Meghana Abraham

Artist/Writer/Digital Marketer
Number of children:
Educational Qualification:
M.Sc. Public Health
Certificate Course:
Visual Arts; B.Tech. Chemical Engineering
Favourite Book:
To Kill a Mockingbird

Standout Qualities




MMeghana is yet another multi-talented woman who began her professional life as a chemical engineer but decided to pursue her long-time passion – writing – at a digital marketing firm. While taking a break from challenging the glass ceiling, she loves to spend time with her husband and two children (a loving four-year old daughter who takes her role as big sister to her inquisitive four-month old son very seriously), bake, paint, and swim.

Meghana believes her exceptional listening skills give her an advantage at both home and work. Her goal is to balance motherhood and her career so she can find an outlet for her creativity while providing financial support for her family. Meghana is most excited about the opportunity to pass on her personal love for reading to the next generation by acting as a Reading Host, and is eager is explore new ideas and worlds through her reading groups.

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