The Giver Stones

It was a moody and stormy night. The sky was crowded with dark clouds. One could not see anything except raindrops. The water drops seemed to be like a thousand eyes of a giant, black monster. The weather was freezing. A gentle wind blew across the faces of tiny little Tewaxes, and it made them feel comfortable and restful sitting near a fireplace.

Tewaxes are adorable little creatures with bushy tails, pointed noses, microscopic eyes, and long nails. They are only about one to two feet long. Tewaxes are found in innumerable colors. The most special thing about them is that they can change their body to any form, animal, human, or creature. 

One could only hear the rhythmic pattering of raindrops, blowing of the wind and the voice of a woman which was soothing enough to put someone to sleep in that warm room. 

“Mamuchi, can u please tell a night-time story for us?” asked Snubby, “We all are very eager.” 

Snubby was a cute little Tewax. He had a grey-coloured Tewax coat. The other little Tewaxes were nodding their heads eagerly, with bright smiles on their faces. Grandma cleared her throat. Everyone fell silent. Grandma started the story. 

“Long ago,” she began narrating, “We shared our land, ‘The Glory Land’, with the Giant Scorpions. They were extremely huge, powerful, strong, and highly poisonous, but they never hurt anyone. They were good, kind, and helpful. The weight of a normal baby scorpion alone would be between ten to fifteen kilograms. But one scorpion was totally different. He weighed only three kilograms when he was born. His family disliked him and he had no friends. He was humiliated and was ignored all the time. He was given names like ‘ant’, ‘bite-size’, ‘elfy’, ‘fun-size’, ‘peanut’, ‘shrimp’, and many more. Everyone was against him. 

The little scorpion was now tired of his boring, lonely life. One day, he disappeared. No one in Glory Land caught sight of him again. Some believe he is still alive, living in a plateau that is invisible and guarded by a guardian, but on the other hand, some say he is dead. So, humiliating or insulting someone may lead to unpleasant and sad endings.”

All the little Tewaxes were motionless. It seemed like everyone had enjoyed the story and were deep in thought about it. 

“Mamuchi, what is the name of the scorpion?” asked Snubby, “And is he still alive?” 

“People say the name of the scorpion is Teras, but we don’t believe in all these stories, Snubby dear. It is just a tale,” replied Grandma. 

Almost all the Tewaxes began to yawn. So, Grandma told them all to go to bed. Snubby’s sister, Poppy, and Snubby, went to bed with Grandma. They fell asleep in a couple of minutes, as if the beautiful, dark sky sang a lullaby for them. 

The Most brutal and Barbaric 

The next day, Snubby was the first one to wake up. Grandma and his sister were still asleep. The sun had not yet risen. Snubby thought he could go for a walk and then play with his friends once he returned. 

It was motionless and tranquil. Snubby loved the smell of the soil. It smelt good due to the previous night’s downpour. The sun rose gradually, making everything bright. By then Snubby had a great morning walk. When he returned, he saw his neighbors gathered in one place. 

Snubby rushed there to find out that one of his mates was dead. Snubby was close to bursting out in tears, but his mate’s parents were already crying so loudly, he overcame the urge. He decided to console them. Snubby’s mind was totally blank and dark. He was completely confused, just like the others. 

Suddenly, a Fire Fairy came flying towards them. Fire Fairies looked extremely gorgeous, with sharp eyes, blonde hair and burning fire wings. They had the power of controlling fire. 

She greeted everyone in a sad tone and said, “I am here to deliver some news.” 

Everyone looked up at her, but did not utter a single word. The fairy continued, “There have been five deaths in Fairyland, two in Witches-Walk, one in Yellow Snow Drive and three in Glory Land. All of this happened within the past week. After some research, we gather that this is happening due to the disappearance of the Giver Stones, or the life-giving stones.” 

She nodded and then flew away casually. After that, half of the Tewaxes started to cry, and rest looked extremely worried.

The Giver Stones 

It had been a few minutes since the fairy left. The air felt heavy and everyone was puzzled. In that silent atmosphere, Snubby’s sister, Poppy, had a question. 

“Mamuchi,” she asked, “What are Giver Stones? Why are they particularly important?”

Grandma wiped away her tears, cleared her throat and then said, “Poppy dear, Giver Stones are vital to every organism on our planet, Aureole. Each living organism has a unique Giver Stone for itself. When the Stones are taken away from where they are kept, the organism, to whom the stone belonged to, dies. We cannot live without them.” 

