The Mystery House

Was it real, was it not? It could be a scream! This was the knight- THE KINGXXR. He was good at fighting. He was very rich and had a very big house. The ground was very smooth, the windows smelt like candy, and the walls were made of marble.

THE KINGXXR was tall, handsome, and a very happy man. He wanted to buy a new house. He heard about an empty house around the corner.

He reached the house. It was at the edge of the forest, and so he walked through the thick forest and reached the gates. 

He walked inside, but no one was there. The ground was rough, the windows smelt like garbage and the walls were stinky. The doors creaked open and he was very scared. He thought it was a haunted house. 

Suddenly, he heard a loud howl. He got very frightened. He wanted to get out but couldn’t find the door. He tried to open every door he found but couldn’t. Then, in the darkness, he heard a man scream. It came from downstairs. 

He rushed down, but all the doors were still locked. On the ground, he found a bottle with a clue inside. The clue said, “One of the doors leads to the man.” He didn’t know which door to pick. He was scared that he might pick the wrong door. He finally decided upon a single door, BUT

alas…there was no one there. 

He was furious. His heart was in his mouth.

He had to go through a maze. He was stuck in the maze for hours, but soon, he had an idea. He had a pickaxe with him. He decided to dig a tunnel to the very end of the maze. 

He spent 11 hours digging. It was morning when he came out. He was happy to see the daylight. He never wanted to see the house again. He called some builders to demolish the building. The builders destroyed the house into pieces.

Back in his own house, he decided to go for a quiet walk. He was very happy about being home. He had snacks and coffee. After a bath, he took a nap.

It was 3 PM when he woke up. He felt refreshed. After watching a movie and having late-night pizza, he fell asleep on the couch. He didn’t realise when he had fallen asleep. 

Out of nowhere, he heard a loud wailing sound and a short burst of beeps. He sprang out of bed and realised that it was all a dream. It was the day he was supposed to meet the realtors.

He was asked to come to the location. When he reached the place, it felt like deja vu.  Had he been here or not? He decided to walk inside. 

As the door shut behind him, he realised that it was the same house he had dreamt about. 

But wait! Was this a dream, or was it real?

See you in the next adventure!



The author’s name is Anirudh. He was born in Chennai, India and is 9 years old. He lives in RA Puram and is a grade four student at PSBB, Chennai. He has one brother and three cousins. His favourite hobby is playing football and he is talented at sitting upside down. He likes eating grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta, and noodles. He likes drinking lemonade and is a Geronimo Stilton fan.