Sneha Johnson

Number of children:
Educational Qualification:
B.sc. Computer Science M.A. Public Administration B.Ed. Bachelor of Education
Favourite Book:
The Pilgrim’s Progress

Standout Qualities




SSneha Johnson is an experienced teacher from Adyar, Chennai, who lives with her husband and five year old daughter. Having obtained a variety of degrees in education, public administration, and computer science, she discovered that her true pleasure lay in teaching little children.

Sneha’s maternal instincts manifest in the way she interacts with people. She is sweet, polite, and compassionate about everyone’s time and effort, and is endlessly patient with children’s learning processes. When asked what her greatest aspiration in life is, she earnestly says, “I would like to contribute to society by being a responsible teacher to all my students. My desire is to make a difference in students’ lives through education. As a mother, I believe in encouraging my active and curious daughter to set her own benchmarks and grow into an independent human being.” As a My Chapter One Reading Host, she wants to teach children to experience the benefits of reading through increased communication and imagination.

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