“Mamuchi, where are these Stones kept, and why are they disappearing suddenly?” questioned Snubby. 

“The Giver Stones are kept on the peak of Black Hills, in Glory Land, and that is why Glory Land is considered to be the heart of Aureole. But now, none of us know how the Stones are disappearing,” replied Grandma.

Snubby was curious now. He wanted to know the reason behind the disappearance of the Giver Stones. He thought he could go to different places, get information, and try to solve what was happening. Grandma was quite worried about it, but then she understood the importance of solving the mystery. So she gave him all the information she had. 

The next day, Snubby set off on the journey before dawn. He was quite nervous, but curiosity overcame his nervousness. It was cold. Snubby waved goodbye to his friends and relatives. He travelled for a long time. He got past Fairyland, which was closest to Glory Land, and then the Black Hills. He reached Greenpink Lake in the afternoon.

The Fish-Man

Greenpink Lake was a magical lake that showed one’s reflection in green, if everything was normal, but when something was wrong or unusual, it turned pink. It was almost the size of an ocean. Snubby wanted to check it out. 

As Snubby went closer, he saw a short and fat man. He had black hair and was dressed in blue from head to toe. The man was also standing near the lake, looking at his reflection. 

Snubby stood there, in sudden deep thought. What could that man be looking at? he thought. Snubbby snapped out of his thoughts as soon he heard a loud splash of water.

Snubby looked up to see what it was, but he couldn’t see anything, except for the lake. The man who was there, just seconds ago, had vanished. Snubby searched for him. 

“Is someone here? Hello? Please respond,” Snubby shouted.

There was no reply. After that, Snubby went closer to the lake. He looked at his reflection. It was pink in color. Snubby was now scared. His eyes were shining like tiny moons because they was filled with tears. In that state of mind, Snubby could not see anything clearly. He wiped off his tears and opened his eyes. He saw that same man again. Snubby wanted to know who he was. So, he raised his voice and yelled out to him, “Excuse me! May I know who you are? Where are you from and how are you able to travel from place to place in seconds?” The man was on the other side of the lake. He saw Snubby and moved towards him. 

“Oh hello,” he replied, “This Lake is my home. Who are you and what brings you here?” 

“Well, I live in Glory Land. I am a Tewax. My name is Snubby. I am on a mission,” replied Snubby. 

“Ok then, I am Finn. I am a Fishman. Naturally, I am a Blue Whale, but I have the power of turning myself into a human once I come out of the water,” answered Finn. “So you see, that’s how I seem to vanish suddenly. Anyway, what is the mission all about?” 

“You do know about the disappearance of the Giver Stones, don’t you?” enquired Snubby. 

“Of course, yes! I am really worried about it. Even the reflection I see in the lake here is pink. What will you do regarding this?” the man asked.

“Well, I will just try to work on it and solve it. I know it is not going to be easy, but some trial or progress is necessary,” said Snubby at once. He did not look very confident while he said this. 

“Wow, that’s great Snubby. I would like to help you with the mission. Can I join you?” asked Finn with a pleasant smile on his face. 

Snubby felt extremely happy. “Yeah sure,” he said, “That will be my pleasure!” 

Later, Finn gave Snubby some fried fish and prawn pasta for lunch. Snubby loved it. He had a delicious lunch. 

“Snubby, do you have any further plans?” Finn asked.

“Yes Finn. I thought we could go Witches-Walk and Yellow Snow Drive to get some information. They’ve had the same experience as us,” replied Snubby firmly. Finn agreed to it. 

After taking some rest, Finn and Snubby started their journey. They walked for a long time but didn’t seem to reach Witches-Walk. They were exhausted. Then, they decided to settle down in an open area. The climate was extremely cold. They lit a fire in a corner and they felt slightly comfortable. Both of them nodded off to sleep the moment they laid down, staring at the brilliant stars. 

Witches Walk 

The next day, Finn woke at eight in the morning. By the time he had refreshed himself, Snubby woke too. It was a bright day. The sky was clear, but the weather was still cold. 

“Morning!” said Finn with enthusiasm. 

“Good morning,” replied Snubby in a sleepy tone. 

“Come on Snubby, get up! We have to go. Make it fast,” Finn said. He was excited and wanted to get a move on. 

Snubby got up. He moved like a turtle. Finally, he got ready. Both of them were ready to set off to Witches Walk. They reached Witches Walk within two hours. They entered the busy streets in Witches Walk. It was filled with brightly lit houses. The houses were enormous, attractive, and ancient. All the wizards and witches were very well-dressed. On the other side of the village, they saw many shops. Snubby and Finn were admiring all of them.  

