The Live Match

Once there lived a very helpful and smart boy called John.  John’s mother Rina used to make John do his homework  everyday and practice drawing, but John liked to play football  and wanted to become a popular football player. One day  John asked his mother to put him in a football academy, but  his mother refused because she liked saving money and using  it for emergencies. At school, he used to get inspired by a boy  called Sam who played football very well. Sam was a fourth  grader and John who was a third grader was not allowed to  play football. Sam said, “Oh no, if you were in fourth grade  you could have played with me.”

His mother wanted him to study and become a lawyer but  John wanted to play football, get many trophies and become  the best footballer in the world. 

When John went to fourth grade, he was happy to be allowed  to play football. He had a lot of fun playing than watching Sam play. It was easy for John to play because he had  learned some tactics from Sam. Sam helped him a lot and  now everyone was amazed at how well he played. His mom  found he had a lot of interest in playing football because he  practiced everyday. 

The following week, Miss Martin made an announcement for a  competition. She asked the students about their participation  as it was a great opportunity. They were asked to practice at  home. Then John went and gave his name for the competition.  He was very excited. Miss Martin said, “You will even get rupees  forty thousand cash prize when you become the winner and  for the best player you will win rupees eighty thousand cash  prize.” 

After school, John went to his mother and told her about the  competition. She said that John has to win the competition.  She said she would arrange a coach for a day, so they could  save money. She promised him she would allow him to follow  his dream of being a football player if he won the competition  and went to Spain. John had learned a lot of important  techniques from his one day training and was hopeful. 

Then the day of the competition arrived. When John reached  the ground, his heart was pounding with excitement and he  was a little bit nervous because he could see the opposite  team who was strong and also the spectators. The referee blew the whistle and the game started. 

The players faced each other and the game began. Both teams  played extremely well and they had equal points. Everyone  started cheering. John put in his best effort. Then he tried  to use every skill he had learned. Both teams scored equal  numbers of goals. Then it was time for a penalty shoot out.  The spectators watched in tense silence. John kicked the last  ball and it was a goal. The spectators started cheering. Then  the host announced the winner. She said, “The best player is Ron.” The stadium was quiet as no one knew who Ron was.  “Sorry! It is John and he gets eighty thousand rupees! Also he gets fifty thousand for the captainship and he is directly  selected!”

John’s mother Rina was very happy that he had performed  really well. After the competition everyone came and asked  for John’s autograph. His mom was so proud. She felt that  John did better than she expected. He was happy that his  mom was happy.

The next morning, he packed his bags and went to Spain  with his team. John had a lot of fun. He played Pictionary,  Monopoly and had a lot of fun on the flight. After some hours  they reached Spain. It was a long journey.

Then when they came out of the airport, everyone cheered  for their team. John and his team were surprised. The coach  in Spain was a smart lady called Riya. She met them at the  airport and escorted them to a hotel. The staff at the hotel  welcomed them. When John was checking in the room they  informed him that there were not enough rooms and they were  really sorry. John said fine he would take care. John said thank  you and he went. Then he told his team about the rooms. A  boy from his team said, “I know a hotel but they have only two  rooms.” John said let some stay here and let some come with  us. Then they all went to another hotel. When they entered the  hotel, they saw a beautiful place and they went inside and  they had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves. 

At night someone came to kill John. John fought hard to defend  himself, but his hand got slashed and he started bleeding. The  attacker left suddenly. John did not know what to do. Then he  closed his eyes for a second. Then took his phone and thought  of calling his friends but he could not remember and finally  found the number and told what happened. Then his friends  came and took him to the hospital. Then John’s mom called  Riya and told her what happened to John. His mother asked  for him to come back as she was upset. Then his coach said,  “I will give a lot of security to him.” His coach said he will miss  his chance. His mother said, ““Fine! You are responsible if he  dies,” and cut the call.

John’s team, his mom and his friends all made a get well soon  card for him. He was very happy with the cards. He began to  feel better. 

The next day the coach gathered everyone and advised them  to reduce all the fun and do physical exercises and gave them  an exercise routine. The coach told them to observe how the  opposition played. This would help them to understand their  weaknesses. They practiced headshot, knee shot, and aimed  at the goal. So that it would be easy for them to hit the goal.  They did some push-ups. 

They also paid attention to the food they ate and played a trial  match. Their coach divided them into teams and they started  playing. John tried to do a headshot and it went to the goal  post, the goal keeper did not block it. Then the opposition  also hit the goal when the time was over. The coach said,  “Well played.” After one month of practice it was the day of  the match so John’s mother came to Spain. John wanted to  win and become the best. This match was between Barcelona  and Real Madrid.

John’s team was Barcelona. They all started playing. Then  John went to take the ball from Kim in the opposite team and  he made a head shot. Then Barcelona got a point. Next, Jen  from Barcelona got the ball and scored a point. After which,  Real Madrid got the ball. The audience did not know who would win because both had equal points. Finally John gave a  shot. The ball flew high up and went for a goal. Then everyone  cheered and Barcelona got the trophy, and John’s mother  bought everyone gifts, and John felt really happy. The host  said, “I think Barcelona won because of John the captain; he  gets the trophy! He also gets fifty thousand dollars.” 

Later, everyone went to the hotel. They gave gifts to John and  his team and they were very happy. John’s mom was very  proud that he had won. When he grew up he married a girl  named Luna and lived happily ever after. Done Done Done…..

Deiksha Sivaraman


Deiksha is nine years old. She enjoys going on trips. She loves  writing stories. She likes drawing  and painting. She has her paintings stuck all over the walls.  She is a really kind and smart girl. She makes friends quickly.  She likes eating pasta and pizza. Her favorite colours are  pink and yellow. She calls herself a drama queen. She is  currently reading The Secret Seven series. She also likes  reading inspirational books. When she grows up she wants to become a doctor.