The Rookies Twist

A detective was seated with her friends in a bar, relaxing and  eating. The detective had reserved all the tables in the bar,  because she didn’t want to be disturbed. The conversation  was mostly about the week that just passed and about how  it felt. She was also discussing the cases and the sudden  increase in the crime rate in the city.

The detective switched  on the TV and to her shock the news reporter was reporting  – “Detective Kelly has solved a very tough case about a girl’s  safety. The perpetrator John has been arrested and Kelly has  been appreciated for her remarkable work in the case.” 

Her friends started cheering on hearing this piece of news  and everyone at the bar was cheering Kelly the detective. 

She lived in Chicago, Illinois. Kelly was a tall, dark, beautiful  and bold woman who was a FBI detective agent. She ran  a martial arts class for the underprivileged girls, where she  taught them to fight and handle difficult situations. She felt that every girl in the world should be able to fight for herself  which will make the world a better place. 

Kelly was born in a small town named Waukegan, 30 miles  from Chicago. She was born in an Afro-American family. Her  father owned an electronics shop, while her mother was a  nurse. She had two siblings, Jim her younger brother and Rose  her elder sister. The three of them had a best friend named  Mini. He was their only friend.

Life was running smoothly, with  two siblings, busy with school and martial arts tournaments  where Kelly would always win.

Everything was fine, until one day, life turned ugly, when her  father disowned the family. Kelly was only ten years old at  that time. She didn’t know the reason for her father’s actions.  She started to cry that her dad left without even saying a  goodbye, kiss or a hug.

At that time, she didn’t know what  disowned was but she felt the pinch of a missing father. She  loved her father so much as she had a close father–daughter  bonding with him. Friends at school started to tease her  because father left her and her family. Even Mini, the siblings’  best friend teased her.

After her father left, her mother had to work hard to support  the family. She studied hard as the family did not have money  to support education. She joined the army and worked for  four years. After four years, she decided to be an FBI agent and worked hard. She got the job and wrote in her diary that  it was her first victory in 1999. 

That day was 2nd January 2000, when she joined duty. Her  officer welcomed her and said, “Kelly, very good to see you on  time! Here is a case file. Go to your desk and study this.” Kelly  was pleasantly surprised and replied, “Thanks sir. But why a  case on my first day of duty?”

“Kelly, in your resume, we read that you had undergone army  training and had outstanding skills. So, this is a case offered  to you on the first day,” the officer replied. So, Kelly returned to  her desk and started to read the case. While she was reading,  she noticed that this case was about a museum which was  bombed. The museum which was bombed was the Dusable Museum of African-American History. 

The museum was founded in February 1961. It is an educational  resource and the museum contains more than 13000 artefacts  within its compound. When she was reading the case, she  found two very important people: One was Mini, her childhood  best friend and the other one was Natalie, her martial arts  student.

Now she was shocked to see both of them in the  case. She started to become emotional that she was serving  her country and while she had criminal friends. Also, she had  to arrest them and be a cause of her own friend’s arrest.

Now let’s talk about Natalie and her life and pause Kelly’s life  for some time. Natalie was transgender and she was born in  Chicago. Her parents died in a car accident when she was  one year old. 

Her grandparents were too old to take care of her. So, they  gave her away to an orphanage. She grew up there until she  was sixteen. After that the orphanage didn’t take care of  her. So, she had to live in the streets.

One day as she was  walking, she saw a martial arts class. She decided to sign up  for the classes, as she always wanted to learn a skill. As she  started to attend the classes, she became brave. She was  inspired by coach Kelly because she was brave and also liked  her because she gave more attention to Natalie. 

Now Natalie was really happy and overjoyed as she felt brave  for the first time. Natalie wanted a job. She knew that she  could just master being a janitor as she didn’t have a degree.  So, she applied for a job at the Dusable Museum of African American history. 

Coming back to Kelly, she was shocked. So, she drove to the  museum at a high speed. When she reached there, there  was such a crowd that she couldn’t go in. Finally, she saw  her FBI head standing there waiting for her. So, she went in  with him. When they went in, they could see many paintings  missing. Many walls were broken. Then she met Natalie sitting in a corner looking very puzzled and not knowing what was  happening. 

She went near her and asked, “Do you know that the museum  has been bombed and you are a criminal?”

“No, I am not a criminal! But I know that the museum is  bombed,” replied Natalie starting to cry. “Then why are you  in this case file,” asked Kelly, with a stern face.