“Who are you?” someone finally asked. 

When Snubby and Finn looked up, they saw a young witch. She was wearing a black cloak and a hat which had the letter ‘P’ on it in green. She was gorgeous and mesmerizing. She had round, black eyes, and straight black hair. Her skin gleamed like the moon. She seemed to be fifteen years old. 

Snubby and Finn stood still, admiring her. She snapped her fingers and said, “Hello! May I know who you are?”

Finn and Snubby introduced themselves to the witch and told her all about their mission. The witch seemed to be interested in it. She was polite, friendly, and generous. 

“Good to meet you,” she said, “I am Elena. I was also collecting information from my grandpa about the disappearance of the Giver Stones. It is an unfortunate incident. Anyway, you look exhausted. I can help. Follow me.” 

Elena led them to the house at the end of the street which was bigger than the others, and the most stunning and beautiful. It was lit with orange and yellow lights. 

“Welcome to my home!” said Elena in a friendly tone. She introduced her family to Finn and Snubby. Her family included her grandpa, mom, dad, and cousin. All of them were dressed in cloaks and hats, except the cousin. He was dressed normally, in a shirt and a pair of trousers. He was tall and fit. He had curly black hair. He was personable and good-looking. His name was Daniel, and looked to be about fifteen as well. 

Snubby and Finn introduced themselves to all of them. Elena’s mom gave Snubby and Finn a cup of candy coffee and some mashed potatoes. They were both delicious. 

“Is Daniel a wizard, because he is dressed like a normal person..?” Snubby asked with curiosity. 

“No, I am not a wizard. My dad and Elena’s mom are siblings, but my mom is not a witch. That is why I am not a wizard. But I know certain things,” answered Dan. “I live in Yellow Snow Drive. Anyway, can I join your mission? I would like to help. Our school closed down for vacation!” 

“That’s great, we would love to have you!” exclaimed Snubby with happiness. “I will also come,” said Elena firmly. 

“Wow!” said Dan, Snubby and Finn together, and they burst into laughter. 

It was not hard to convince their family. All of them were daring, strong and powerful. In fact, they were all delighted to send Elena and Dan to solve a mystery like this. They had a lot of opinions, suggestions, and information. An important piece of information was about the giant, Anguis, who knew every little detail about Aureole. They took all the things required to go on this adventure. 

Now the team set off to meet Anguis and find out the mystery behind the disappearance of the Giver Stones. They were all nervous, and a little scared, but also excited and brave. They really loved their planet, home, family, and friends. They wanted everything to be alright again.

Snubby Disappears 

The air was still, cold, and silent. Snubby broke the silence.

“Elena, why is there the letter ‘P’ on your hat?” he asked, and the others leaned in for an answer. 

Before Elena could say anything, Dan chimed in and said, “Oh, that’s because she is great at making potions. She is the best.” Elena was blushing. Her face turned red due with pride. 

“That’s cool!” exclaimed Finn and Snubby together. 

They had random conversations and laughed all day. They had become good friends. They kept going. Soon, it was night. They had dinner on the way, under a huge tree. They had some purple wine and crab porridge that Elena cooked for them. It was not as good as her mother’s, but it was edible. They didn’t speak a single word the whole while. All of them were busy eating. Soon, they fell asleep in a tent-like spot which they called a Terum. Terums are like tents, but they could automatically change their size according to the number of people inside. Elena woke up to get some water. 

It was a dark, cold night. Only the moonlight filled the air. As she looked around for water, she realized Snubby was not there. 

“Get up Dan! Get up Finn!” she shouted immediately. 

“What happened Elena?” asked Dan, still half asleep. Finn got up with a sleepy face, but didn’t speak much. 

“Snubby is not here, he is missing!” said Elena in a hurry. She was scared and worried. 

“What?” asked Dan. 

“But where did he go at this hour?” asked Finn. 

“Let us not waste more time. Let us go and look for him!” said Elena thoughtfully. 

Finn and Dan got up. When Finn got up, he found a stone near him- it was blue. Finn picked it up.

“What is this?” he asked, “I have not seen any other stone like this. It is very strange.” Elena and Dan saw it. 

Elena gasped and said, “It looks like a Giver Stone!” She let out a huge sob. 

