The Hardworking Boy

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Steve. He had lots of superpowers. One of his best superpowers was flying. He also had a bulletproof body and could kill people with a snap of his fingers. He could talk to animals as well. He lived near Lake Geneva. It was a calm area, and there were many trees. 

One day, as Steve kept up his promise of keeping the area safe, he did his usual night patrol around the lake. Everything was going well until a group of 250 men with laser guns came searching for him. Steve was only bulletproof, so he couldn’t fight the lasers. The group of bad men wanted to kill Steve because he was the only one taking care of the whole area. 

As soon as they surrounded him, they pointed their laser guns in his direction, but Steve escaped it all. He flew away! 

”Nobody can dare to kill me!” he said, as he flew out. He snapped his finger 200 times while finding help. 

Now 50 of the strongest men were left, and they were trying to shoot him. However, the laser could not travel that high up.

A group of eagles passed by. He said to them, “Please throw the big rock at the men- the one kept at the shore of the Lake Geneva.” The birds listened to what he said and killed all the bad men. There was great peace and joy! The boy thanked the birds. After that, everyone was scared to go against him.

After the fight, the boy was tired. He was happy that he had a thrilling life, but he lost his superpowers! He was bullied at school and didn’t do well in any subject. He failed his exam thrice, and was expelled.

Finally, he was sent to a school called Thomas Jefferson High School. He failed his exams once again and was thrown out of school in a few months. However, this time, he was not alone. He had made a friend, Boyan. They would run away to different places and have lots of adventures.

One day, they realized they were near a dirty lake. The boys didn’t like what they saw, so they started cleaning the lake. After three years, the lake was clean. They were recognised for their good work, and were the youngest to earn the title, ‘Champions of the Earth’. 

After that, Steve had a purpose in his life, and he had the best time in school. He was very happy. 

Soon after, Steve was sitting in his house and counting all the money he had. When he went out, his money got stolen. He became poor. However, he still had one superpower no one knew about- he could float on water. 

Boyan, his best friend, was unaware that Steve had any superpower until they went to a lake to learn swimming with their friends. Boyan realised that Steve didn’t drown in the water, and was able to swim like an expert. 

Everyone was surprised to see Steve floating on the water and couldn’t believe their eyes. Steve came out of the pool, shocked with his ability. He had experienced this for the first time ever. 

A journalist who was writing a story on the lake was also astounded by Steve’s ability. The journalist handed the boy Rs, 1,500 and took down his address. He wanted to write an article about him and hoped his superpowers and abilities would be known all over the world. He wanted to raise a sum of Rs. 20,000 for him, and he did. Steve became rich and lived a happy life. 

However, he spent all his money and got poor very quickly. Once again, he lost his superpowers. 

What happens next? We’ll find out in the next book! Stay tuned.

Rivaan Agrawal


Rivaan Agrawal is a student at High International School, Bhopal. He is an avid reader and writer, his favourite series being the “Secret Seven” books by Enid Blyton. He is adept at solving the Rubik’s Cube and at playing the guitar. He also enjoys playing tennis. He is afraid of pitch darkness and heights. Rivaan is a confident young man with a bubbly nature who loves to spread the joy of reading books.