Natalie then  replied, “When I joined here, I had no friends. Mini became  my friend. One day he started asking questions about the  museum like when does the museum close, does the museum  have burglar alarms. Also, about myself, such as when do  you leave the museum etc. I also answered them.

My other  colleague told me that she had seen Mini take museum files  which were top secret. only the museum secretary knew the  contents. I thought to tell the police but I had no evidence to  prove this. This is all I know Kelly. Even if you torture me, I will  say the same thing, because this is all I know.”

Natalie looked as though she was about to cry and  kill herself. “Thank you Natalie, I believe you,” said  Kelly with a soft smile thinking she calmed Natalie.  Kelly opened the case and she saw what was stolen.

  1. A diary of Henry Dean
  2. A strong table desk of activist Ida Wells
  3. A violin of Poet Lawrence Dunbar
  4. Paper work from scholar William Edwin
  5. Henry Osswa Tanner’s paintings
  6. Rameroe Berdanris extensive collection of books on racism

Below the list there was an interrogation session, so Kelly read  it up. In the interview session they had found that gangsters  have stolen unusual things.

One gangster was asked, “Why  did you steal the desk of Ida Wells?” He replied, “I thought  the table would be useful because I do paperwork for my  boss and it’s also teak wood which I can’t afford to buy.” Kelly thought it was foolish. She waved bye to Natalie as she had  to go home. When she went home, she was very tired. Her  sister called up and informed her that she is going to come to  Kelly’s house. 

This time Kelly couldn’t prepare food for her sister as she used  to do. Once Rose arrived, she said, “Congratulations Kelly.  Have some cake.” 

“Oh,” Kelly Sighed. Rose picked the case file which was near  Kelly as she was also an FBI head in another branch. She  took the file and read the whole case until she came to a  halt. She saw a picture of Obama painted by Kehinde Welly  in 2018. She knew it was her sister’s favorite painting. It was a  picture where Obama was seated in a nice dark wood chair.

The background was green with white and pink flowers about  it. Rose handed the picture to Kelly and Kelly saw it. She was  shocked that she didn’t read the whole case file and missed  to see this bit. She read the paragraph below the picture. This  photo was shifted to this museum for safety and was stolen  the next day.

Rose left advising Kelly – “Read the case file  properly.” I think there is a crime head connected to this case  and you may find his file in the office. 

Kelly didn’t sleep well that night as she was thinking about the  case file. Next morning, she got ready and left for the office.  In the office she specifically searched for the file. She found a file named ‘Crime Head for Museum Bombing’. She took  her car to the museum and picked up Natalie, just in case  Natalie knew him. She drove her car very fast, so fast that  Natalie jumped thrice and hit herself on the roof of the car.

Kelly reached a building which was closed by a shutter. Both of them opened the shutter and to Kelly’s surprise she found  Nolan and Mini. 

She started talking, “Nolan, what a recognizable face. You  are Jim, aren’t you?” And Mini, our best friend. “Why are you  at the crime scene?” she said, then she started to cry. Natalie  patted her and gave her a hug trying to calm her friend. 

“Kelly, you are right. My real name is Jim. And I am here at  the crime place with Mini because It’s my job. I was very poor  at studies and sports. So, crime was the job that I got to  survive in the world.

Even Mini has crime as his job. Universally  people like us have only one job and that is crime. Now that  you have discovered our hiding place, you are going to arrest  and torture us. To prevent that, I am going to shoot you and  your friend,” said Jim laughing.

“You call shooting peaceful?” Really? Jim, you have changed  a lot. After father disowned us you started doing crimes. I  don’t know what father will think of you Jim,” told Kelly, who  was so sad, angry and confused.

“Mmmpphh… do you know the state of our father, he is a cr…”  – stopped Jim, which he didn’t want Kelly to hear. Suddenly  Jim noticed that Kelly was thinking about what he had just  said. So, he started to shoot at Kelly and Natalie. Kelly and  Mini had a gun, but Natalie used her martial arts skills. It was  a long fight where all four fought between themselves. After  the fight, Kelly and Natalie were taken to the hospital as they  had bruises.

After an one-hour treatment in the hospital they returned back  to the place where Jim and Mini died during the fight. Kelly  found Jim’s phone. As she picked it up, she saw many contacts  of crime henchmen and heads. She found so many contacts  like Chad, Mini, Reese etc.

