Latha G

Reservation Officer/Psychologist
Number of children:
Educational Qualification:
B.Sc. Psychology
Favourite Book:
The Kingdom of Fantasy

Standout Qualities




LTrue-blue Chennai woman, Latha, is a psychologist, and reservation officer at Cathay Pacific ad Srilankan Airlines. She lives in Nungambakkam with her husband and her son, Saharsh who lights up her life and prompts her to see the silver lining in any situation.

Besides reading every book she gets her hands on, Latha loves to sketch, cook, and take photographs. Her ambition is one that every mother can relate to – to raise her son to be a respectable and kind human being. Her decision to become a Reading Host was driven by two reasons: while adults attempt to show children what life is about, our children show us new perspectives and teach us things we didn’t know we needed to learn; while teaching children is a commendable job, it’s getting them excited about learning which is the actual achievement – and that’s precisely what she intends to do as a Reading Host.

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