was destroyed. Immediately, she took the children and went to her mother’s house. Unfortunately, Alfred had never been to Ava’s mother’s house. 

Sadly, by the time Alfred’s friend asked Ava where the house was, the line had gotten cut. Alfred and his friend tried redialing Ava’s number, but they could not hear each other very well. The phone lines had been damaged because of the storm. They weren’t able to get any other information. 

“I think I’ll have to figure out a way back home. Luck is not on my side today,” Alfred told his friend and hung up. Alfred let go of the past and figured out a way to survive the night.

“Brave up!” Alfred said to himself. “No, this is not the time to feel sorry for what is happening around you!”

The harsh storm had blown Alfred’s umbrella away and he did not have any food or shelter, but Alfred did not let himself feel down. He had dug into his pocket and backpack. He gathered all the money from his backpack and counted it – he was left with a sum of $10.45. While he found this money, he also found a garbage bag in his backpack. He screamed with joy! 

“Woohoo!” he yelled, “This could help me!”

What could he use this garbage bag for, he wondered, until he thought of a wonderful idea. He thought of using the bag as a shield against the rain. He used the garbage bag as an umbrella and found a decent place to spend the night on the outskirts of the city. It had been a rough and tiring night! 

Speaking to himself, he said, “ I wish my three towers were still around. Gosh, I feel devastated even thinking about it. Those were the best times! I had loads of memories in that house. I hope one day I can get it all back!” 

Alfred found a way to his mother-in-law’s house by finding one of his closest friends who knew about his situation. He had found out that Ava and his friend were classmates in school, while Alfred and him were classmates in college. Finally, Alfred reached his mother-in-law’s house. He narrated the difficulties he had faced to reach there.

In a pitying voice, his mother-in-law said, “This is a very sad incident, but luckily you are all okay! Why don’t you have a nice hot shower? You should feel better! Dinner will be ready by then.”

His in-laws felt sad for him, so they offered to let him and his family stay in their house until they saved money to rebuild the three towers. 

Finally, he was at a place where he was able to relax with his family and forget about all the work he had. A place that helped him unwind. A place where he didn’t have to stress over anything. A place where he felt welcome. He finally had space for himself – where there were no arguments, only fun, and entertainment. A shelter that kept him safe from the rain, harsh storms, etc… What could be worse than losing a place like this? 

Suddenly, Alfred heard his mother-in-law across the table scream.

 “Wake up, wake up!” she was saying. Out of nowhere, he felt himself shaking, involuntarily. Before he knew it, he was in his bed with his mother standing next to him.

“Wake up Alfred! It’s time for your jog,” she was saying, shaking him up from his deep sleep.

Diren D V


Diren D V is a thirteen-year old, grade eight student at K C High School. He loves creating things with his hands. Unlike many kids his age, Diren hates video games and gadgets, and prefers to play outside. His favourite sports are basketball, football, and horse-riding.