Time To Save Atlantis

Shanaya is a girl who loves to dress up. She loves to read, draw and has won the first prize for singing. Shanaya is very kind and jolly.

Honey is Shanaya’s BFF, and they do everything together. Honey is always ready for adventures and she loves cycling and watching movies (with Shanaya, of course). Honey is helpful, funny, and brave. 

Now let’s talk about Tommy, Shanaya’s pet dog. If you saw him, you would know he is ADORABLE! 

This story is about Shanaya who saves Atlantis for Tommy with the help of her BFF Honey, and Tommy’s friends. 

Shanaya and her Pet

It was a very hot Sunday afternoon and the temperature was rising. Shanaya was sleeping in her cozy bed in an air-conditioned room when her mother came in and yelled, “Shanaya! I’ve been trying to wake you up for a while. You have to go to ART class.” 

“ART!” Shanaya said with excitement and woke up right away. “I just love art,” she said to her mother and went to the dressing room. 

After her art class, Shanaya went to meet her best friend, Honey. Shanaya and Honey saw a lovely stray dog when they went out to play in the park. 

“It’s so cute!” said Shanaya. 

Honey and Shanaya started playing with the dog. Suddenly, Honey realized it was 7 PM and she thought it would be nice to take the dog home, but there was a small problem.

“Unfortunately, my mother hates dogs!” she said, crying.

“Don’t worry! I can take the dog with me. My family loves pets!” Shanaya said, excited.


Everyone in the family loved the cute dog, except Shanaya’s mother. She thought it wasn’t hygienic to bring stray dogs home. She only agreed because the dog was adorable! So the family decided to sit down and give the dog a name. After a few hours of thinking, they named the dog Tommy.

One afternoon, Shanaya was trying out a new hairstyle, when Tommy came and sat beside her. Suddenly, she heard someone call her. 

“Shanaya, Shanaya!” she heard the voice whisper. 

She looked around but didn’t see anyone. She shrugged her shoulders and got back to trying out her hairstyle. Once again, someone called her name and this time, she was confused. She shouted back. 

“Who is this, playing a prank on me? I don’t see you! Please stop doing that,” she said out loud. She then heard a familiar voice. 

“Shanaya! It’s me, your lovely pet- Tommy!” Shanaya looked at Tommy astonishingly and screamed. 


“Shanaya please,” Tommy said, “Don’t scream! Don’t worry, I am still the same lovely pet. Please listen to me, I need your help.” 

Shanaya sat on her bed, confused. She was both shocked and amazed that Tommy could speak. 

Tommy continued to explain his problem to her. “I need your help. I have come from the city of Atlantis and my city is in danger. I have been sent from our city to find help, and when I saw you first time in the park, I thought you could be the one who saves us.” 

“Of course I will help you, Tommy. I only shouted because I have never seen a dog speak! First, let’s go to my best friend, Honey’s house. 

After they reached Honey’s house – 

Shanaya told Honey the entire story and both of them decided to help poor Tommy and his city, Atlantis.

Sharma Uncle

“Now, the question is how do we reach Atlantis?” Honey asked. 

“I don’t have a clue. Let us first write down the things we know about Atlantis,” Shanaya said.  

“Shanaya! Look at this,” Tommy said, pointing towards a locket around his neck. “Maybe this can help?”

“Yes, it will!” Honey said as she noticed that there was a map of the city of Atlantis printed over the locket.

“I know who can help us,” Shanaya said with a smile on her face, as she looked at Honey. “SHARMA UNCLE!” both of them screamed together and laughed. Soon, they went to Sharma Uncle’s house.

“Uncle, do you still have your Map Machine, the one you wanted to give me when I had to go to my concert?” Shanaya asked. 

“Yes dear, I have it. However, no one uses it now, because of Google Maps. You can have it for a day if you like.”

“No Uncle,” said Shanaya, “We need it for a longer time if you don’t mind!”

“Ok, in that case, it will be Rs. 1000 and you keep it for a month. Happy?” asked Sharma Uncle.  

“OMG, so much?” said Honey to Shanaya. “I think we both have to give our pocket money to uncle!” 

“Hmm…” Shanaya thought.

Map Machine

The next day, Shanaya and Honey went to Sharma Uncle with the money and collected the machine. After they took the Machine, both of them packed their bags and got ready to leave for Atlantis.

As soon as they both boarded the Machine, Honey took the locket from Tommy and put it inside a slot that said Insert Map Here. After a couple of cracking sounds, the Machine started. It was smooth! 

“Shanaya,” Honey said, “The next time we go on an adventure, please avoid wearing heels.”

“Oh yes, you are right! But don’t worry, I have another pair of shoes in my bag. I carry it just for emergencies,” Shanaya said, pointing to her bag with the shoes. 

“Oh! That will be useful. I suggest you put on your shoes and be ready for adventure!” Honey said with a smile.

Atlantis, Here We Come!

After a whole night on the Map Machine, they finally reached Atlantis.

As they came out of the machine, Shanaya and Honey could not stop staring at their surroundings. 