“Hold on Elena! Let’s think. According to what we know, only the Stones disappear and the creature or human dies. However, this is something different. A new puzzle!” said Dan. What he had said was considerable. 

All of them were confused. Elena was disappointed. Dan was in deep thought, but couldn’t get through anything. Finn held the Stone and examined it carefully. They were totally puzzled. Almost half an hour passed. Suddenly, a tail, a nose, two hands, and a pair of legs popped out of the Stone. 

The Stone had turned into Snubby. All of them were shocked. Snubby laughed at them, mockingly. His laughter was the only noise heard in the silent, dark night. 

Elena, Dan, and Finn stood with their mouths open. They stood still like statues, which made Snubby laugh even more. None of them were angry with Snubby for this stupid prank. It was impossible for anyone to get angry with someone who was adorably cute like Snubby.

Elena came running towards Snubby and hugged him tight. After that, Snubby told them some funny tricks he played on the others. Dan, Elena and Finn also shared their memories. Finn spoke about how he had escaped from his mother and gone to the forbidden side of Glory Land after he stole his favorite candy. Elena told a story of how she gave some frequent vomiting potions to one of her enemies and Dan spoke about playing football and kicking his friend where he shouldn’t have. 

They had an incredibly good time together. Finally, around midnight, they fell asleep. They were a little happier and sleepier than they were before.

The Warning of the Fairies 

The next day, all of them woke up more energetically. They came out of the Terum and felt the cool, smooth breeze hit their faces. As they came out, the Terum became very small and Elena packed it in her bag. They had some hot candy coffee and set off again. 

It was a bright day, but the weather was still cold and breezy. Elena did not feel well, but she made sure that her condition did not become worse. She took the warmth-giving potion often to get rid of any cold. 

They kept travelling to meet the giant, Anguis. According to the information they got, Anguis lived in the dark cave at Black Hills, located between Fairyland and Glory Land. They passed many places. Soon, they reached Fairyland. 

Five groups of fairies lived there – the Water fairies, the Earth fairies, the Air fairies, the Sky fairies, and the Fire fairies. Each one of them had the power to control one element. Their wings were made of water, rocks, air, clouds, and fire flames, respectively. 

Fire fairies were the most powerful and charming among the faires, and the queen of Fairyland also happened to be a Fire Fairy. 

“I think we should get some help from the fairies,” Finn suggested, “They are extremely intelligent and majestic.” 

“And also gorgeous!” said Snubby. 

“Have you seen one?” asked Dan, excitedlhy. 

“Yes. Only once—” 

“That’s a great idea Finn,” Elena said, interrupting the conversation. “We are already here! We can get some help. And you two,” she said looking at Snubby and Dan, “Stop talking and start walking! You will be able to see many of them once we get in.” She sounded irritated and angry. 

“Fine, let’s go!” said Dan, looking satisfied that he had irritated Elena. 

Dan usually loved irritating Elena. They entered Fairyland. It was beautiful. 

“Ooh aar yu?” asked a sweet little voice. 

Elena, Dan, Snubby, and Finn turned towards the voice they just heard. As they turned, they saw a Water Fairy and a Sky Fairy. The fairies were staring them with tiny, sparkling eyes. Dan, Finn and Snubby were enchanted by them. They were speechless. 

Elena was the only person who could talk to them. She told them why they were here and what their mission was. When Elena told them about the disappearance of the Giver Stones, the Sky Fairy started to sob. Sky Fairies were highly emotional, honest, and friendly. When the fairy started to cry, Dan, Snubby and Finn snapped out their reverie. Elena was worried.

“I am sorry. But we have to solve the mystery,” she said. 

The Water Fairy said, “That ees owkay. Anii elp from our side?” with a warm smile on her face. 

“Yeah sure. That’s why we are here!” Dan said, making sure Elena knew that he was listening, and not dreaming. She seemed to be terribly angry with them for their behaviour in Fairlyland. The other two boys nodded and smiled.

By then, the Sky Fairy had overcome her emotions and tears. The fairies seemed to feel comfortable with them. The fairies took them to a fairy, who was supposed to be their Queen. She was even more gorgeous than any other fairy. She was a Fire Fairy. The two fairies greeted her with a graceful bow. Later, they introduced Dan, Elena, Snubby and Finn to her. She did not cry. Fire Fairies were courageous, strong, and generous. 

After listening to them she said, “Yu aar doin a gret job. Vee weel elp yu. I weel tel yu evereethin I know.” 

Elena, Dan, and Finn were eager to know what the queen had to say, whereas Snubby did not show much interest. He was getting sleepy. 

