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Teacup Tony

One fine evening in Moscow, Tony was sitting on his bed crying. Due to his ugly appearance, everyone teased him. No one came

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My First Friend

It wasn’t a normal day! Cindy, Eliot and Ollie had just come back from school. But Eliot was sad.
“What happened Eliot?”

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The Tornado

New Zealand is a beautiful and icy place during the winter. In New Zealand, lived a famous magician named Mr. Berry. He was tall and thin, and loved to wear a white shirt and a black coat to add to his persona. He also wore a black and golden hat along with a golden Mickey Mouse soft toy on his neck. His magic wand was yellow in color. He would mesmerize hid audience with captivating magic tricks. He also taught magic tricks to the students who helped him during his shows.

Mr. Berry had a spellbook with all his most dangerous spells. The book was light blue in colour and only opened when Mr. Berry shone some light on it. His assistants were named Teddy, Kitty, Fluffy, and Leafy. They were good students and had a lot of interest in magic. Teddy and Fluffy were boys, and Kitty and Leafy were girls. Teddy and Fluffy were fun-loving boys. Kitty was kind and caring. Leafy was cute and liked the colour maroon. She liked to drink a glass of orange juice before leaving for the magic show. They were 8 years old. During the week, they would go to school, and on the weekends, they would learn magic.

On one fine evening, Mr. Berry was performing his magic show in a closed auditorium. He asked Teddy to bring him his golden piggy bank and he cast a spell over it. 

A big, funny tornado appeared and took away all the golden jewels from the audience and gave it back to him within a few minutes. Then, the tornado suddenly vanished. The audience gave a big round of applause and were in shock for some time.

Mr. Berry asked his students to play the game, Ludo, by giving them four different colours of coins to represent them. Kitty got a red coin, Teddy got a blue one, Fluffy got a green coin, and Leafy got a yellow one. 

They all started rolling the dice one after the other while Mr. Berry opened the dangerous spellbook and started reading the spell. The coins in his students’ hands started moving by themselves, and the instructions for the game started to appear on the mirror that hung on the opposite wall. 

“You all are going to get stuck in a dangerous place,” it read. 

Suddenly, a big tornado appeared, and they all started shivering and screaming together. All four of the children, and the magician, were carried away by the tornado. The magician realized that these games were scary and dangerous. The spell had put everyone in danger. 

The tornado had left them in an igloo. They all started to shiver due to the severe cold. Soon, Mr. Berry got an idea. He whispered his plan to his assistants. Teddy took out the piggy bank from his coat and Mr. Berry started to chant the spell again. The same tornado appeared and this time, threw them to a beautiful house in Scotland. They were all very happy that they were safe.  

They cleaned the house and cooked some food and had their lunch as they were hungry. They started playing the same old game. Suddenly, they heard a voice. It was the mirror on the wall, and it read “The Bloodsucker is coming.”

They all started running and the magician tried to cast a spell to protect them, but they were all useless. He tried hard and applied a Halloween spell. Finally, the bloodsucker disappeared. They all were very happy to be saved from the monster and the tornado. They threw the coins and dice that belonged to the game into the ocean, along with the dangerous spellbook.   

They finally realized that some magic tricks could go wrong and they were dangerous to be tried without proper knowledge. Thereafter, they did only simple magical shows to avoid trouble. Gradually they shifted to their native place with the money they earned through their shows, and lived happily ever after.




Sisira, an eight-year old child, is a third grade student at Schram Academy, Chennai. She was born in Andhra Pradesh. Music, dancing, and cooking are her favourite hobbies. She also likes to help her mother around the house. She is a creative storyteller and loves to write suspense thrillers. She is very much inspired by music, and movies like Jumanji and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This inspiration brings her stories to life!

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The Mystery House

Was it real, was it not? It could be a scream! This was the knight- THE KINGXXR. He was good at fighting. He was very rich and had a very big house. The ground was very smooth, the windows smelt like candy, and the walls were made of marble.

THE KINGXXR was tall, handsome, and a very happy man. He wanted to buy a new house. He heard about an empty house around the corner.

He reached the house. It was at the edge of the forest, and so he walked through the thick forest and reached the gates. 

