The Magical Wizard

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Alicha in a village called Grace. The girl lived in an orphanage because she was separated from her family and lost.  

The caretakers of the orphanage and the villagers were very kind. They helped each other and took care of each other. This was why the village’s name was Grace. Alicha was not worried, but she felt sad because she missed her family. 

One day, Alicha was walking near a wizard’s house. The old wizard was out watering his plants. As Alicha watched him, she felt sad for him. The wizard was too old to walk to and fro, all the way from the tap to the plants. So, she decided to help the wizard weed the garden, cook, cut vegetables, and stir the heavy pot.

This happened every day. She made it a point to help the old man with some chores as she felt, he was too old to do all the work by himself, and she felt connected to him, especially because she missed her family. She didn’t know that the old man was a wizard, and so she called him Grandpa. 

The wizard noticed that Alicha looked gloomy sometimes and decided to ask her about it. He felt she was a kind-hearted person and didn’t want her to have any worries.

One day, he asked her, “What’s the matter, child?”

“I have lost my family,” replied Alicha. 

The wizard then asked her a few more questions. He asked her where she came from before she got lost, how she got lost, what was the name of the orphanage she lived in, what were the names of the caretakers, and a few more questions. He then asked her to come back after 10 days and said he would help her find her family. 

Alicha waited patiently for ten days. She felt the days go by very slowly. It seemed the days were long and the nights were longer. On the last day, she couldn’t sleep because she was too excited. The next day, she went to see the wizard. 

“I found out where your family is,” said the wizard. He then gave her a map.

He told her it would take two days to reach the place and gave her food for the whole journey. After two frightening and exhausting days, she reached her house. 

As soon as she saw her home, she was able to recognise it and she was overjoyed. She ran towards the house and pounded on the door. When her parents opened and saw Alicha, they were thankful and happy to have her back.  

They asked how she had gotten lost and how she still remembered the way back home. They also asked her why she couldn’t come home sooner. Alicha then told her family about how she wandered into a village called Grace, about the orphanage and the villagers. She told them of their kindness and the new friends she had made out there. She told them about the old man she called Grandpa, and how he had helped her reach them.  

The family was so happy that they made lots of food and went to the wizard’s house to thank him and have a picnic there. They visited him every weekend. The wizard was so happy to have found a family. He never let them know he was a wizard. 

They all lived happily ever after.




Jhalak is 10 years of age and hails from the city of Chennai, where she lives. Her hobby is watching TV, Little Masterchef, dancing, singing, and is an all-round star achiever. She is an intelligent girl with a great imagination. She likes to play carrom, chess, badminton, monopoly, business and UNO.