The Jewel Thief

It was the wrong number that started it.

Olivia’s phone rang four times at midnight, and the voice at the other end of the line was asking for someone. Someone whom Olivia did not know! 

Flashback to earlier that week:

Emily and Olivia were 17 years old, and had been friends forever. Emily had long black hair; she was tall and slim, and had dark brown pupils. She loved reading and solving mysteries. Olivia was also tall, and a little plump. She had blue pupils. Olivia was from a really rich family and lived in an enormous mansion.

It was the start of a new year. Emily was excited because she was going to go to the same school as Olivia. She was also kind of sad because she had to say goodbye to her other friends. 

The next day, Emily got ready and went down for breakfast with her parents. As usual, they were on their phones. This didn’t make Emily sad because they were on their phones almost all the time. 

She left for school a little while later and when she reached, she saw Olivia waiting for her  by the gate. They both ran toward each other and gave each other a big, tight hug. 

When they reached their class, everybody surrounded Emily and asked if they could sit with her. She was popular because she had solved many mysteries. Emily was happy, but Olivia was not. Olivia was jealous because she was used to being the popular one, as she was rich. After the classes got over, Emily and Olivia went to lunch. 

Emily was a good friend and did not forget about Olivia. They all sat together and ate lunch. Once school got over, both of them decided to try out for the basketball team. They both wanted to be captain.

Alicia was Emily and Olivia’s school mate. She had blonde long hair, and was the current basketball captain at school. She had been so for the past three years. Nobody ever tried out for captain because she was so good at basketball. 

At the end. it was down to two contestants- Alicia and Emily. Once again, Olivia was jealous. The coach said he would decide who should be captain the next day.

Alicia saw the look on Olivia’s face and went to her.

“Your friend is taking your place. You better do something!” Alicia told Olivia.  There were tears in Olivia’s eyes. 

“If you throw a party where everybody is invited, except for  Emily, you will become popular again,” said Alicia. 

So Olivia did as she said. Emily did not know Olivia’s plan, so she went back home and began doing her homework. In the evening, she asked her parents if she could go to Olivia’s house for a sleepover, as her birthday was coming up and there were a lot of preparations to be done. Emily’s parents said she could go and so she left. 

When she reached the gate, she saw Olivia throwing a party. She went inside and asked Olivia what was happening. Olivia told her she was throwing a party. Emily was angry and furious, and left Olivia’s house. Olivia rushed back to her room and called Emily immediately to apologize. Emily then went back to Olivia’s house for a sleepover. 

The next day they got up and started the preparations for the party. They chose an 8 kg red velvet cake for the 200 people who were coming to the party. Everything was ready! People entered with lots of gifts and flowers. Everybody was waiting for Olivia who was upstairs getting ready. Olivia came down. She was wearing a Caribbean blue dress with a diamond necklace and diamond earrings.

When she came down, everybody started singing the birthday song. It was the best birthday party anybody had ever been to. Emily and Olivia went upstairs to Olivia’s room to get ready for their second sleepover. 

When they entered the room, they both screamed and everybody ran upstairs. Everybody then screamed too. 

Guess what? All the jewelry and money had disappeared from Olivia’s room. The thieves did not leave any gold. Olivia’s dad fainted, but he was back on his feet in no time. The next day they both met at Emily’s house and started investigating the robbery. 

First, they started noting down who was at the party. Then, they noted down who could have known where the money was kept: the servants, family members or some close friends, possibly. 

They were checking the camera when Steven, the housekeeper, came with a glass of water and accidentally dropped it on the computer. Boom…. The whole camera footage was gone. 

But Olivia knew who the culprit was. It was her brother. 

20 year old James, Olivia’s older brother, did not live with Olivia and her family; James kept on using his father’s money, but his father forgave him because of Olivia. Olivia was sure that James would never rob his father, but no one knew he had become the first suspect on the list. They went to his house to investigate the matter. 

When they finally met James at his house, Emily asked James why he stole the money.

James replied, “I did not steal the money!” 

“Then who was at the party, dressed like you? We saw you there!” said Emily. 

James replied, “I sent you a text saying I would not be able to come.” 

They all realised what had happened. Someone was disguised as James, just so they could enter the party and steal the jewelry. They got ready to find out who it could be. They asked each other if they had heard anything odd. 

Olivia then replied, “Yes! At midnight, someone called me. They asked me four riddles- the first one was What is always in front of you, but can never be seen? The next one was How many times does the alphabet A appear from 0-100. The the next one was What can fly without wings?, and the last one was What goes up when rain comes down?”. 

They all started solving the puzzles. They asked a few friends. Olivia’s servant, Charles, knew the answer to the third one. The answer was “time”, as time flies without any wings. James thought and thought, and finally it struck him that the answer to the first one was “air” as it is present, but can’t be seen. Emily solved the second one- it was none, as the alphabet A does not appear in any number system. The last one was still unsolved. Finally, Olivia got the answer, as her father would always tell her the riddle when it would rain. The answer was “an umbrella” as the umbrella goes above your head when the rain comes down. 

They thought that they should use the first letters and form the alphabets into a word. It spelled out the word “Aunt”, and then they knew who the thief was.

They called the police and told them what they had found out. They arrested the aunt and she finally confessed that Olivia’s brother James was also part of the robbery. Emily did tell Olivia that James was guilty, but Olivia didn’t want to believe her loving brother was capable of something like this. He did help solve the mystery!

They did not have time to solve another mystery, as they were going to celebrate both of them making the basketball team! Emily had become captain, and they invited many people and had so much more fun.

Aanya Sameer Mehta


Aanya Sameer Mehta is a 12 year old girl from Chennai. She stays with her cat, sister, mom, dad and grandmother. She studies at Vael’s International School and is in the 7th grade. Her hobbies are singing, writing, reading and playing basketball. She usually spends her time playing with her pet cat, reading or exploring nature. Aanya loves any physical activity that makes her run and work in teams. She has travelled to all the continents and would love to go skydiving and bungee jumping one day. She is up for any adventure, at any time.