Teacup Tony

One fine evening in Moscow, Tony was sitting on his bed crying. Due to his ugly appearance, everyone teased him. No one came to his house or even stood near him. They called him “UGLY TONY”, and it made him very sad. 

There was something Tony really loved to do- he loved to sing songs. He wanted to teach everyone who teased him a lesson. He wanted to become famous. He wanted to make friends. And so, one fine day, he decided to prove his talent. 

He wanted to write a song. He wasn’t sure about what the song had to say. Soon, his mother brought him tea. He hugged his mother and said ‘Thank you mum! I have an idea because of you.’ 

He spent the whole night writing the song and setting it to a melodious tune. At midnight, he set up speakers all around the city. He was glad that he was going to sing a song but also a little nervous. 

The next morning, at 10 AM, he decided to sing the song. Everyone recognized that it was Tony’s voice. They were all amazed and mesmerized by his performance. They felt very bad that they had teased this man who had such talent. 

Everyone rushed to his home and appreciated his singing. They also apologized to him for their bad behaviour. The emperor of the kingdom appointed Tony as his court poet. Tony was very happy and joyful. 

Now, you must be wondering what Tony wrote the song about?

He wrote a song about a ‘TEACUP’. Tony became famous. His dream became true. From then on, Tony was called “TEACUP TONY”. He was not happy with the name though. 


Srikeshav S


Srikeshav S is a 13 year old boy and a debutant author. His passion to write has just taken off with the story, ‘Teacup Tony’. He likes to write stories for children. He was born in Chennai on the 30th of July, 2007. He is very mischievous and loves eating pizzas. His most cherished hobby is writing, as well as reading a lot of books. 

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