The Two Tasks

It was a sunny summer morning when Zach and Alex were taking a stroll in the park. Zach and Alex had been best friends since kindergarten and loved doing things together. One of the things they always wanted to do was go on adventures to mystical places. 

As they were walking, they saw a flyer on the ground. It said “2 for two”. When they read the flyer, they realised what it meant – if they completed two tasks, they would get 2 million dollars. 

Alex asked “Do you want to complete the tasks?’’

‘’Fine let’s do it,’’ said Zach. 

They found a number at the end of the page and decided to make a call. A man answered the phone. 

“Hello,” he said, in a very deep voice. When Alex explained why they had called, he told them what they had to do.

 “Your first task is to go to the underworld, ’’ he instructed. ‘’You have to get the sword of Nico di Angelo.’’ He mentioned that a drone would drop a package that would have smartwatches, laser pens, swords, walkie talkies and a note. 

A few minutes later, just like the man had said, a package with a note dropped to the ground. The note said ‘Raise the dead all night and sleep all day – Nico di Angelo’. When they read the note, they understood that they should come back by night, but they did not know how to get there. Suddenly, the watch that came with the package started to speak.

“Have a place to visit? Say its name thrice, and I will take you there in disguise!” The boys immediately knew what to do.

 “Underworld underworld underworld,” they said loudly, three times.

In the flash of a second, they were in the underworld, disguised as skeletons. They saw two guards with two large swords. The guards were tall. They were as tall as giants. When Alex and Zach went near them, they blocked their way.

“Why won’t you let us enter?” asked the boys.

“Only gods and demi-gods allowed,’’ said the guards in a stern voice. 

Soon, they changed their disguise to Apollo (the God of Medicine and Archery) and Zeus (the God of Thunder). They went to the guard and said “We have something important to say to Nico.’’ This time, the guards let them in. 

When they went in, they saw skeletons and skulls. The saw Nico di Angelo sleeping on a swing with his sword lying on the table.

They took the sword and ran out, but Alex accidentally toppled a glass bottle. The sound woke Nico up from his sleep. 

“Guards! Catch Zeus and Apollo,’’ he yelled. 

The guards ran after them, but Alex and Zach outran them. “Home, home, home,’’ they shouted. immediately, and they were transported back to the park.

They called the man again and told him that they had gotten the object. He told them that the same drone would come again to collect the object and tell them their next destination. They sat on a bench and waited for the drone.

Suddenly a rock fell on Zach’s head. It had a note with it. The note read ‘Graffiti Realm – Retrieve the legendary spray can’. When they had finished reading, they saw the drone in front of them. It carried a large box which read ‘Nico’s sword’. Inside it was a cutting in the shape of Nico’s sword. The box was filled with cotton. They left the sword in the box and said “Graffiti Realm” three times. 

Zap! They were in Graffiti Realm, but without any disguise. They decided it was fine. Soon, they saw the legendary spray can in front of them. Alex thought that this task was an easy task, but Zach thought that it was a trap. No task could be this easy. Alex took the spray can, but as soon as he did, an alarm rang. A trap door opened and they fell through the floor.

It was a dark room. They only had the legendary spray can and all they could see was a door. When they went near the door, they saw a huge rock next to it, with an engraving. It read ‘To exit, you need to create some graffiti. It should fit on wall No.2, and you have an hour to complete this task.”

They found wall No.2 quickly. The wall was huge. It was opposite the rock, but they did not have any spray cans there. They only had the legendary spray can and decided there was nothing left to do, but use it. Unfortunately, it did not work. Suddenly, Zach noticed that the legendary spray can had circles filled with colours. He touched one of the circles and tried to draw. It worked! They finished it in no time and once they were done, the door was open. They went out and said “Home, home, home’’. This time, the drone was waiting for them at the park with a note.   

The note didn’t come with a box this time around. There was only a cover for the spray can. Once they put it in, the boys called the man. Zach told him that they completed the two tasks given to them, and the man told him that he would send them the money using the same drone. They waited for the money at the park. Soon, the drone came by with the money and dropped it on their lap. They took it and headed to their houses.

It had been quite an adventurous walk!  




Vyaas SriPrakash is an easygoing, twelve year old boy. He has an innate curiosity for all that surrounds him. He is passionate about Cricket and Lego. He loves to read (Harry Potter is his current favourite!). Vyaas has an extensive friends circle and enjoys going on holidays with his family, especially his younger sister. His ambition is to either become a doctor or a chef.