What is The Readometer Test?


The Readometer Test is a standardized test developed by Pearson’s Clinical Assessment group. The Readometer Test is a globally recognized assessment, used by schools worldwide to identify a child’s reading level.

Here are some features of  The Readometer Test –

  • Individualized, one-on-one testing
  • Evaluates 3 components of reading –
  • Reading engagement
  • Oral reading fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Quickly establish the learning needs and next steps for the child
  • Standardized measure to evaluate progress in the future

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    Why should I get my child’s The Readometer Test score?

    The Readometer Test score is an accurate and comprehensive measure of your child’s reading level. More accurate than age/school grade in determining your child’s reading ability and the instructional needs

    How can I schedule The Readometer Test test for my child?

    My Chapter One offers assessments of children’s reading levels based on The Readometer Test system. Tests are individualized, and results will be available in 48 hours.

    What are Reading Levels?

    Reading Levels are simply an indicator of your child’s current reading skills. Knowing your child’s reading level can be extremely helpful when choosing reading materials. Books at the right difficulty levels can effectively improve your child’s reading abilities.

    Benefits of knowing your child’s reading level

    Determining a child’s reading level can offer many benefits –

    • More accurate (than age or school grade) in indicating the reading ability and the instructional needs of a child
    • Allows parents and teachers to draw on and refine existing reading skills.
    • Helps in the selection of reading materials that perfectly match a child’s reading needs
    • Helps teachers monitor progress, and adjust their instruction to suit a child’s level
    • Expands child’s reading abilities with the right mix of support and challenge
    The Readometer Test