The fairy said, “Az yu said, none of uz know the reazon behind the dizappearance of the Giver Stones. But one weel……” 

“Who is it?” asked Finn. 

“Hee ees the giant, Anguis. The one yu aar searshin for. Hee knows evereethin wich appens in Aureole.” 

“We already know all this miss fairy,” said Snubby, mockingly. 

“Wel zen lez me tel yu somthin yu weel not bee knowin. Yu shoold not stap tinkin that meetin heem and talkin widh heem ees not so eeasy. Yu weel ave to solve som riddlez. Eef not yu weel be keeled. Hee weel give yu some clues and yu weel ave to solve eet and only after that hee weel talk to yu. Even when hee talkz, he givez only clues. Bee very carefool widh heem,” she said in a mysterious voice. 

Elena asked, “Can you please tell us exactly where he lives?” 

“Es! Hee livez in a cave behind the waterfallz at the Black Heelz,” answered the fairy. “And pleaze try to solve eet as soon as possible coz this ees gettin too bad.” 

“Sure, we will do our best,” said Dan. 

Elena, Dan, Finn and Snubby thanked her and moved on. The fairies offered them lunch, but they refused because they were eager to find Anguis. They set off from Fairyland and reached Black Hills in half an hour. Their travel to Black Hills was not easy. 

The Waterfall 

The Black Hills were enormous, beautiful, and stunning. The hills were white in colour, due to the snowfall that time of year. The hills seemed to touch the sky and merge with it. 

“We should not waste any more time. Come, let us go!” Finn said with energy and enthusiasm. 

Elena had an awfully bad cold, but she managed with the help of her potions. They started climbing the Black Hills. It was biting cold, and it was also extremely hard to climb with ropes in a climate like that. Elena was getting weaker, but she didn’t give up. She was strong-willed. The others were also supportive. 

They reached the waterfall. It was white in colour, which made it even harder to find. Finn was the one who noticed it first. The waterfall looked like it flowing from the sky. However, it stopped in the middle. That is where everyone was standing. 

No one knew the reason behind it, but the waterfall seemed to be frozen. Dan had a doubt. 

“I am not sure about it. It looks frozen. How can we get in?” he asked asked Snubby. 

“I don’t know,” said Elena worriedly. Dan was in deep thought.

“What are you thinking Dan?” asked Finn, curiously.

“Wait! My grandpa said that Anguis plays many tricks and it is not an easy job to meet him. Apart from that, he also said that he is a great magician!” said Dan, thoughtfully. 

“How do you remember so much Dan?” asked Snubby. 

“He has a great memory. Since our childhood, Dan has been able to remember anything he saw, heard or said, even if it was just the one time,” said Elena. 

“Wow!” exclaimed Snubby, “That is awesome!”

“That is great Dan! What do you reckon this could be?” asked Finn. “Hmmm…I am not sure. But can we touch it?” Dan asked.

“It is frozen Dan. It is exceedingly difficult to get past it!” said Elena shivering. 

“No Elena, according to me, this is one of his tricks. I don’t think this is a frozen waterfall!” Dan said firmly. 

“Well, ok then! I will touch it. It’s not so hard!” said Snubby with confidence. 

“All of us together?” asked Elena. 

Finn and Dan nodded and stepped forward. They touched it. It was flexible. It felt like a fabric covered with snow. It made them curious. 

Dan said, “Lift it. Three…. Two…. One and go!”

Everyone lifted it and saw a giant wooden door that said ‘Zafaar Naga’. Elena gasped and Snubby was shocked. Dan smiled with satisfaction and Finn patted Dan with a smile. 

The Giant Anguis 

Now, they stood an inch before the door, confused. 

With the word Naga, they found out that the giant, Anguis, was a snake. They got in. It was extremely hard to open the door, which was ten feet tall. With a hard push, together, they opened it. 

As they opened it, they saw a giant snake sleeping on the floor. The snake was huge- about fifty feet long, red in color, with two big black horns lying on the floor. Dan stepped in first, and the others followed him. 

“Welcome heroes. Brilliant moves!” said the snake in a slow, hissing tone. The room was dark. The walls were made of black bricks. Dan and Finn got ready to go forth. They went closer, and Elena and Snubby followed them.

“Thanks! We want your help,” Dan said with courage and confidence. “Ahaaa…Good! I like your courage, but you will have to be wise to get my help. Wise, not bold or courageous!” said Anguis, mockingly. 