He walked inside, but no one was there. The ground was rough, the windows smelt like garbage and the walls were stinky. The doors creaked open and he was very scared. He thought it was a haunted house. 

Suddenly, he heard a loud howl. He got very frightened. He wanted to get out but couldn’t find the door. He tried to open every door he found but couldn’t. Then, in the darkness, he heard a man scream. It came from downstairs. 

He rushed down, but all the doors were still locked. On the ground, he found a bottle with a clue inside. The clue said, “One of the doors leads to the man.” He didn’t know which door to pick. He was scared that he might pick the wrong door. He finally decided upon a single door, BUT

alas…there was no one there. 

He was furious. His heart was in his mouth.

He had to go through a maze. He was stuck in the maze for hours, but soon, he had an idea. He had a pickaxe with him. He decided to dig a tunnel to the very end of the maze. 

He spent 11 hours digging. It was morning when he came out. He was happy to see the daylight. He never wanted to see the house again. He called some builders to demolish the building. The builders destroyed the house into pieces.

Back in his own house, he decided to go for a quiet walk. He was very happy about being home. He had snacks and coffee. After a bath, he took a nap.

It was 3 PM when he woke up. He felt refreshed. After watching a movie and having late-night pizza, he fell asleep on the couch. He didn’t realise when he had fallen asleep. 

Out of nowhere, he heard a loud wailing sound and a short burst of beeps. He sprang out of bed and realised that it was all a dream. It was the day he was supposed to meet the realtors.

He was asked to come to the location. When he reached the place, it felt like deja vu.  Had he been here or not? He decided to walk inside. 

As the door shut behind him, he realised that it was the same house he had dreamt about. 

But wait! Was this a dream, or was it real?

See you in the next adventure!



The author’s name is Anirudh. He was born in Chennai, India and is 9 years old. He lives in RA Puram and is a grade four student at PSBB, Chennai. He has one brother and three cousins. His favourite hobby is playing football and he is talented at sitting upside down. He likes eating grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta, and noodles. He likes drinking lemonade and is a Geronimo Stilton fan.

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Space Crystals

The day was perfect- the gang was relaxing at HQ and checking on global updates (any super team’s normal Sunday). 

They lounged around, talking about taking a long vacation. It had been only a while ago that they were saving the world from their old arch nemesis, Dr.Destructive, who coincidentally liked to blow things up. 

The gang was arguing about whether to go to Hawaii or France.

“We should be going to France!” shouted Ninja. She had long, silky black hair and was wearing her ninja jumpsuit, pointing a very sharp shuriken at Shadow’s face. 

Shadow shouted, “Watch where you point that thing!” He had black hair, dark purple eyes and wore a cape over his back and a crown over his head. He was swinging his staff lazily. 

Phoenix, who was sitting next to Ninja and opposite Shadow, had trouble thinking and burst out in anger, “Knock it off both of you!” She had long, black curly hair up to her ankles and she used to tie it up in a knot. She had beautiful hazelnut eyes and wore a super-suit (sometimes when out in the woods, she wore a purple cloak). 

She grabbed her axe and knocked Shadow’s staff out of his hands, simultaneously snatching Ninja’s shuriken and throwing them out. It hit the world map board across the room. 

“Hawaii it is!” Phoenix said. 

As the battle for where they were going on vacation resumed, Phoenix was left with no choice but to shout “Stop!” every few minutes, until the globe (that monitored how everyone’s doing) had multiple alerts all around the world. 

They immediately stopped arguing and rushed to the monitor. When Ninja checked what was causing the alerts, she froze. After a while, she looked disturbed and looked at the others.

“You need to see this one yourselves,” she said.

When Phoenix located the nearest alert, she said, “This is where we are going.” Once the team had reached the location, they could not believe their eyes. The place was crawling with people, but something looked odd about them. They noticed everyone had a green brain over them. 

“It’s controlling them,” said Shadow. As they fought and blew up the brains that had not yet landed on people’s heads, they noticed that they were multiplying. As she was dodging a brain that was trying to climb over her head, Phoenix was momentarily distracted. She heard an ear-piercing scream and turned around in a sharp twist. She saw her teammates being cornered. 