She had no clue as to who was the  crime head. Natalie suddenly came up with an idea, “Kelly,  why don’t you track the GPS of all numbers? Surely one of  them could turn out to be a number out of the ordinary, and  may be that number will lead you to the crime head.” 

“Good Natalie. I think you also have a detective’s brain,” said  Kelly smiling. 

Kelly did as Natalie told her and she found one number which  was named Chad and it was from Dubai. But all the other  numbers were from America. So, Kelly called up Natalie and  shared with her this piece of information. Natalie said, “Good  news! We can fly to Dubai tomorrow. Please book tickets for me as well, so that we can fight the crime head together and  also tour Dubai.”

“Of course,” said Kelly laughing. 

That night Kelly booked the tickets for the morning four am  flight and informed Natalie that they had an early morning  flight to catch. Both of them packed their bags. Kelly also  packed her GPS tracker, in case she needed it. Next morning,  they met at the airport and were soon flying to Dubai. By  midnight, they landed in Dubai.

The Dubai airport had a resort and so both of them stayed  there for the night. Next day morning they woke up and got  ready. They left the airport with Kelly having her GPS tracker  on. Kelly noticed that the GPS tracker was pointing to an  unusual store which was closed by a shutter. Both of them  went into the store.

Kelly saw an old man who looked quite young for his age.  He was wearing a grey coat and pants with a black tie. He  wore black shoes, was neatly shaved and perfumed himself  with rose perfume. He held a glass with champagne and was  sipping it slowly.

He seemed to enjoy himself. He was discussing something with  his friends. When he saw the shutter open and Kelly coming  in, he was shocked and his past flashed in his mind from the  time he came to Dubai. Kelly was a little girl when he had  abandoned his family and came to Dubai in search of money.  Greed took him to the path of crime. But he never expected  his own daughter to come and arrest him for his crimes. 

To Kelly’s surprise, she saw her father planning the next museum  attack! She was shocked to see that her father was the crime  head. She remembered Jim’s last words before he started  shooting -“… He is a Crr…….” Now she understood what Jim  wanted to say about their father, that he was after all the  crime head.

Suddenly her father started to speak. He said, “Welcome Kelly!  How long has it been since I last saw you? Haven’t you come  here chasing the number of Chad? Let me decode it for you.  CHAD means Crime Head at Dubai. I told Jim that the name  is very easy to decode, so I suggested another. But he didn’t  listen to me and finally got caught by the police.”

Before finishing what he had to say, one henchman behind  him started to shoot. Now, everybody had to fight and luckily  Natalie had a gun. Kelly and Natlie started to shoot. Suddenly  Natalie’s gun slipped out of her hand. So, she used her martial  arts skills. A henchman started to hit Natalie. So, Natalie gave  a punch in his stomach, a kick in the back, a punch in the  nose, all painful.

She tripped him over and gave two brutal punches in his  stomach. Kelly who saw this applauded Natlie saying, “Atta  go girl!” Natlie was happy hearing this. 

Kelly also delivered brutal punches and bitter kicks with the  gun in her left hand. After a long fight between Kelly and her  father, he died. Kelly just wanted to arrest her father but he  wanted to die at his own daughters’ hand. After the fight,  Kelly did as Natalie had wished. They toured Dubai. Kelly was  appreciated after she returned to America. Her boss was  impressed by her and said “Kelly, well done at your first case!” 

Kelly invited Natalie to her home for a small party and at  that time, Rose, Kelly’s sister, joined her. Kelly recounted her  adventure in Dubai to her sister. She also told how their father  was the crime head and that she had to fight her own father.  Rose was sad for some time, hearing about her father being  the crime head. All three were happy again. What more to  write? It was a happy ending.

Kavya V.K.


Kavya V.K. is a cheerful girl. She is  studying in 5th grade. She was born on August 24th 2010. She lives in Chennai. Her hobbies reading Tinkle and writing. She has a  sweet brother Tej. Her favourite food is pasta, an Italian dish  and dosa, a South Indian dish. Her favourite author is Sudha  Murty and Enid Blyton. Kavya’s favourite books are The Magic  of the Lost Temple and Famous Five. She also likes Matilda  by Roald Dahl. Kavya wrote this story as she wanted a strong  woman character, as many stories did not have one. Kavya  really enjoyed writing the book and she hopes you will too!