“Hmm… Yes Anguis, we are! If not, how could we be here, in front of you, instead of standing outside, puzzled?” replied Elena calmly, but firmly. 

“Ahaaa…. I like that. Ok then, go ahead and solve this,” he said, 

Even after being nervous and scared a little, 

what brings you here to fight and battle 

With a giant snake like me? 

Hatred is cultivated where this is not taught or given, 

You are bound to do or feel the emotion atleast once in your life, 

If not, you are not alive! 

It is unique for each one of us. 

Is it courage, or is it confidence, or a gem?


That could be the key to solve your problem.” 

Dan, Elena, Finn and Snubby kept thinking. 

“Remember, you have only one chance,” said Anguis casually. 

There was a lot of confusion. Dan thought it was courage, whereas Elena thought it to be trust. However, somehow, these two answers did not fit the riddle. 

Snubby thought for a long time and said, “Maybe humanity?”

“No, we are not here because of humanity!” said Finn, still thinking. 

“Does this mean intelligence? Taking too long! Fast! Anguis cannot wait,” said Anguis in a cold, chilling voice. 

They thought for a while and came out with many answers, but they were not sure. There was silence, and everyone was in deep thought. One could only hear Anguis’ hissing. 

Suddenly, Finn broke the silence and said, “I reckon it is LOVE. Love for our planet and fellow beings brings us here even though we’re scared. When there is no love, hatred is cultivated, and of course, we do love someone or something in our life.” 

This seemed convincing to everyone. Dan, Elena and Snubby agreed to it. They gathered their courage. Finn went forth. 

“Anguis, we are ready!” said Finn.

“Ahaa! Sure, go ahead Mr..err…” mumbled Anguis.

“I am Finn! The answer to your riddle is LOVE,” replied Finn firmly. “Well, well, well,” said Anguis, “Great job! That was impressive. You are right Mr. Finn. Now, ask me anything you need.” 

Dan and Elena were extremely happy. Snubby jumped up and down.

“Ok, what do you think is the reason behind the disappearance of the Giver Stones?” asked Finn. 

“Ahaa! That is still a mystery, but I can only guess, it could  be because of one of the most monstrous, powerful and knowledgeable things of Aureole. Well known, but cannot be seen!” answered Anguis. There was no need for them to note it down, because of Dan’s super memory power. 

“Fine! Do you know where it is?” asked Dan. 

“Ahaa! It is not a thing. Well, HE lives in a plateau,” said Anguis.

Elena asked, “Anguis, but there is no plateau in Aureole, is it not?.” 

“Huh, silly girl. There is,” replied Anguis arrongantly. Elena hated Anguis for that. 

“Well, any other problems we have to go through?” asked Finn with hope. “Ahaa…yes, of course. One big one. The biggest problem of all,” replied Anguis. 

“What is it?” questioned Finn the very next second. 

“Ahaa! He is a monster, the guardian of the plateau. He can see one with three. All his power in one of them.” 

“Any suggestions?” asked Elena, casually.

“Ahaa! All I can say is ALL THE BEST.” 

“Thank you,” all of them said together. Zafaar nodded with a hiss. They came out of the room and lifted the fabric, that seemed to be like a waterfall, and came out. Suddenly, they found themselves in another place. 

The Guardian of the Plateau 

Now, they were puzzled. They wondered about what had just happened, and then realized that Anguis did this to help them. He was a great magician. They felt more confident and happier. They wanted to thank Anguis a thousand times. The place looked quite familiar to Finn. 

“I think that this is the other side of Glory Land, which is strictly forbidden. I told you I came here when I was young,” he said. 

“Ok, now this is getting clear. Anguis said that the one behind this whole problem cannot be seen, which means he is invisible!” said Dan.

“No Dan, the plateau is invisible,” Finn corrected him. 

“Yes, that makes sense,” said Elena. 

“Ok, then I reckon that the guardian is the reason for that. Where do we find him?” questioned Finn. 

Suddenly, the ground vibrated, loud footsteps were heard, and a gigantic shadow was seen. Hearing this, Dan, Elena, Snubby and Finn ran and hid behind a huge rock. They peeped out to see what it was. It was a huge man, almost the size of a mountain, standing and grunting. He had three eyes. He wore a piece of white cloth. He was bald. The man looked ugly and monstrous. 

“Now, this makes sense!” said Dan, “He sees one with three- that meant his eyes! He is the guardian.”