She could her heart beating faster and faster, and then she did something she did not know she could do. She let out the biggest blast of purple flames she had ever exhaled in her life. She felt weak. She couldn’t hear and her sight was blurry. She felt pain like never before and then she felt herself falling.

It was pitch black. Meanwhile, Shadow and Ninja ran to her side and carried her all the way back to base. Once they were at the base, they barricaded themselves and thought of what to do next. They had to treat Phoenix first. A while later, Phoenix woke up and cried. 

“NO!” she yelled at the top of her voice, and Shadow and Ninja were slightly startled. They raced up to her and said, “Finally, you’re awake.” 

Phoenix took a moment to realize what had happened, then she said, “How long have I been unconscious?” 

Shadow replied “One week.” Phoenix asked “Ok. Have we got any other information on what is happening out there? If we don’t, we need to start looking.”

“But you need to rest,” said Ninja, with much concern. When Phoenix started protesting, Ninja took some time to think and then sighed.

“I’ll search the internet,” he said and opened his laptop. 

“I’ll take the ancient scrolls,” Shadow offered.

“I guess that leaves me with the library,” said Phoenix. 

Phoenix rushed to the library and began to go through the books one at a time, when something caught her eye. It was a small light, and in a moment, it disappeared. Phoenix ignored it and decided to keep searching for the book in their 1000 year old library.

After what felt like hours, something caught her eye again. It was a book that she had meant to read ages ago. At that moment, Phoenix forgot what she was meant to be doing and grabbed the book. As she sat down to read it, a book fell over her head.

As she turned around, she found that the book had unlocked a secret passageway. Filled with curiosity, she eagerly went down the path as torches along the pathway lit the way. At the end of the path, she found a secret dusty section of the library, and in the middle was an empty book stand. 

When she stepped into the section, the dust cleared, leaving the place gleaming with cleanliness. Then a robot voice said, “Ask, for what you seek may lie here!” 

Startled, yet eager, Phoenix said, “I am looking for a book that knows how to stop the alien invasion.” The voice replied, “Ask using the correct language.” She was annoyed.

“Fine, I seek the book in which the answer lies,” she said with a short eye-roll.

Suddenly, all the books started to swirl. In the blink of an eye, a book that was open and had a torn page inside lay before her. When she read the page, her heart skipped a beat. She rushed and ran towards the main room, where her friends were, and explained to them that they needed a moon crystal to make the potion that would save the world. All three of them said together, “We are going to go to the moon!”

Ninja said, “Let’s take one of our rockets.” Once they were all packed and ready to go, they got on the ship and the computers began to tick, 

“T- 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1- Blast off!”

After a very pleasant ride through space, they landed on the moon and immediately started looking for the crystals. After hours and hours of searching, they finally managed to find a patch of crystals on the other side of the moon. However, when Phoenix went to take a crystal, she was confronted by a colossal beast. 

The beast had a huge face, horns, and a blue spiral design on its fur. It knocked them all back one by one. 

“This time we attack together,” shouted Ninja to the team.  

Once they agreed, they all attacked and slew the beast. They got the crystals (they took extras for spare) and returned back to earth on the ship. 

When they reached earth, they wasted no time in preparing the potion. A big enough batch of the potion had been made. They put them in little drones which were programmed to dispatch the medicine everywhere. A few days later, everyone was cured! 

That weekend, while everyone was rejoicing, the team decided to take a long, well-deserved vacation in another star system. 

However, they did not know there was a page that had been ripped from the secret book. It mentioned that one should only negotiate with the beast. Not slay it. When the beast is slain, an intergalactic dimension is broken loose over the earth, with a beast waiting to wreak havoc!






Mithraa was born in India and lives in Cardiff. She is 11 years old and likes to go to the beach with her family and friends, whose company she enjoys very much. She loves to play with her twin sister Meha and enjoys being outdoors. She loves exploring with her friends, and learning about palaeontology, archaeology, and marine biology. She is a collector of small treasures and trinkets. She has an interest in art and has visited Paris to see the Mona Lisa.