The Mystery Unleashed

Once in New York, there lived two girls named Errica Smith &  Sara James. Errica was a poor, pretty and a kind-hearted girl.  She had blue eyes and long blonde curly hair. Even Sara was  a pretty girl with blue eyes but she was rich and had short  brown curly hair. They studied in Transfigureation Catholic  School. They were in Grade 12. They were the class toppers. 

Unfortunately, they hated each other. Sara lived in Madison  Avenue and Errica lived in Minetta Street. The last day before  summer holidays during lunch, Errica found a diary in the  school canteen, she went to the classroom as no one was  there and read the first page of the diary. She was shocked  to see a mysterious riddle:

If you want to be a pirate 

You will need this without fail 

So that you can travel around 

You need something you can sail 

If the riddle is solved 

Get one step closer to the mystery 

Of the enchanted dragon 

Or a step away …..

Suddenly Sara came into the classroom and heard the riddle.  She asked, “What was that?”

Errica said, “It’s nothing.”

Sara replied, “If you don’t tell me I will tell the whole school  about it!” Then Errica shut the door and explained to Sara  everything.

Sara said, “Let’s try solving the riddle by ourselves.” Errica  rejected the idea, but Sara didn’t listen and forced Errica  to join the adventure. Errica asked Sara to meet her at the  Riverside Park tomorrow 1:00 pm after lunch. Errica also asked  Sara to inform at her house that she is going to a fun camp  with her friends.

The next day they got ready with full preparations and met  at the park and started trying to solve the riddle. Sara said, “I  think it’s a ship.”

Errica asked, “But, there are so many ships! How would we  know which one of those the riddle points to?” Suddenly a  piece of newspaper flew on Errica’s face; when she removed it, she saw an article about the 142-year-old dragon ship  found near the enchanted forest.

Errica connected the clues and said, “Sara the 142-year-old  dragon ship is the answer to the riddle!” Then Errica explained  to Sara about the clues and they went to the ship and silently  creeped inside because the reporters were showing the ship  live on the television. Sara saw a pretty circular pendant and  showed it to Errica. She said, “It could even be a clue better  we keep it.”

Then the book opened to the next page and  showed: 

Well done ladies, 

I am a US city 

But I am not the capital 

I have the Hudson River 

And I’m known as the Big Apple 

Find the gold chest and learn the form 

That will help you fight the enchanted dragon all along. 

The girls start thinking about the riddle and Sara said, “Let’s  look for the chest near the Hudson River.” They went to the  Hudson River and as soon as they started searching, they saw  people running towards them and they soon saw a dragon  burning all the people with its flame. The girls ran and sat in a  cave and discussed about the dragon, “We have to solve the  riddle to fight and kill the dragon.”

Fortunately Sara was sitting on the chest. Errica said, “Sara!  You found the chest.” They saw that they needed a key to  open the chest. Suddenly the circular pendant turned into  a key. Then they opened the chest and saw some weapons  and all of a sudden something glittery went into them. Then  a woman came out of the chest and said, “I will be training  you about how to use these weapons and how to fight.”She  added, “The glittery thing which went in you is the magic,  which will only work when you know what magic it is and after  the training you will become superheroes.”

Then they started the training and went on for two days. After  two days of training they became superheroes and named  their team ‘The Girls Squad’.

Then the book opened its third  page:

The girls started their journey to the enchanted dragon. On  their way they soon found a sea but no boat or ship to sail  on. Suddenly one of the weapons turned into a huge ship.  The girls sailed on the ship. Sara was handling the steering,  while Errica was practicing different moves to fight against  the dragon. Suddenly a storm came and Sara was not able  to control the ship and they moved from side to side. They fell  down unconscious. When they woke-up they found themselves  in the enchanted forest! They were very happy. 

They came down from the ship and went inside the enchanted  forest. They saw a wooden tree house, Sara said, “Errica, we  shall keep our weapons and things over here.”

Errica replied, “Fine, and we will also discuss our plans.” They  went inside and lit the lamps. They then saw the dragon coming  and silently sat down. As soon as the dragon went they stood  up and practiced fighting. They slept and in the morning they  went in search of the enchanted dragon. Unfortunately the  dragon wasn’t in the cave. The girls screamed, “Our ship,”  and ran towards their ship and found the enchanted dragon  near their ship. They then started fighting and Errica grabbed  a rope, flew and kicked the dragon. They used their weapons  and fought bravely. Sara asked Errica to stop and immediately  come with her and hide. Errica went with Sara and the dragon  was trying to find them. Errica asked, “Why did you call me  here?” Sara replied, “Let’s make a plan to destroy the dragon, then we will fight with him.” Errica agreed.

Then the book  opened its fourth page: 

If want to destroy the dragon, follow my words: 

What costs nothing but 

Is worth everything 

Weighs nothing but 

Lasts a lifetime 

That one person can’t own 

But you two can share… 

Sara asked, “What could it be?” Both of them tried to think  about the riddle. All of a sudden the dragon saw them and  came to fight. The girls start fighting. Suddenly Errica’s leg  slipped and she fell down. The dragon was going to crush  Errica but Sara came in the middle to save Errica. Both Sara  and Errica were thrown up in the air. Then a powerful rainbow  beam came out from them and went into the dragon’s body  and destroyed the dragon completely. The girls were very  happy and Errica said, “The answer is the Power of Friendship.”  Then the book opened its fifth page and showed: 

Well done! Now you have become real superheroes and you  have your magic too. Your duty from now is to protect the  world.

The girls returned from their journey. During this time they  became best friends and this journey and ‘The Girls Squad’  remained a secret. They continued to save the world from evil  creatures. 


Yeshikaa Chhallani


Yeshikaa Chhallani lives in Chennai.  She is 11 years old. She studies at  Chinmaya Vidhyalaya. She likes adventures, mysteries and traveling. She watches one movie  every two days. She loves to read Dork Diaries. She also enjoys  exploring. Her ambition is to become a very famous doctor.  She is also a night owl.