Snubby was quiet. He seemed dull and scared. When the others asked him for the reason behind his silence, he refused to answer, but kept thinking. 

They tried to convince Snubby, but he did not seem to budge. By then, the huge man started to roam around.  

“Come on, let us not waste time Snubby. It will all be alright,” Finn said. 

Snubbby got up. Now they were ready to face the guardian. They stepped out from their hiding place and faced him. Elena had already made a plan to fight him. 

According to what she said, Finn and Dan stood in front of the giant man. Finn and Dan were only the size of the man’s little finger. Finn gulped as he stood near him. They both started teasing the giant man. 

“You brainless creature!” shouted Dan. The man was too tall and had to bend down so see Finn and Dan. 

Finn and Dan shouted with force- 



“Couch potato!” 

“Do you have a brain?”

“We bet you can’t see with just two eyes! Are you really that weak?”

“You’ve grown like a huge load of poop!” 

“Do you even bathe? You stink like spoilt vomit!”

The boys hurled the insults at the large man, who turned red with anger. 

“Dhuj is good, powerful and smart,” the man shouted back, “You tiny people should not humiliate Dhuj. Get off from here!” 

His voice was like a motor that hadn’t been serviced for a long time.

“Nah, you are a freak!” said Dan.

Dan and Finn kept irritating Dhuj, just to distract him. Elena and Snubby waited until he got fully distracted. Dhuj got extremely irritated, like a lion who is bothered by a tiny little rat. 

He lifted Dan and Finn from the ground and crushed them with his dirty hands. 

“It hurts a lot!” shouted Finn. 

“Come on, do something!” said Dan. 

The next second, Elena came out, flying with a sword in her hand. She jabbed the shining, yellow sword into Dhuj’s chest. However, nothing happened! He attacked them with his all his power. Dhuj was extremely powerful. 

Elena tried her best to jab him, but it was exceedingly difficult. 

“Uhhhh. Come on Elena, it’s too hard here!” said Finn. They kept encouraging her as much as they could. The pain was horrible. 

“Dhuj is going to kill you now,” said Dhuj, smiling cunningly. 

Dan suddenly remembered one of the clues. It said that ‘his power was in one of them’, and that meant it was in one of his eye. He gave Elena a signal by winking at her. Elena was brilliant. She understood Dan on his third try. She nodded and jumped, pushing herself upwards. 

She ran over Dhuj’s face. Dhuj was senseless. Elena poked his center eye. He became weaker and weaker, but still fought through. As he became weak, Dan and Finn jumped from his hand and began to hit him too. 

Later, Dhuj fell on the ground with a huge thud, and lay there motionless.

Evening came and only happiness filled the air. From nowhere, a plateau emerged. It was a little far from where they were standing. 

As they walked, Finn asked “Where did you get the sword from, and where is Snubby?” 

“Well, both of them are the same!” Elena said with a mysterious smile on her face. 

“Wow, Snubby! That’s enough. Come on, we have to go now!” said Dan. 

Snubby turned himself back and just gave everyone a weak smile. He still seemed troubled.

The Invisible Plateau 

They went towards the plateau. It was very dark. 

But Dan, Elena, Finn and Snubby immediately found a huge stack of Giver Stones kept in a corner, because of their bright colors. As they went closer, they found a huge scorpion getting closer to them, and felt their powers and strength decrease. They felt weak. 

“Welcome heroes! You are great,” said the giant scorpion. His voice was casual, rhythmic, smooth, and bold. The scorpion was enormous. It had mustard-coloured shells, but its sting was blue due to its poison. The eyes occupied half of his face. The scorpion was thirty feet long and twenty feet wide. 

“You are finished,” said Dan weakly, hardly breathing. 

“Really? Well, my name is Teras and I love your courage!” said Teras casually. “My goodness! I cannot bear it. It is painful,” Elena said. 

“Oh no, I have to do this dear! I get to become more powerful as you become weaker,” replied Teras. 

“Why are you doing this Teras? Show us some love and kindness. We share this land. We should be united. Why are you so evil?” shouted Elena, but Snubby and Finn were silent. 

“Really? Well, I don’t think so. Do you think it is like that?” he asked, looking at Snubby. “In fact, I give what I get!” 

Snubby looked terrified, and Dan and Elena looked shocked. 

The Unexpected

 Teras laughed loudly. It could have been heard by someone in another planet. Everything stopped for second. 

“Confused, huh? Ok, let me tell you, if that is your last wish. I have the power to persuade or possess anyone, just like your friend. I can leave him free and persuade him whenever I want,” Teras said.  

