The Enchanted Mystery of Detectives

“Finally, the case is solved!” said Chloe with a sigh of relief. Alan and Nikki both agreed and were planning dinner.

“Yes. It’s perfect,” said Alan.

“Hmm, what is perfect?” asked Chloe, curiously.

“Well, Nikki and I are planning dinner tonight. Would you like to join us?” answered Alan.

“No buddy! Tonight looks tough. I have a night shift at Blueberry Rich, so it seems difficult. You guys go ahead. Make the most of it and have fun!” said Chloe.

“No problem Chloe. If you finish early, please do join us! The more the merrier,” said Alan. 

“Oh yes, for sure! By the way, where are you planning to go?” asked Chloe.

“We are planning to go to Pesto’s Café! The ambience is so inviting, warm and cozy,” said Alan blushing.

“Oh! That’s great. It’s less than a kilometre from my workplace. I’ll try to join you,” said Chloe. 

“Okay, cool!” Nikki replied.

Leaning against the back of the elevator, walking down the aisle of her hostel was Nikki, a strikingly beautiful, fun-loving young girl with prominent blue eyes, living in Texas City. She always wore a pendant that had her name ‘Nikki’ embossed on it. Alan was her boyfriend. They met each other in the 9th grade. Nikki was a detective and loved solving mysteries. Nikki had a very sharp mind. She was an avid reader and was always perfect with her work.

Alan was a kind and quiet boy with a curious style and a great sense of humour. He was an intellectual with a sharp mind and he stayed in a villa with his parents and cousins. He had brown hair with black eyes and wore a black bracelet with his name ‘Alan’ embossed on it. He was a detective too. He was a tall, smart-looking individual, and his love for martial arts made him a superstar.

Chloe was a blonde, pretty and delicate featured girl who also happened to be a social media queen. Endearingly fragile and intelligent in her expression, everything about her appearance screamed ‘solid’. She had a ring with her name ‘Chloe’ embossed on it. She was a detective and worked at Blueberry Rich- a store that sold teddy bears
and stuffed toys. She wanted to be independent and start her own business. She loved listening to music and playing with her dog, Gabby, whom she loved dearly too. 

Alan, Nikki and Chloe were best buddies. With some magical potions, they created a ring, a pendant and a bracelet with their names embossed on each of them so that it looked simple. However, it was not as simple as it looked. Whenever someone was in danger, all they had to do was tap the accessory twice, and the other two accessories would automatically glow. This indicated a sign of danger. The accessories also had some magic in it that made them more powerful.

All three of them were back to their respective homes. Soon, it was night and Nikki was ready for the dinner. Alan was just getting into the car when his phone beeped. It was a message from Nikki. “I am ready… waiting for you!” Alan immediately replied. “Yes, just on my way.”

Alan drove and reached the café. They both sat down and started to talk whilst a waiter with a black shirt and white pants interrupted their conversation. 

 Would you like to order anything?” he asked, politely.

 “Yes, of course! We would like to have one portion of creamy white pasta and two lemonades, please?” answered Alan. Nikki also agreed and the waiter left.

Alan and Nikki were talking about the cases they had solved lately when Nikki’s phone beepedwith a message from Chloe. “My shift is over. Yay! I’ll join you in a bit. I am tired, so please order a vegetable burger with a glass of orange juice for me, please? Also, I have special news for you, so hold tight! Thanks.” Nikki replied. “Yes, of course! What is the news? We will be waiting for you!”     

Alan calls the waiter and orders a vegetable burger and a glass of orange juice and Nikki and Alan continue their conversation. Chloe was on her way to the cafe. She thought walking down the street was faster than waiting for the bus to arrive as the café was nearby. She took out her phone from her handbag and started to click pictures. She had to cross the street as the café was on the other side of the street. While she was crossing the road, there was a loud explosion.

Boommmmm and crash! A red Ferrari rammed into her.

A huge crowd gathered around her, but the man who drove the car didn’t stop for her. Mrs.Quinn, who was passing by on the street, saw the entire scenario and quickly called the cops. Officer Thompson arrived shortly after the call and saw that it was Chloe. He started to investigate the people who surrounded the area. All the while Alan and Nikki were waiting for Chloe.

The food is also served, and Chloe has not yet arrived! Alan said.

“Let me call her once!“ Nikki suggested. 

Alan nodded. Her phone was not reachable. They then decided to call the reception at Blueberry Rich.

”Hello, this is Blueberry Rich, how may I help you?” said Mrs. Lori, the manager.

“Can you please tell me if your employee, Chloe, has left the premises? And if so, at what time please?” enquired Nikki. 

“Yes. Chloe left about 45 minutes earlier. Is everything fine?” asked Mrs. Lori, curiously. 

“Yes yes! Everything’s fine. Thank you Ma’am,“ answered Nikki and soon hung up. They both decided to check their surroundings, wondering if, by any chance, Chloe was in danger. 

“I will pay the cheque. Why don’t you carry on?” said Alan. 

Nikki left, and by the time she arrived at the other side of the street, she saw an ambulance taking Chloe to the City Hospital. She was devastated and started to cry. She then met Officer Thompson and asked him about what had happened. 

“What happened to her?” Nikki asked, emotional and curiously. 

“She met with an accident! Albeit, she was lucky that she only fractured her leg,” the officer said. 

