The Rainy Day

This is a story about Mahitha and Grace, Mahitha loves to  pretend that Grace is her sister because she does not have  one and she wishes that Grace could be a real girl one day.  They both love each other a lot, they live in a huge gigantic  pink house where there are a lot of flowers and nature. It  rains a lot where Grace and Mahitha live. They love to jump  in the puddles together. There are a few people who come to  their house but not always.

Mahitha is 20 years old, Grace is a doll but she has a tag on  her clothes that says she is 18 years old. They both were almost  the same age. Mahitha likes to wear fancy shorts and tops  most of the time, Grace loves dresses with different patterns  and shapes on it. In food, Mahitha is picky about her food so  she will eat whatever she wants but not junk. Mahitha does  not know what Grace eats because she is just a doll. 

Mahitha and Grace were both outside playing and there was heavy rain. They had to get inside the house quickly so that  their clothes didn’t get wet. Mahitha hates her clothes getting  wet in the rain.

They got inside and rushed to their room. While  they both were sleeping there were loud noises like thunder  and lightning, and Mahitha was very scared. Mahitha was in  deep sleep, she did not realize when a magical light went  inside Grace’s body to make her a real girl.

Grace said, “Hello…” and Mahitha got up and heard a sweet  voice. She looked right up and saw bright eyes that almost  looked like sunlight, a pretty dress, black hair, and a beautiful  face. Then Mahitha realized Grace was alive. She was so  surprised and very excited to see her become a real girl!  Mahitha and Grace were both chit-chatting and having a  lot of fun! Mahitha was asking a lot of questions to Grace.  Mahitha got to know Grace was very scared of the dark.  Mahitha was also scared of the dark. And on that same day,  the current went off!

They both forgot to keep a torchlight next to them just in case  of an emergency, that night was horrible, there were weird  noises and scary too. They had to find a way so that they both  could stay safe in the house because there was heavy rain  and a flood happening. They had to find a solution or else the  whole place would be filled with water and they would be  SINKING INSIDE! So then Grace and Mahitha found a way so  that they could keep the water away from them.

They both took a GIANT rare floaty and put it all around their  house so that they could be safe and the house can drift  away. While they both were moving inside the house Mahitha  suddenly heard a drop of water, they both went to check what  that was and it was a HOLE in their house! They had to find a  cloth or something to put on the top of the roof leak and they  did that, but the cloth was not strong enough to hold all the  dripping water so Grace had an idea and said: “Hey! Maybe  we can put some of the black tape which will hold all the  water in place!” Then Mahitha said, “Sure, that will work, let’s  do this as a team!” They started to do that. Both of them were  very happy and they slept.

The next week went by. Grace and Mahitha were inside and  they heard from the radio that it was going to rain. They  both looked at each other with a very scared looking faces.

Together they sighed, “Oh no!” Grace said, “We have to look  for things that we need overnight, right? Mahitha, we do not  want the same thing that happened last time!” Mahitha said,  “OH GOD, I just wished this never happened. Oh, and yes we  do need to get our stuff and we need to be really prepared!”  They both rushed into the house and got all the things that  they needed for the night. They got a water bottle, some food,  torchlight, all their dolls to cuddle with, and some calming  music so that they can go to bed safe and sound.

Thank God, they did that, because the current went off again  and they had to get their torchlight and they both told scary  stories to each other which they liked to do. They went to  bed with the calming music. They put a lot of pillows around  them to make it feel very cozy, warm and cuddly. They had a  blast because in the beginning while they both were hearing  and listening to the radio and looked at each other’s face and said, “Oh no”, they were making their fort, so when the  power goes off they could go inside and have a midnight  feast where they can tell stories, jokes, and have a pillow  fight. It was super amazing for both of them, they enjoyed the night very   much!

Mahitha Madupalli


The author’s name is Mahitha,  she is 10 and going to be 11 on  December 12. Mahitha’s favorite food is ravioli and gnocchi. Her favorite dessert – well she  loves everything, she can not choose, because she will eat  every sweet you give her. Her favorite color is all the shades  of blue. Mahitha has a dog and a sister, her dog’s name is  Miko and her sister’s name is Manvitha. Miko is 1 year and  Manvitha is 5 years old. Mahitha and Manvitha go to KC  high school together. Some fun trivia about her is that she is  actually scared of her baby sister more than anything else!!!

Her family is amazing. They do many fun and exciting stuff as  a family that she both loves and enjoys!