The Sponge King

There once lived a grumpy old king called ‘The Sponge King’. He was called that because he liked sponge. The people of the kingdom said he liked soft things and he felt a piece of sponge was the softest thing you could find on earth. 

He was very proud to be called ‘The Sponge King’ because he wanted everyone to know he liked sponge. He even ordered his guards to bring him his food and water in utensils made of sponge. He also had carriages made of sponge, so they were very soft. He ordered everyone to wear clothes made of sponge and forced his kingdom to sell and buy only items made out of sponge.

One day, unfortunately for the king, the kingdom ran out of sponge. The king was saddened and dreamt of eating sponge all day. The kingdom suffered a lot because of the silly Sponge King. 

Even though he was a silly thing, the king was also a kind and good king. One day, while the king set out to see the people of his kingdom, he traveled through the streets on one of his royal sponge carriages. All the people were cheering for the king and he too was happy with the way his people welcomed him.

However, the king saw a young woman standing in the corner, not cheering him on like the rest of his people. She seemed to be confused. The king went up to the young lady and asked the reason for her confusion. 

“Hey young lady why are you in such confusion?” he enquired of her.

“Good day your highness,” she replied, “I was confused about a golden deer who wanted to tell me something important!”

“A golden deer!” the king exclaimed. “What did it say?” demanded the king, eagerly wondering what had been communicated.

The woman said to him, “It told me to ask you to meet it in the forest tonight.” 

That night, the king went deep into the forest and saw the golden deer the woman had spoken of. It was beautiful! The deer spoke to the king, to his pleasant surprise. 

“Hello my king, I hear you like sponge? I would like to ask you for a favour. 

My name is Sara, and I am a princess. I accidentally hit a witch with a ball and the mean witch cursed me into becoming a golden deer. Since then, I have had to live in this terrible forest. The only way to remove the curse is to bring the golden sponge, which is all the way, on top of the Himalayas.” 

The king felt sad for the poor princess and promised that he would come back with the golden sponge. The king set out on a journey to the Himalayas the next day.

He went with all his soldiers, in his royal sponge carriage. The Himalayas were three miles away from his kingdom. When they reached the bottom of the Himalayas, there was a pack of wolves awaiting them. While they approached them, the wolves began attacking the king and his soldiers. Thinking of the danger ahead, the king began to think he might not be able to keep his promise to the princess and was deeply troubled.  

However, the king’s guards defeated the wolves with their sharp swords and mighty strength, but were hurt and in pain. 

The king requested his men, “Please don’t come further. This is personal, and I have to take care of it myself. You take care of yourself,” he said as he took his things and moved forward.

As the king climbed the Himalayas, it became colder, but he managed to get the golden sponge from the peak of the mountain range, and he made his way back to the deer in the forest. 

On his journey back, the king’s body grew increasingly cold. Eventually, he froze upon reaching the deer. The deer wasted no time upon seeing the king’s frozen body. She took the sponge with her mouth and kept it near her heart, turning her back into a princess. She picked the king up and took him on the horse, back to his palace, and laid him down near the fireplace for warmth.

Soon after the warmth of the fire melted the ice on his body, the king opened his eyes and saw the princess. She was a beautiful sight and he quickly understood how she had saved his life. 

He said, “Thank you for saving my life, princess. You are a very pretty princess indeed. Will you marry me, Sara?”

The princess agreed and the two were married soon. The Sponge King and the Deer Queen lived happily ever after! 

Padmasri S


Padmasri S is a10 year old girl, born in Pudukkottai. She grew interested in writing stories after reading a lot of storybooks. Her dream is to publish all her stories with the Oxford publishing house. So far, she has written many children’s stories for the age group of 6 to 10. She likes to read stories to her brother. She likes to write fantasy and fiction. Her hobbies include singing, writing stories, drawing, and crafting. Her family and friends are special to her. 

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