Dharshana Aneesh Kumar

Number of children:
T Nagar
Educational Qualification:
B.E in Biomedical Engineering Diploma in Montessori
Favourite Book:
The Tempest

Standout Qualities




DThe youngest of our Reading Hosts, Dharshana lives in T Nagar with her husband and her two children. She is very pleased that her older daughter, who is in the fourth grade, is already deeply in love with reading. Her younger five year old is athletic and loves to listen to stories, and Dharshana is happy to oblige!

Dharshana, who was originally an engineer, realized that her calling was in education and decided to procure her diploma in Montessori. As a Reading Host, she spends a lot of time spreading the joy of reading to her students. She is known for her eye for detail, her caring nature, and her ability to empathize with one and all.

In her free time, she loves to read new books, solve puzzles, dance, and volunteer. Her dream is to, one day, start her own play school where she can spend hours meeting and educating little children.

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