“So, this whole thing was your plan?” said Elena. 

“Wow, brilliant. You are right, this was my plan!” Teras replied.

“But why?” asked Snubby. 

“I wanted to be the most powerful. I wanted to control the whole world,” Teras told him. 

“What? How will that happen if you destroy the Giver Stones?” asked Dan. 

“No, that was not my objective! My aim was you four!” Teras said. 

“Us?” asked Snubby with a great doubt in his voice. 

“Yes, you! I knew you four will be a problem for me in the future, and that is why I brought you here- to kill you and establish my kingdom! So, I persuaded Finn the day he came here, once when he was a kid. I used him to spy on all of you. Among all, you four were the most powerful. So, I ordered him to gather all three of you. It was I who helped him solve the clue given by the giant Anguis, and it was me who made Finn meet Snubby! It was me, it was just me, and now you are here!” Teras said with a big smile.

Dan, Elena and Snubby were speechless. 

“Ok, time for you to die! Bye,” said Teras, “Finn kill them!” Finn began attacking them with all his powers, and Teras continued to control him. 

Dan, Elena or Snubby could not kill Finn. He was their friend- a great friend. They were becoming weaker. Elena tried to grab her wand and cast a powerful spell. That made Finn faint. Using that time, Elena, Dan and Snubby came up with a plan. That plan was nothing but ‘LOVE’- Anguis said it was key to their problem. 

It was not a big thing. It was just to have hope, confidence, trust and especially love for each other, and to fight against Teras with a lot of courage. Elena, Snubby and Dan put their full effort, power, and strength, along with love for their planet, and fought against Teras. 

It was very hard. Teras was extremely strong, gigantic, and powerful. 

“Kill me? Why don’t you try it out!” said Teras. 

He was very casual. Dan took the help of Snubby, as he turned into a sharp poisonous tool and weapon. 

But Dan could not stab Teras with it since his shells were too hard. Dan, Elena and Snubby were very hurt. 

“Ah,” shouted Dan, who had broken one of his legs. 

“Arrrgh! Come on, we have to do it,” said Elena. The plateau was filled with painful shouts from Dan, Snubby and Elena. Teras was laughing. 

However, the three did not give up. They kept fighting. At one point, Elena used a spell and stupefied Teras, which was extremely hard because Teras was huge. Dan went under Teras, with Snubby’s help, who turned into a bow and arrow. 

That one arrow turned into a hundred as Elena put a multiplier charm on it. Those arrows stabbed Teras with great force. He could not move. He was bleeding, but he did not die. Snubby came back to his real form and the arrows disappeared, leaving Teras on the ground. Dan, Elena and Snubby smiled with happiness, satisfaction, relief and let out a sob.

The Beginning

“See Teras, you were causing the disappearance of the Giver Stones. Now we have caused you to disappear! You are dying,” said Dan. 

“Really?” Teras said, “Are you sure? Disappearing is not new to me, is it?” 

All the three of them looked puzzled. Teras lifted one of his hands and hit it against his chest. At that second, he swirled like a cyclone and disappeared, leaving the ground empty. 

Elena, Dan and Snubby were shocked. Snubby assured he would die because the poison was extraordinarily strong, and that sounded convincing to everyone. 

Snubby cleaned himself and turned into a huge bag. They kept all the Giver Stones in it. At least a million Giver Stones were in the bag, and the three took them all back to the top of Black Hills and placed them carefully. 

Finn recovered in two hours after Elena gave him some hot crab soup. Aureole was now as happy, colourful, lively, and charming as it had been before. Everyone now loved each other even more. Dan, Elena, Snubby and Finn departed after a long, soft hug, filled with tears and a lot of emotions.

Sharifa Kaneeza PF


Sharifa Kaneeza PF lives in Salem, Tamil Nadu and is a tenth-grade student at Emerald Valley Public School. She has a keen interest in painting, dancing, craftwork, swimming, travelling, and public speaking. Sharifa has attended an Effective Public Speaking course, which is among the top Corporate Training Ladders. She likes to learn new languages and loves genetics.  She says that one day, she found the novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in her school library accidentally, and now she is a great fan of the series. Sharifa is inspired by JK Rowling and LJ Smith. Her favourite genres are crime and horror. 

Sharifa considers her family and friends her biggest strength. She believes that her family makes her life more meaningful and her friends make her life more colourful. Sharifa values creativity, individuality, and will.