The Witty Crow

Once upon a time, there was a crow named Rio. Rio lived in the forest. All the other animals would call him a trickster because he liked to play lots of tricks to get his food.

Rio was a foodie! He was also lazy and greedy. This is why he always tried to pick food from other animals by pulling cheap tricks. The other animals hated him for this very reason, but Rio didn’t bother about them. Rio’s main motto was to get food and get it without putting in hard work. 

Chotu was a little mouse who lived in a hole near a walnut tree in the forest. One day, Rio saw Chotu and he immediately flew down to catch him. Chotu saw Rio and started running to save his life.

After a few minutes, Chotu ran into his home and finally got out of danger, but Rio didn’t give up! Rio tried to make his way into the hole, but the hole was very narrow and he was unable to reach Chotu. Rio waited outside thinking the little mouse will come out soon. Hours passed, but Chotu did not come out of the hole. Rio couldn’t wait any longer and was getting very hungry. 

Rio saw a walnut tree and quickly came up with a plan. Rio plucked some walnuts and kept it near the hole. Rio hid behind a bush and waited for Chotu to come out and take the walnuts he had laid, but Chotu wasn’t fooled! Chotu knew that this was a trap laid by Rio and did not come out of his hole. 

Suddenly, Rio remembered something important that would help him catch Chotu. 

A few weeks ago, Rio saw the little mouse playing with his little mouse friend, Mini Mouse. 

Rio knew that Mini Mouse was a fool because he had cheated her out of food before. 

Rio made a cunning plan to catch Chotu by tricking Chotu’s friend, Mini Mouse. Rio plucked a large number of walnuts and went to Mini Mouse’s hole and put the nuts one by one, along the way, towards Chotu’s hole. 

Just as Rio expected, Mini Mouse started eating the nuts and followed the trail. 

Finally, Mini Mouse reached Chotu’s hole and Rio followed her quietly. He hid near Chotu’s hole and waited for Chotu to come out. As Rio expected, Chotu came out to greet his friend. As soon as Chotu was out of the hole, Rio swooped down and caught Chotu and Mini Mouse. 

Finally, Rio got his prey as planned and at last, he had a satisfying supper. 


R G Aadhav


R.G. Aadhav is the author of the story “THE WITTY CROW”. He is 10 years old and born in the great city of Chennai. He likes to read books on different subjects and is interested in creating stories. He is a good story narrator and a very creative person. His talents appeared at a very young age, and he is highly appreciated by his school teachers. The author has other interests like archery, drawing, and crafts. He also loves animals and nature.