“Oh, my,” Shanaya said excitedly, “This place is just amazing!” 

“Shanaya, you can come here again when you want, but can you please help us now!” said Tommy, “Let’s go to my house now.” 

“All the animals were waiting in the hope that I would bring someone for help,” Tommy was saying, as he drove them to his house in Atlantis. When they reached, he introduced the animals to the girls.

The Explanation

The next day, everyone gathered in the front yard. Honey had a few questions for Tommy.

“Tommy, you said your city is in danger, but you never mentioned anything else?” she asked, waiting for an answer. 

“Oh yes! Let me explain this to you,” Tommy offered. “North of Atlantis, beyond the river Adele, in the dense jungle of Redwood, there lives a wicked witch. She has cursed all of us and turned us into animals.”

“What? You mean none of you are animals?” Shanaya asked with great curiosity. 

“Yes,” Tommy replied, “And now the witch is going to cast a spell over us and make us her slaves so that the whole of Atlantis is under her control.”

Shanaya said, “We can try and help you, Tommy. But we need everyone’s help to fight the evil witch. We need someone to lead this, and I think you should be that person because you are the one who brought us here. Everyone here trusts you.” 

“Ok,” Tommy said, “Let’s work as a team!” 

“Let’s start collecting as much information as we can before we make our plans to kill her!” said Honey. 

“That’s a good idea! I suggest we monitor the witch and her everyday activities for a few days, and see if we can find something useful to use against her,” said Tommy. 

Tommy called his friend, Ariol, and said, “Can you help us spy on the witch?” 

“My pleasure to contribute to this, sir,” Ariol answered. 

The Master Plan

For a few days, Ariol and his friends spied on the witch, and followed her everywhere like shadows.


“Ariol, what did you observe about the witch and her routine?” Tommy asked. 

“Sir, while we monitored her continuously for the last three days, we found something interesting- the witch has a pet called Raven whom she cares for very much,” Ariol reported. “He is always with her and is very important to her. She never leaves him alone! Interestingly, the witch does not eat anything, but gives her food to Raven all the time! Raven eats it, but the witch gets all the energy that she needs. Yesterday we saw Raven flying through the woods. Raven got hurt, but the witch was suffering! She takes care of Raven, more than she takes care of herself, and she feels better when Raven starts to feel better!”

“That’s very interesting and extremely useful Ariol,” Tommy said to his friend and turned to Shanaya. “Shanaya, Honey, this sounds very interesting! It can help us take the witch down.” 

Together, they said, “Of course!” 


Tommy and the gang sat around his table and tried to come up with a plan.

“After going through all the observations shared by Ariol and the team, it looks like the witch’s life is inside Raven. This means if we kill Raven, the witch will no longer live, and our curse will break,” said Tommy, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. 

“OMG! This is unbelievable,” shouted the animals, finally relieved. They cheered the team! 

Mission Raven

“Now, let’s focus on killing Raven! Any ideas? Anyone?” asked Ariol. 

“Oh yes, I have an idea!” Pluto said. Pluto was a part of Ariol’s spy team.

“In the last few days, while we were spying on the witch, I noticed the witch was eating fried Cribbles. When she went to wash her hands, Raven would start eating them vigorously,” Pluto explained. “Looks like that’s his favourite snack!”

Cribbles were good snacks- they were blue, herbal chips, somewhat like Nachos, and they tasted amazing with cheese dip! 

“This means that Raven loves fried Cribbles!” said Ariol, with a big grin on his face.  

“Let’s add some poison to the Cribbles and take them with us!” Shayana said.  

“Billy, could you help us get the Cribbles, please?” Honey asked immediately. 

Fried Cribbles

The next day, Billy went for a picnic with his friends and took some poisoned fried Cribbles along with him. After sometime Billy, said, “Look, Raven is here to eat the Cribbles! Do as we planned”. The witch had become invisible, so that no one could see her. 

“Oh no! I don’t think I can eat more. I think my stomach is going to burst,” Billy said loudly. 

“Me too!” the others said. “I think these Cribbles are going to go to waste! I will put them in a nearby dustbin.” 

Billy went and put the whole plate of Cribbles in the dustbin. Just as they planned, Raven came and ate the poisoned Cribbles and died immediately. 

Just then, out of nowhere, the witch became visible again, and before she could do anything, she turned into ASH!

Well Done, Billy!

Billy went back to Tommy and told him what happened. Just before they could start jumping and celebrating, they turned into people again! 

“Oh Tommy, you look so cute!” Shanaya said, “More than when you were a dog! I wish you could stay longer with me.”



Rujutha is a young author and student at Delhi Public School, Pune. She is twelve years old and is a huge lover of stories; she has a mini-library in her house. ‘Time to Save Atlantis’ is her first written story. She likes to write and dabbles with poetry. Her favourite books are the Thea Stilton series and her favourite author is Roald Dahl. Apart from reading, her hobbies include singing, dancing, drawing, and travelling. Rujutha hopes to continue writing even when she grows up