The Unexpected Celebrities

Chapter 1: Making a Deal 

It was finally summer! Three girls called Mia, Stella and Lexie were very excited about the season. 

Stella was 21 years old and lived in an apartment with her parents. She had long straight hair, and was slim and very confident. She also had a very unique connection with gadgets. Mia was 24 years old, and she lived in an apartment with her family as well. She was short with blue eyes, and was very adventurous. She had excellent eyesight and could see things that were miles away. Lexie was a tall, blonde girl, who could be a llittle moody sometimes. Lexie had the superpower of reading people’s minds. 

All the girls wanted to go to London for their summer vacation, but this time they wanted to go alone. They asked their parents if they could go, but unfortunately, their parents wouldn’t let them. Lexie and her friends were very upset that their parents said no. However, after a while, their parents agreed to let them go, under one condition.

“You guys can go only if you top your exams!”’ they said. The girls were excited and determined.  

Chapter 2: A Sudden Surprise 

Two days later, their test results were out and the girls were pumped with excitement! They were also nervous at the same time. Their parents told them they had topped their tests and all the girls were joyful. 

They packed, and two days later, it was time for them to go! They were super excited about going as they hopped into the taxi. On their way to the airport, they got bored. They decided to play a game of Truth or Dare. It was Mia’s turn to give Stella a dare. She asked Stella to create a Tik-Tok video while dancing on top of the car. 

Stella was so nervous- it almost felt like she would not do the dare. However, she had no other choice but to go do it, so she got on top of the car and created the video. 

They reached the airport and waited for the flight to arrive. Suddenly, Lexie had to use the restroom. When she was about to come out, she realised she couldn’t open the door. She tried very hard. She heard an announcement to board her flight and she hurried because she was running out of time. 

She looked around to see if there was a way to escape, but then she realised the door was locked. Soon, she opened the door and boarded the flight with her friends. 

Once they had boarded the flight and were mid-air, Mia got airsick. She did not feel too well. The girls gave her some medicine and soon, Mia felt better. Once they arrived in London, they were all really happy! 

Chapter 3: A Tiny Problem 

Glancing at the glorious view outside, the girls were excited to be in London city. They had to go get their luggage, but what they didn’t realise was that Lexie had picked up the wrong luggage by accident. 

They went to the hotel and started unpacking their things when Lexie realised that the luggage that she had picked up was not hers. She called her friends and rushed to the airport to claim the luggage. When they reached, they asked a man who could help them. While they were trying to figure out how to get Lexi’s luggage back, a guy called Brian came up to them. He was also claiming his luggage with the security and happened to notice that both sets of luggage were identical. Both Brian and Lexie opened the suitcases and found out that there had been a mix-up. They sorted it out, and went their way. 

The girls went about exploring Big Ben, when they noticed a man who had been following them for a long time. They got really tired and decided to go to Starbucks for a break.  

Chapter 4: A Career for Life

As they spoke, a boy approached them. 

“My name is Oliver and I want you to take part in a gymnastics show,” he said. 

They agreed to participate in it. The next day, they reached the event and saw that it was a very crowded space. The competitors gave them a tough time, but they won first place.

After the competition, they went back to the hotel. Once again, Oliver came by to chat with them. 

“Hi again! I just wanted to introduce myself. I am London’s biggest and most famous movie director. Congratulations on your win. I am a huge fan. I follow you on Instagram, and since you are so talented, I would love it if you would be part of my movie.” The girls agreed and they got the lead role in Oliver’s film.  They had become celebrities overnight. 

They were so happy and once they landed back home, they were welcomed by many fans and became celebrities for life. 

Parnikaa Choudhary

Parnikaa Choudhary was born on the 19th of June, 2010. She is 10 years old and enjoys playing tennis. She is a student at Pathways School, and currently lives in Noida. 

Parnikaa is left-handed. She loves going on adventures and solving riddles with her friends. She is an amiable person and can make friends very fast. She is scared of going anywhere in the dark – even the restroom! She loves experimenting with science. She also loves watching all types of movies with her family and friends.