The Power Of Chocolate

This is a chocolaty story in a chocolate kingdom.

Mary was a hot-tempered girl with beautiful blue eyes and short brown hair. She was tall and had freckles on her nose. She was 9 years old, and she lived in a bungalow in Mumbai, India. 

It was a beautiful morning. The birds were chirping and the trees were swaying in the morning breeze. Mary woke-up, wore her bunny rabbit slippers and ran downstairs screaming, “Mommy, daddy! Tomorrow is my birthday!” 

“Yes honey it is,” her mother agreed.

 “So, are you excited for your birthday?” asked her father. 

“Yes daddy, I am super excited!” Mary replied.

 “Mary, now go and get dressed. You have to eat your breakfast before you leave,” her mother said.

“Ok ma!” Mary said, and went back to her room to get dressed. After eating her breakfast she went to her father.

“Ok miss baker,” her father said while taking a pen in his hand, ”Now tell me how many friends do you want to invite?”

“Um, I want to invite Sheila, Johny, Marcus, Tina and Halley,” Mary said.

 “Ok. I’ll get the tickets on my way back home. Do you know how you are going to go to the chocolate kingdom?” her father asked.

“No daddy,” Mary replied.

“Ok then, let that be a birthday surprise!” her father said.

The next morning, Mary got up and got her gifts. She got a new bicycle and an apron, a chef’s cap, bars of chocolate, a whisk, and a few more baking items. Then, her friends started coming over. 

First came Marcus. He was a tall boy with curly hair. Then came Tina. She was very thin and had blonde hair. Next came Hally with black-framed glasses. She was very smart. And finally, there was Johny and Sheila. Johny was a short and naughty boy, and Sheila had lovely brown eyes and long hair.

After Mary’s friends arrived, she cut her cake. Her parents had got her a chocolate cake, decorated with fondant.

Now her parents were going to tell her how she and her friends were going to go to the chocolate kingdom.

“You all are going to go on a flying train!” her parents told her.

 “Wow! That’s amazing,” all of them screamed. 

“So children, are you ready to go to the chocolate palace?” her father asked. 

“Daddy, it is called the chocolate kingdom, not the chocolate palace!” Mary corrected him. 

“Okay, okay!” said her father. 

“Kids, come sit in the car! I am going to drop you all till the station,” her mother said. 

All of them sat in the car and went to the station. There, Mary’s mother made everyone sit inside the train. And soon, the train was floating in the air. It was a wonderful experience. All of them were amazed.

After reaching the chocolate kingdom, they started exploring and saw many fascinating things such as castles, gardens, rivers – all made up of chocolate. All of them even got to drink a cup of hot, melted chocolate.

“Wow! This place is amazing,” Sheila said. 

“Yes! I feel like eating up all the things that are made up of chocolate over here,” Marcus said. 

“Yes me too,” Tina said.

Being a baker, Mary’s most favourite ingredient was chocolate. Now, after entering the chocolate kingdom, she planned to take all the different types of chocolate with her, so that she could bake new things. 

“So, Mary, what do you think about this place?” Halley asked.

 “I feel like this place is wonderful!” Mary said.

“Yes, I totally agree with Mary!” Johny said. 

While they were talking, a man came to them and said, “Hi kids! I am Wilston Hawk, the owner of the chocolate kingdom.

“You’re in luck! You’ve been selected to eat the magical chocolate!” Mr. Wilston said.

“What is the magical chocolate?” Mary asked.

 “Whoever eats this chocolate gets the power of invisibility,” Mr. Wilston said.

“Wow, that’s great!”all the kids said, together. 

“However, only one person can eat this chocolate! It can’t be shared. You all can decide who is going to get to eat the chocolate,” Mr. Wilston said.

“I am going to eat it, because I am the birthday girl!” Mary said.

“No, I am going to eat it because I am the smartest!” Halley said.

“No, I will eat the chocolate,” Marcus said.

 “No, I will!” yelled, Johny. 

“Friends, stop arguing! I am the one who’s going to eat the magical chocolate!” Tina said. 

“Nope. I am!”, Sheila replied.

“Ok kids, stop arguing! Let’s have a quiz. Whoever gets the most number of correct answers will get to eat the magic chocolate,” Mr. Wilston said.

“The first question is- I am always on the dinner table, but you don’t get to eat me. What am I?” Mr. Wilston asked. 

“Vegetable soup! I hate that,” Marcus said.

“No,” replied Mr. Wilston.

“Plates,” guessed Halley. 

“And that is the right answer!”, Mr. Wilston said, and then he continued.

 “What’s really easy to get into and hard to get out of?” Mr. Wilston asked. 

“Trouble!” Johny said. 

“Very nice! That is the answer,” Mr. Wilston said. 

“The next question is- Tom’s father has three sons: Jim, John and… what’s the third one’s name?” Mr. Wilston asked.

“Tom, Tom! The the answer is Tom,” Marcus said.

 “That’s the right answer!” Mr. Wilston said.

 “Let’s move on to the next question- what kind of cup doesn’t hold water?” Mr. Wilston asked. “Cupcake” said Tina.

 “Hiccup!” said Sheila.

“The answer is cupcake, not hiccup!” Tina said.

“No way! Cupcake is the wrong answer,” Sheila replied. 

“Kids, stop! Both the answers are correct,” Mr. Wilston said. 

“So, who gets the point?” Marcus asked. 

“Both of them get one point,” Mr. Wilston said. “The next riddle is this-  a girl fell off a 20-foot ladder. She wasn’t hurt. Why?” Mr. Wilston asked. 

“Maybe because she fell from the bottom step?” Mary asked. 

“And that’s the right answer!” Mr. Wilston said.

“All of you have got one point each,” said Mr. Wilston, “And this is going to be the deciding question. You see me once in June, twice in November, but not at all in May. What am I?” 

“The letter e!” all of them shouted, together. 

“That’s the right answer! Now all of you win, and you can decide who is going to eat the chocolate,” Mr. Wilston said.

“I think we should give it to Mary, as it is her birthday, and she is the one who brought us to the chocolate kingdom!” Sheila said. 

“Yes, I agree!” Halley said. 

“Me too,” Marcus said. 

“Me three,” Tina said, followed by Johny saying,”Me four!”

 “Thank you, friends! You are the best,” Mary said.

“Here you go birthday girl,” Mr. Wilston said, handing over the chocolate to Mary. 

“On behalf of the chocolate kingdom, this is your birthday gift!” Mr. Wilston said. 

“Thanks!” Mary said while taking a bite from the chocolate. 

“If you want to become invisible, you should say the word ‘choco’, and if you want to get back to normal, you should say the word ‘mocco’. Don’t forget!” Mr. Wilston said.

 “Ok,” Mary said. She said “Choco!” and became invisible. She played a few tricks on her friends after she became invisible, then she got back to normal and went back to enjoying the chocolate kingdom. This was the best birthday a child could have.




Dhriti Kedia is 11 years old. She was born on the 20th of March, 2009, in Chennai. She lives in a joint family. She studies in Chinmaya Vidyalaya. She is in class 6 and her favourite hobby is reading. She is also interested in ballet and badminton.