Wawa’s Adventure

All the dolphins were called near the gigantic rock. King Willy,  the Royal King of the Dolphins, often called the dolphins there,  to make an important announcement or to conduct a special  ceremony. King Willy sat on his marvellous throne studded with  gems, pearls and beautiful white seashells. The entire pod  gathered there and were curious to know the announcement  of their king. 

Willy crowned Wawa, the twenty-three-year-old dashing and  spectacular dolphin as the new KING. There was a big party,  all the marine creatures were invited… It was the best party  ever! There was singing and dancing, cake and a variety of  fish like squid, shrimps and jelly fish, and fantastic fireworks.  Willy said, “My dear son, I am proud to crown you the king,  but always remember that you need to take good care of  your pod and make them feel happy. Only then will you be  considered as a worthy king.’’ 


Wawa was known and adored by everyone because of his  unique features. He had a pink fin, blue twinkling eyes, a long  nose and a naughty smile. Wawa was a playful and bubbly  dolphin, always jumping in glee. He was friendly but did not  share his feelings and secrets easily. He loved and cared for  his friends. He also had a human friend named Jake, a deadly  pirate. Wawa was the best gymnast, and his silly and funny  dances were very popular amongst all the marine creatures.  He was very generous and had a heart of gold. His only fear  was getting entrapped in the slimy tentacles of an octopus. 

Wawa lived with his pod very happily. One sunny morning  Wawa went with his pod to play. They blew bubble rings with  water, flipped in and out of the water and had a gala time. 

Then suddenly, eleven octopuses came to attack the pod. All  the dolphins swam as fast as they could, but one of the biggest  and angriest octopus with his long tentacles entrapped Wawa.  Wawa because of his fear, could not do much, but all the  other dolphins together rescued their king. Wawa was very  pleased with the dolphins and he swam as fast as lightning  to save his life. 

He reached a ship and was resting there. He thought that the  ship would be a safe place to hide, but as soon as he entered  the ship, it sailed fast, even before any of the other dolphins  could keep track of the ship. In the ship, the SeaWorld crew came and were astonished to see a dolphin with a pink fin on  board. One of them got a brilliant idea and said to the others,  “We should keep him and take him to our shows, and we will  earn tons of money.”  

Wawa was feeling very lonely and petrified. The dolphin  pod was very worried about their king and were frantically  searching for him. Then King Willy told all the other dolphins,  “Whoever finds my son shall get a huge reward.” Then all the  other dolphins went to search for their king. After some time,  they returned and said, “We are really sorry, our King Wawa  seems to be lost. Then King Willy was shocked to hear this  news and he died of a massive heart attack. 

Everyone was in grief and mourning. But they did not waste  time and had to first find their King Wawa. So, they all gathered  near the gigantic rock to think of a plan. One of them thought  very hard, and he remembered about Jake, their king’s friend.

Elsewhere, the ship docked at SeaWorld. Wawa was taken in a huge net into the SeaWorld premises and he was placed in  a huge pool of ice-cold water. 

A month passed by, but no one could trace Wawa or Jake. One  afternoon Jake came to the Dolphin Kingdom to congratulate  Wawa. Then he got the news of King Willy and he learnt that  his friend was missing.

Meanwhile in SeaWorld they were training Wawa, but poor  Wawa was only remembering his friends and family. At  SeaWorld, everyone was impressed with Wawa’s gymnastic  skills. He could jump the highest, he could do two flips at a time  in mid-air and his belly dance would make everyone laugh.  He was getting trained for his first show with a live audience. 

But Wawa was sad as he was remembering the bubble rings  he made with his friends. In a week’s time, Wawa was ready for  his first show. Posters were put up all over the city and outside  SeaWorld. The Pink Fin Dolphin show – first time in the history  of SeaWorld, a unique dolphin will perform outstanding tricks.

The tickets to Wawa’s show were all sold out. Finally, the day  arrived, Wawa was nervous and excited about his first show  as he had never performed earlier. There was a huge queue,  everyone rushed inside to grab the front seats. The show was  spectacular. There were loud claps, cheering and children  were shouting – ‘once more, once more’. 

A few lucky children got to click photos with Wawa and his  pink fin. Now seeing the excited kids, Wawa was feeling a  little better, but still longed to go home and meet his friends  and family.

In the Dolphin Kingdom, Jake and the dolphins were planning  hard. Jake being a pirate had strong connections and contacts  with everyone in and around the sea. Now it was high time, and everyone was worried about Wawa being lost for about  two to three months. 

At SeaWorld, there was a bigger show. Wawa was practicing  very hard for it. 

A week passed by. Jake found out through his sources that  Wawa had been taken towards SeaWorld. He immediately  joined the dots and knew what had happened. Jake gathered  his gang, and just a night before the mega show he reached  SeaWorld. He silently broke into SeaWorld while everyone was  asleep and managed to find Wawa in his pool. 

Wawa was thinking about his kingdom and all the dolphins  while he was blowing small bubble rings. As soon as Jake  came close, he was super excited and started flapping his  fins. He understood that Jake was his true friend and had  come to rescue him. Jake slowly went out with pin drop silence  and called the gang. In a huge net they all held Wawa and  took him to the ship. But Wawa was not pleased at sneaking  out and wanted Jake to inform the SeaWorld authorities. Jake  removed his map and, on the back of it, left a note for them. 

He explained Wawa’s story and informed them about King  Willy and that he was rescuing the King of the Dolphins, who  was also his great friend Wawa – to be with his friends, family  and the entire pod.

Wawa was excited to meet his family but had mixed feelings  because he left SeaWorld without meeting his trainers. As  soon as they reached the kingdom, Wawa dived out of the  ship and jumped into the air and took two flips and marked  his arrival into the kingdom. All the dolphins knew that Wawa  had reached home safe, even without meeting him. They were  so happy and identified Wawa’s flip as soon as they saw it.  Wawa met everyone but was anxious to meet his father. He  then learnt about his father’s death and was extremely sad.  Then he remembered he was now the brave king and he must  support and take care of the entire kingdom. 

The people at SeaWorld also understood how they liked  their family, in the same manner, even animals liked their family. 

So, from then onwards SeaWorld only took abandoned  and orphaned animals for their shows. The pod had a great  celebration upon Wawa’s return. The pod performed a dance  and made a big circle. In the centre was Jake. They all danced  for Wawa while he was sitting on his marvellous throne. Then  suddenly Wawa got up and did his funny belly dance. Everyone  had a loud, hearty laugh. 

Krisha Toshniwal


Krisha Toshniwal, is 11 years old, resides in Chennai with her family and her cute pet beagle, Oreo. Deeply interested in music, she sings western classical songs.  She is very sporty and takes coaching in tennis, which is her  absolute favorite sport. She is a fast runner and is good in  athletics. She is very interested in photography. She is a lover  of all birds, animals, insects, trees and flowers. Science and  Mathematics are the favorite subjects of the sixth grader.  Krishna also knows how to solve the Rubik’s Cube pyramid,  3by3 and 4by4 cube. Her favorite colour is violet and teal.  Last year she went to Singapore and there she went swimming  with the dolphins. From this experience evolved her first story.