When Alan arrived and ran to Nikki, he was quite astonished with what he had just seen and heard. But then suddenly an old man came towards them and Officer Thompson. 

Officer,” he said, I can identify the man who was driving the car. I was around when that poor girl met with the accident. After everything happened, the driver went back smiling. It seemed like it was all done deliberately!” said the old man.

”Did you see his face or notice the number plate?” Nikki asked curiously, before the officer could.

“No! It was too dark so I couldn’t see any of it clearly!” the man said and left. 

Nikki was pondering over what the man had said, and then the Officer asked all of them to leave. Alan dropped Nikki back to the hostel and went back home While Nikki was asleep, her phone beeped. It was a text from Alan.

Alan: Hey! Dont worry. Nothing will happen to Chloe!

Nikki : Yes, of course.

Alan: I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 9 AM and then we can both meet Chloe at the hospital. 

Nikki : Yes, okay sure. 

Alan: Good night! Sleep well… 

Nikki: Good night! You too…

Nikki switched off the phone and tried to sleep, but Chloe’s accident just wouldn’t let her sleep through the night. It was dawn, and it was a bright sunny day. Nikki got ready early and went down to the breakfast hall. She took some pancakes and a plate of waffles. She sat alone, thinking about the incident. Suddenly, Nancy (Nikki’s best
pal in the hostel) bumped into her. 

Hey Nikki! Is everything fine? Why are you sitting alone?” asked Nancy.

“Yes! Everything is fine. I just wanted some me time.” said Nikki. 

“No problem!” said Nancy and off she went to another group of girls, sitting at a round table, laughing.

It was 9 AM and Alan and Nikki went to the hospital.      

“Hey guys! I was just wondering where my buddies were,” said Chloe. 

“I am so glad that you are fine!” Nikki and Alan both said together. All of them laughed.

“Alan, please shut the door for a moment,” Chole requested. Once he closed the door, she continued. Guys, I think that the accident was done deliberately. I was watching it carefully, and to my surprise, the car was waiting on the side of the road. When the driver saw me crossing over, they drove by and rammed into me!” said Chloe, suspiciously.

“Hmm… Even the witness told us the same thing! said Nikki.

“Anyway, you wanted to tell us something right before the accident. What was it?” Alan asked her. 

“Hmm. Yes actually! My manager, Mrs. Lori, was going on a vacation. She wanted me to handle the store, and that means I would get some extra money for it,” Chloe recollected. Nikki and Alan were very happy. They asked Chloe to rest and off they went.

A few days later, at 9 AM, Chloe had recovered well, managing and handling the store with a crutch. Nikki arrived at the store and helped Chloe. Alexa (a co-worker from Blueberry Rich) arrived and took the afternoon shift .Nikki and Chloe went out for some hot cocoa and came back.

“I want one medium sized teddy bear for my niece. It’s her birthday tomorrow!” said Nikki.

“Yes! Of course” said Chloe. Chloe showed Nikki many teddy bears at the Teddy shop, and finally, Nikki bought a white fluffy bear with a brown scarf.

“I will take this!” said Nikki. Chloe took it to the cash counter and billed it.

“Thanks, I hope she loves it!” said Chloe.

“Of course! She will love it,” answered Nikki.

Soon it was late evening and Alan texted them.

Alan: I am coming to Blueberry Rich and will be in a while.

Nikki: That’s great. We’ll be waiting! Chloe and I are very hungry. Please get us two burgers and some orange juice?

Alan :Yes sure.

Soon, Alan met them and Chloe closed the store once Alexa finished her shift. All three of them sat inside and started to eat, when suddenly, the lights went off. Nikki and Alan went to check the switchboard immediately. As they were trying to fix the fuse, they heard a cry – it was Chloe shouting.

“Help!” she shrieked.

They ran back inside and Nikki quickly switched on the flashlight on her phone. Alan saw what was happening and punched the man with the blue jacket who was trying to hurt Chloe. Alan used all his martial art skills. Once Alan had knocked him down, the three of them recognised who it was – Officer Thompson.

“Why did you do this?” Alan asked, a look of astonishment across his face.

“I saw all of you making these magical accessories, and I wanted to become the most powerful man in the world! I was just about to take the ring from Chloe’s hand when Nikki interrupted me and then I lost my chance. I tried to take it a second time, while entering the hospital room, but I heard your conversation about Chloe’s shifts. I decided to take it then, but you caught me!” said Officer Thompson.

They were all very sad that their own town’s officer, whom they trusted the most, would do this to them. Then they called the cops and the cops put Thompson behind the bars at once.

It was late night, and Chloe decided to sleepover at Nikki’s hostel. It was too late to go back home now. Alan dropped them at the hostel. They changed their clothes and went to sleep. Nikki yelled good night to Chloe and added “Forget everything that’s happened today. Just relax and go to sleep!”

However, little did she know that Chloe had already fallen asleep, and so did Nikki.

The End


Vaanya Nanawati


Vaanya Nanawati is 12 years old and lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She studies in the 7th grade in Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidhyashram. She is part of a family that is loveable, caring and spiritually aligned. She has received many certificates of achievement for ballet. She is an expressive and friendly go-getter who loves mystery books. Vaanya likes to think big while chasing her dreams.